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Bleed American



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January 14th, 2005 | 23 replies

Release Date: 2001 | Tracklist

Artist: Jimmy Eat World
Album: Bleed American

Jim Adkins - Vocals, Guitar
Tom Linton - Guitar, Vocals
Rick Burch - Bass
Zach Lind - Drums

Released: Dreamworks Records (2002)

Favourite Songs:
Bleed American
A Praise Chorus
The Middle
Get It Faster

Before legal drinking age Jimmy Eat World had released two full stereo albums on Capitol records (Jimmy Eat World and Clarity). A split from Capitol left JEW high and dry. Dreamworks however gave them a new start and the album Bleed American has come from that. On this album JEW go from the Emo masterpiece that is Clarity to a almost pop-rock album however the quality does not decrease.

Bleed American - A drop D song which is one of the bands most popular. Screams out from the start and really opens the album. Powered by Jims voice this song is one the finest the album offers.

A Praise Chorus - If there was an award for catchiest song of all time this would certanely be in the running. It's the best song on the album and it's a beautiful song. Jims voice sounds great and it's a lyrically great song (Parts of the lyrics are from other songs however) This song will have your cd player on repeat.

The Middle - The only mistake this album really makes is it puts it's three best songs in a row. Now if you haven't heard the Middle you probably have been living in a box. It's got a great message about believing in yourself and is another beautiful song which you will have to keep listning to.

Your House - A pretty little song. Jims voice is really tunefull and it works perfectly with the song. It's a song any kid that's been in love will relate to.

Sweetness - The good songs just keep coming and Sweetness is no let down. It punks things up a little from Your House but yet again is melodic, tunefull and well written. A great song.

Hear You Me - Six songs in a row and still no let down. Hear You Me is the most beautiful song on the album. Very emotional and a JEW classic.

If you don't, Don't - A slight let down after the previous six songs but by no means a bad song. It's a good song, good lyrics (though that's standard for JEW) and it's something most people in love could relate with again.

Get It Faster - More a rock song than anything else but a kick *** song. Starts off quietly before kicking in. It sounds a bit like Bleed American and pulls off one of the catchiest chorus's on the album.

Cautioners - A sort of rocked up version of Hear You Me. It's a good song but still there is better on the album. Emotional as always and well written.

The Authority Song - Even the best people have flaws and this could apply for albums to. The Authority Song is by far the worst on the album. It just doesn't really flow. It sounds out of place.

My Sundown - Another acoustic driven song. This one is beautiful. The lyrics are great, Jims voice is lovely and it really fineshes off a beautiful album in style.

After Clarity I couldn't see how Jimmy Eat World could create an album as good however they do it here. It's a more poppy album and moves away from the Emo style they have on Clarity but still has beautiful songs, emotional lyrics and is possibly one of the best pop-punk albums of all time.

Rating: 5/5 :thumb:

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June 13th 2004


How did I miss this thread?

Well, you made some good points. "A Praise Chorus" is one of their best songs. "Lucky Denver Mint" is a better affirmation song than "The Middle", though. "The Middle" is far too obvious about things. "Lucky Denver Mint" needs a closer look and it's written better. "The Middle" has that fun solo, though...

Lyrically, they don't seem as deep on this album as they did in the space between Static Prevails and the split they did with Jebediah. They're still a lot better than most bands out there and Jim's an intelligent guy. The upcoming album might even have Tom doing some lead singing on it again like in the old days.


-El Hefe-
June 13th 2004


This is a really good CD. 3.5/5.

June 23rd 2004


For so called Emo music I love this album:thumb:

:D :D :D :D

June 23rd 2004


i love the guitar harmonies in get it faster.

July 2nd 2004


yeah the interlude in get it faster rulz. plus sweetness is cool song to rock out to. the whole album is excellent.

July 3rd 2004


dude, Bleed American is such a fucking awesome song... all other songs on the cd pales in comparison.

July 9th 2004


I got this Bleed American about a month ago and im pretty sure i've listened to it every day! Bleed American is my favorite song on the cd followed by sweetness, get it faster, a praise chorus and the middle. Great band, can't wait for their next album!

July 10th 2004


This is such an amazing album, i got it when it first came out and i can still listen to it. there are some albums that fade out even after 2 years but this is one of my top ten albums. the hard hitting stuff like bleed american, get it faster, and the guitar in sweetness sound terrific, especially when driving on the parkway. but there's so much versatility, my sundown and hear you me and so beautiful and there's the catchy as hell and sort of pop punkish a praise chorus, the middle, and sweetness. if you don't, don't is reminiscent of weezer and is catchy if not pure fun. i liked cautioners and your house, but these are the only two songs i don't think would end up on a mix. they're good but get lost in the shuffle of all the great JEW songs. the only place i disagree with you is Authority Song. i thought it was one of the five best songs on the album (although there is not one bad song). it is catchy and just hearing it makes you think of a 50's diner with a juke box and stuff. the lyrics are good and anyone can relate to any lyric on the whole album from "are you going live your life, standing in the back looking around" to "my angels lead you in" "i'm going out i don't care if your angry.i'm finding out cheating gets it faster" to "the dj never has it". one of the most relivant albums, and best to come out in the past few years. it has main stream appeal on a few tracks and underground following. No wonder why they're tom delonge's favorite band (they even played his wedding)

July 10th 2004


I love this album but i lost it :-(

November 26th 2004


im not a huge jimmy eat world fan, but this is a great album. id have to agree in saying that they made a mistake with the first three songs (bleed american, a praise chorus, and the middle) being so awesome, and the rest kinda goes down hill. even though those are definitely the strongest songs on the album, i would have to say get it faster is probably my personal favorite. it shows a little bit of an angry side coming from jim which we dont see often. and i love the line "cheating gets it faster." one track i honestly cant stand is authority song. its a little goofy and out of place from the rest of the cd. (oh and by they way guys, hear you me is a great song to slow dance to on a date, give a shot trust me.) im not a big emo guy, but all in all id give the album a 3.5 out of 5. one point for each of the first three songs, and half a point for effort.

January 29th 2005


JEW's consistancy on this album is phenomenal, I am yet to find another album on which I have loved each song as much as the last, great review

April 16th 2005


This album is great, one of my favorite ota all my cds for all the bands i have.woo go jimmy eat world

captain chris
May 27th 2005


this was my first jimmy eat wrold album, it got me into them after a while i thought i wud get some more stuff by them so i got clarity, and i was blown away by this album dont get me wrong i love bleed america, but clarity was just more my kinda thing. best song on this album has to be bleed america!

smooches xxx

May 27th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0 | Sound Off

One actually has to pay attention while listening to this. The first time I put the CD in my player, and did something else at the same time, I would not even notice when the CD was already finished... But if one listens 'active' to the album, there are a lot of great moments to enjoy.

Still, though this is a great album, I personally would not give the album 5 stars.

May 29th 2005


Album Rating: 4.5

EMO at its best

June 12th 2005


Someone bought me this album for my birthday, its not really my tatse in music.
"The Middle" and "Salt Sweet Sugar" are very good songs though

June 30th 2005


Album Rating: 4.5

Great album. One of my favorite softer types of music.

July 2nd 2005


Album Rating: 5.0

Love this album, one of my top favs.

July 18th 2005


Album Rating: 3.0

Good review. This album is really good but I still think its the weakest JEW album. I'm not a big fan of Your House or My Sundown (Hear You Me is the better ballad). However, I am a big fan of The Authority Song. And like someone before me said it has a 50's retro diner sound. The video for Buddy Holly would have fit it well!

September 22nd 2005


I love the song "Bleed American." For the first week that I had this that's all I listened to.

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