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Release Date: 2012 | Tracklist

Review Summary: To some extent “Perihelion” almost has a conceptual feeling to it, due to its lyrical content, thematic unity, title, artwork and the overall feeling maintained throughout the entire album. I find it inspiring, highly visual, with a prophetic touch

Neokhrome - Perihelion

Having produced one demo and three albums, progressed and perfected music wise, with over eleven years of experience, honed down by numerous live shows and tours, the Hungarian band, hailing from Debrecen, NEOKHROME, returns with a new album that altogether embodies rebirth.

Produced by Neokhrome, the album was mixed and mastered by Vasvari Gyula at Audioveesion Studio between March / April 2011, and features artwork created by Hjules.

01. AUREA: a delayed guitar creates an aerial sensation, a soaring feeling guided by the ascending subtle keyboard and slight drum accents, a sensorial – aural journey through an aptly titled song.

02. STELLAR OUTCAST: clean vocals intro and drumming build up a melodic black metal backbone, abounding in guitar solistics, powerful, evoking keyboard working around minor key infusions, ethereal passages, double picking, rhythm breaks. The ambiental section heightens the calm state induced in “Aurea” only to burst again into extreme influences.

03. STARBORN: an abrupt black metal intro landslides, based on twisted conceptual riffs, rhythmic and tempo shifts, dramatic harmonic drops, atmospheric twists, tonal breaks. Except for the personal approach, rhythmic accents, this is perhaps the most “blackened” song off the album.

04. CRYSTALLIZED: a well complemented guitar and keyboard blend in, raw vocals balanced out by clean interventions, subtle celestial voiced keyboard that stands in contrast to the growls, various melodic sections take turn.


05. CLOSER TO THE SUN: a short instrumental song, with traces of dark ambiental, a rustic, folk like feeling created by double picking and delayed guitars that gradually seem to build up in a circular manner.

06. RISE ABOVE THE RIDGE: yet another melodic intro with memorable solistics, blackened death influenced background and vocal lines, interesting cadence created by the riff. As usual, melodic passages are preceded by insane drumming and multi layered vocals, all conducted on menacing minor harmonics, stressed by a spoken declaration.

07. COSMIC GRAVE: perceptible atmospheric intro, sidereal effects, erupt into raging inflexible black metal extremes, wry instrumental that underlines the dramatic fatality of the lyrics, to almost theatrical extent.

08. THROUGHT THE SURFACE: is justly counterbalanced by brutal and melodic parts, half growls and clean additions, alternate passages, the awaited atmospheric rebound, where the guitar induces the omnipresent aerial feeling.

09. COLD ASHES OF VANISHED TIME: one last blend of cadenced choruses, melodious versus aggressive approach, all built around prophetic lyrics, with an interesting chorus line.

To some extent “Perihelion” almost has a conceptual feeling to it, due to its lyrical content, thematic unity, title, artwork and the overall feeling maintained throughout the entire album.

I find it inspiring, highly visual, with a prophetic touch, and a synergic blend of influences that only make it more original, mature and surprising. If so far Neokhrome has proven a deep rooted personal drive, with “Perihelion” they have conveyed what they were hoping to achieve: “honest, sincere, heartfelt music.”

Rating: 8,5

Favourite songs: Rise Above The Ridge, Starborn, Cosmic Grave, Cold Ashes Of Vanished Time, Through The Surface, Stellar Outcast



Vasvari Gyula – guitars / keyboards / vocals
Katonka Barna – drums
Popomajer Tibor – bass


Audioveesion Studio
Katonka Barna Neokhrome
Neokhrome Perihelion
perihelion metal
Popomajer Tibor Neokhrome
Vasvari Gyula Neokhrome

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Neokhrome Perihelion

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February 8th 2013


please avoid track by track reviews

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February 8th 2013


ignore noctus he's just not very good at TBTs!

February 8th 2013


you caught me ;[

February 8th 2013


^ ya john is pretty legendary at this kind of stuff just look at his legendary avatar of legend

February 8th 2013


Album Rating: 3.5

Thanks for the feedback... And I'll somehow try to heed your piece of advice, Iluvatar.

February 8th 2013


Since I have no idea what band this is or how they sound like, this review gives me little information. You should try to write more in depth how they sound. Just like Iluvatar already stated.
Keep on reviewing.

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