A Rush of Blood to the Head



January 14th, 2005 | 189 replies

Release Date: 2002 | Tracklist

The Band:
Chris Martin (Piano/Guitar/Vocals)
Jonny Buckland (Guitar)
Guy Berryman (Bass)
Will Champion (Drums)

Released: 2002 (Parlophone)

A Rush Of Blood To The Head is the second album from British Band Coldplay that saw them emerge as one of the biggest acts on the planet. It followed in 2002 from their debut album "Parachutes", and in this recording they shook off their tag as the "new Radiohead" and showed they could fill arenas worldwide.

The Songs:
1. Politik-A highlight of the album that immediately shows how Coldplay have matured. It contains the loudest intro they have yet recorded with all four members blasting their instruments simultaneously, and according to Chris was inspired by 9/11. This song also contains some wonderful lyrics and a 2 minute or so coda at the end that it is piano dominated. This has been used as a set opener at live concerts, and works wonderfully. 5/5

2. In My Place-The first single off the album that features a very catchy guitar part courtesy of Jonny Buckland. It's a very simple song, based around one basic idea but nevertheless is strangely beautiful. Not a classic song but still very good. 4/5

3. God Put A Smile Upon Your Face-This is mainly an oppurtunity for Chris to show the improved quality of his voice, with a more adult tone to it than on Parachutes. It's based around some metronomic drumming from Will Champion, and mutates live into a more "rocking" song. 3.5/5

4. The Scientist-The breakup song to relationships everywhere. This track is Chris at his best, with a phenomenally easy piano part fitting the mourning tone of his voice perfectly. This is the big ballad of the album and is magnificently reflective without being corny. Calm, sad and lovely. 5/5

5. Clocks-Based around one of the most inspired piano parts of recent years, this won Record of the Year at The Grammies in spite of being nowhere near the best track of the album. This is a very well structured song, which is a fan favourite live. 4.5/5

6. Daylight-The album starts to flag a bit here, with this song being possibly the weakest on the album. Having said that, there's nothing wrong with it-it's just uninspired. It does possess a fine middle section of the song though. 3/5

7. Green Eyes-A tribute to a lover either past or present, some people dislike this due to the schmaltzy nature of it. It has a campfire vibe based around an acoustic guitar. Personally, I find this song very enjoyable and moving, although it doesn't display what the band is capable of. 3.5/5

8. Warning Sign-This is a very sweet song, with Chris regretting a failed relationship and showing off his vocal range in the process. It's another, good if you like Coldplay, ammunition if you don't moments. Perfectly inoffensive and with an outro where Chris's vocal talent is expressed. 3.5/5

9. A Whisper-One of the louder songs on the album, and a return to form. You get the feeling of pressure slowly building up in the intro as the music gets louder, and hard to discern lyrics add an air of mystery to the track that again refers to Chris's preoccupation with death. Something that I feel may preview their future work. 4/5

10. A Rush Of Blood To The Head-Completely extraordinary. This song is marvellously written and simmers slowly for two minutes or so before exploding into life with pure emotion that drags you in. This is one of the most powerful songs they have done, with a chorus that can probably be heard from Mars, and deserves to be recognised as a classic. 5/5

11. Amsterdam-Follows the formula of track 10 to a certain extent, but is still a great ending to the album. Chris's full vocal range is used here, with a suitably dramatic ending to the album being provided by full-out stadium rock that leaves you reflecting on how much Coldplay have progressed. 4.5/5

If you have not bought this album yet, I reccomend it very highly as it contains some truly wonderful moments that have catapulted Coldplay into rock's super league. Their new album is predicted next year, and could well raise the bar still further. If you get the chance as well, see them live. They put on a great show and Chris has immense charisma. I am torn between 4/5 and 4.5/5, but the overall rating I am giving this is 4.2/5.

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May 9th 2004


I love this album. The best song is easily "Amsterdam." And the cool thing about that song, is that my father plays that at work when he's closing up, and no one is there. That song can be very powerful when listening to it alone, in a place where a large group of people should be. A lot of their songs can be like that, but I just feel like that one is perfect for it. I give this 5/5 because I feel that anyone could listen to it.

May 9th 2004


Great review of a wonderful album.

May 9th 2004


I can't stand this band. They don't sound as much like Radiohead anymore, but have opted for a U2 sound instead. Either way, I don't like the unoriginality even though I can tolerate songs where the other instruments aren't completely overshadowed by the piano. I find it obnoxious, but of the songs I can tolerate, one of them isn't in this review. Isn't there a song called "Moses" on the album?

May 9th 2004


But even though I don't agree with it, this album is on Rolling Stone's "500 Greatest Albums" list. Don't forget to tell stingray when he updates that list!

May 10th 2004


It's an amazing album. And Moses isn't on any albums besides the Live album yet. (wich I will review soon)

May 10th 2004


I think "Parachutes" is better. This album ain't bad...but production wise it's just not as good as it could've been.

Kill Yr Idols
May 10th 2004


I don't like Coldplay much at all. This record is innocuous and tame, making it perfect for mainstream success in today's music world.

May 10th 2004


I do prefer parachutes though when this came out i liked this better. Its just ive got bored of this one somewhate while their debut still sounds fresh to me now, there seems to have been more thought gone into the songs on parachutes.

I do like this album though, there are some cracking tracks like the title track which is exceptional. I pretty much am in agreement with your review, its just i think parachutes is even better...and Chris Martin seems to get more annoying by the day

May 10th 2004


They're not a very original band, but it is some very relaxing and breezy piano-based music which is perfect for just kicking back.

May 11th 2004


Coldplay are amazing. We covered "The Scientist" at a gig once and that was our most successful cover ever. Don't worry we don't just cover everyone. We have our own material too. Keep your eyes peeled

June 19th 2004


great cd. i love coldplay.

i like the song "daylight" though... you said it was weakest on the album

June 19th 2004


^^^ I'd agree that it's the weakest track.

el doctor
June 26th 2004


I'm really surprised this wasn't reviewd already. Great album indeed. Much different than Parachutes I think. The album really has some great and catchy upbeat songs, but has an equal amount of complimenting mellow songs. Politik is one of my favorite album openers. I never really liked In My Place so much, but the other signles were my favorite songs at first. After a while though I really loved Warning Sign and Amsterdam, two very good songs if you ask me.

I think I'd give it a 4/5. It obviously has flaws like any album, but I really think this album mixes a good amount of sounds and moods and is an album that anyone can pick up and enjoy. Definitely a step forward in mainstream if you ask me.

January 24th 2005


I hated coldplay just cos of that stupid yellow song. Yet having heard a lot of this album, and some of the ones on parachutes, I can say that these guys rock.

January 26th 2005


coldplay... *shivers* what has the world of new aged softcore rock come to? rather listen to ska rock then this crap..

May 17th 2005


Amsterdam is my favorite Coldplay song. The ending blows my mind.

July 6th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

Great album to geat a break from the heavier stuff I listen to. I really enjoyed this album, I actually liked this one better than Parachutes.

Electric City
August 2nd 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

I love this album. While Im not a huge fan of Amsterdam like you all are, I am a great fan of Politik, Clocks, The Scientist, A Rush of Blood to the Head, and yes, Daylight. I think Daylight is a fine song. It sounds unlike any coldplay song out there. And Caspian, Yellow rocks, I dont know how u could hate it.

August 25th 2005


Album Rating: 5.0

I love this...the first four tracks run great together.

Politik is just so different, In My Place is classic-U2 inspired guitar-Coldplay, God is just so cool, gorgeous guitar lines and vocals and The Scientist...phwar, what can I say? One of my favourite songs of all time...the piano, lyrics and vocals are perfection.

Parachutes is amazing too

September 12th 2005


Album Rating: 3.0

Meh, this is just an average album. Parachutes was there masterpiece, and this showed that Coldplay was going downhill.

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