Bonded by Blood
Exiled to Earth

very poor


by thrashneverdies USER (6 Reviews)
January 8th, 2013 | 5 replies

Release Date: 2010 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Thrash is dead.

It is a commonly spoken fact (and i say the word "fact" with absolute conviction) that modern thrash sucks badly. However, Bonded By Blood's 2010 sophomore release really does bring the word "suck" to a whole new meaning. Whereas in thrash metal we should have true riffs, riffs that ram metal directly down your throat and if you don't like it, the riffs will kick you HARD in the face. In place of that Bonded By Blood decided to bring us unelite queef with very little merit to it. Listen to the title track for a minute, if you dare. You would think after the bass introduction to that song that you were on course for an ass-kicking dose of thrash metal. Nope, as soon as the vocals kick in with the hardcore punk shouting left right and centre and ridiculous high pitched vocals that sound like a queer immitating Joey Belladonna and you should be contemplating switching it off.

This is the most monotonous thrash release in existance. Whereas at least most thrash has a variety of speeds and riffing, this seems content to just chug along at mid-speed or rush ahead at a thousand miles an hour instead of actually taking the time to carve out riffs that will stick in your head. Listen to Slayer's South Of Heaven and hear an example of how thrash metal can be done properly, with a varied approach and riffs that are as memorable as it gets. Just hear the creepy as *** introduction to that album and then compare it to this chug fest. Also worth noting is how the solos are just the usual "let's play a million notes a minute that make no ***ing sense". Whilst this is what a lot of thrash metal bands do, many bands know how to do this style of shredding solo tastefully instead of have it sound like a mess that should have been aborted and dumped on the street upon inception.

Listen to the chipmunk howls of Jose Barrales and compare it to a thrash vocalist who knew how to do high pitched vocals properly-i will again point to Joey Belladonna. It does not take a genius to work out which one was being sodomized by a hamster whilst in studio. The vocals are probably the most annoying thing about this release as even at the rare moments when the album is tolerable, they destroy it. Prototype: Death Machine shows this off best with some of the most ridiculous vocals on Earth that actually sound like a posh as *** British dude on a diet of dicks. If there was one vocalist on the planet who should be shot it is this dude-he has the voice and face that not even a mother could... punch...

Protoype: Death Machine also has the most snooze inducing instrumental performance on the face of the planet with a main riff that chugs along and then another riff that sounds almost identical. If there were an award for the most monotonous, boring pair of guitarists that are guaranteed to send you to sleep that AREN'T a part of Fear Factory, then this would be them. The drumming is at times decent, but that is very rare and hard to hear due to the fact that by these points you will no doubt be flat on your face asleep dreaming about pussy instead of listening to this queef. This is a really terrible album that does not come recommended unless you have a huge supply of caffeine and are prepared to sit out the absolutely agonizing-beyond-belief wait to hear the good drumming found at times. The songs are bad, the vocals terrible and the guitar work is enough to put anyone to sleep.

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January 8th 2013


why would you neg your own review ; )

January 8th 2013


thats the joke

January 8th 2013


username: thrashneverdies

summary: thrash is dead

January 8th 2013


This is boring, but a 1.5 is quite harsh I'd say

Digging: Carly Rae Jepsen - Emotion

January 8th 2013


skele keepin thrash alive since '11

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