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Release Date: 2000 | Tracklist

Artist: Deftones
Album: White Pony
Chino Moreno - Vocals, Guitar
Abe Cunningham - Drums
Chi Cheng - Bass
Frank Delgado - Turntables
Stephen Carpenter - Strings
Released: Maverick Records
Favourite songs:
Digital Bath
Knife Prty

The Sacremento band 'Deftones' have consistently pushed the boundries of their genre. Highly respected as a 'credible' nu-metal band it isn't hard to see why. The five started jamming in the early 90's. One of the members was involved in a car accident, sued those responsible and made himself some healthy cash which turned into some good quality equipment for the band. The last two albums leading to White Pony sound nothing like this. 'Adreniline' The first was a hardcore metal album while 'Around The Fur' still had it's hard edge but pushed a unique melodic edge. Now to White Pony. (This is the 2nd release i'm reviewing)

Back to School - A high pitched guitar riff starts this song before Chino yells 'So run'. This is a unique Deftones song. It manages to be Nu-Metal but pull off a mature edge. Good song.

Felticeira - A freaky story of a man being kidnapped by a woman. You can actually imagine the story in your mind as you listen to the music. It has a freaky tinge to it and Chino pulls off the vocals well.

Digital Bath - One of the best songs on the album. Chino puts 110% into this song and it pays off. It's emotional and yet beautiful. A song which really moves you.

Elite - Here is the hardest song on the album. It's one that would fit on any previous Deftones album. It's certanely a good song.

Rx Queen - Here's another great song. It keeps a harder edge musically but Chino's vocals really make it great.

Street Carp - This is one of the most catchy songs on the album. The chorus will stick in your head. It's a song quite alot like Rx Queen hard musically but made great by Chino's vocals.

Teenager - Frank utilises his unique turntablism skills on this song and instead like other nu-metal djs he uses the turntables to create atmosphere instead of scratching. This is a pretty sounding song.

Knife Prty - One of my favourites. Simply a song about a knife but a mysterious and beautiful song. It really has an atmosphere to it this song and a suspense which only the Deftones can create.

Korea - This is one of the heavier songs on the album and still Chino pulls off a great preformance with another cathcy chorus. The lyrics are very open to interpretation here ('Right time cavity to come in downtown pony work your pitch' is a line from the chorus).

Passenger - The thing about White Pony is many of it's songs are stories and Chino can make you imagine if your in them. Passenger is the most powerful story song. Simply about riding in a car but it's a beautiful song and filled with the emotion which makes White Pony a great album.

Change (In the house of flies) - The first single off this album this was the song which made me have to buy this album. It's incredible. The emotion, chorus, music is all fantastic. It's a song where everything comes together to give you an experience.

Pink Maggit - Mysterious sounding, it's a very slow song with no drums and just vocals, guitar and turntables. It's a very mellow way to end the album and it's a suprisingly strong track.

Well if you like your metal hard this album wont be for you but it's a fantastic album. It's filled with emotion and fantastic lyrics. One of the best albums of 2001 for sure. Few bands can make such a powerful album plus the enhanced cd comes with a kick-ass packman style game and lots of other features.

Rating: 5/5 :thumb:

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November 22nd 2003


Passenger has Maynard from Tool on guest vocals. Its an incredible track :D

November 28th 2003


I disagree. I dont think this is Metal. A couple songs are heavy, but its hard rock at most. This is definitely a great album and is one of the few where there are NO tracks i dislike.

December 7th 2003


Album Rating: 4.5

I'd like to note that this album takes some serious grow time, though. When I first heard Change on the radio (one of two times b/c my only radio station sucks), I hated it. The next time, like six months later, it wasn't bad, so I bought the album. I thought it was so-so, and soon filed it into my cd collection and forgot about it. Another six or so months passes and I popped it in and absolutely fell in love with it. It's now made it into my permanent playlist. So:

First impression: 1.5/5

A little time later: 2.5/5

Give it a year: 5/5

December 8th 2003


^^^^ i agree completely, it was one of those albums that you have to have an open mind with, and it will grow on you. but albums like that are usually the ones that you end up liking the most

December 8th 2003


^ That's odd, the first time I popped this cd in I just loved it straight off though I understand what you mean by the best cds grow on you.

Blanka Flip
January 5th 2004


its crap.

Blanka Flip
January 5th 2004


sorry, that was a little un called for. Its ok i suppose, and it can grow on you...But...I would really recommend getting something else besides this cd

lethal dose
January 24th 2004


i totally agree. i bought this cd as soon as it came out. I eventually lost it, but i liked it so much i bought another one.

January 25th 2004


yea this cd is gr8. deftones is hands down fawkin awesome. metal/hard rockers i would recomend this cd. i havent herd it in a while but i used 2 listen 2 like the whole cd so i dont think it would require the use of a skip button....which is y i'm gunna give it a 5/5 :thumb:

January 25th 2004


its a pretty good album. self titled is one of my favorites

January 25th 2004


wow I really should buy this one, I bought their self titled one, its decent at most. Unless it has to grow on you too like White Pony?

January 25th 2004


Album Rating: 4.5

I dunno, I bought their self-titled album and thought I didn't like it, until I realized that it literally hadn't left my player for 2 weeks straight. Make of that what you will, I guess.

January 29th 2004


White Pony is just amazing, Knife Party would have to be my favourite song on it.
In response to Moroii, I know exactly what you mean, why the hell is it not on the album?! It has to be one of Deftones greatest songs.

March 8th 2004


It has a proggresive feel to it I think, especially knife party and a bit of passenger, digital bath is an awesome song.

March 11th 2004


can u say kick *** 5/5

lethal dose
March 14th 2004


[QUOTE=Moroii]White Pony is one of the coolest albums ever and you are one of the coolest people ever for reviewing it. :thumb: Not to mention the review is dead on.
I wonder why they left Boy's Republic of the album though?[/QUOTE]
the boys republic was on the white pony, i believe..............becuase when it was first released they had a red cover a black cover and the silver cover.....the red and black were limited edition with the boys republic on them

July 6th 2004


Album Rating: 4.0

This album pwns so much. People who say the Deftones are nu-metal are ignorant. Very good album.

July 7th 2004


good review :thumb: ummm one of my fav. albums by the best F**k!n band ever...every album their music is different/better than their all are right..for most people it has to 'grow' on you...but it's worth the wait...great album..great reveiw...peace

July 7th 2004


i didnt like it much at all. i gave it a few listens and was jsut like ****. **** this ****. maybe because the hype my friend gave me of them sayingt hey were so great and ****, but i just tought it was utter crap.

December 18th 2004


I thought I posted in here...

I love this album. I don't know if it's the producing, or the weird mixing with Chino's voice, but I love the feeling and sound I get from this album. I guess you could call it atmospheric, but I don't think that's the word I'm looking for.

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