Harlingtox A.D.
Harlingtox Angel Divine



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January 14th, 2005 | 2 replies

Release Date: 1996 | Tracklist

Harlingtox A.D.

recorded 1990. released 1996. Laundry Room Records

Dave Grohl - Bass
Barrett Jones - Drums
Tos Nieuwenhuizen - Guitars
Bruce Merkle - Vocals

The following was taken from the CD cover:

"How did this occur? The Harlingtox story was hatched in Washington, D.C. in the spring and summer of 1990. It's very 1990-like. It reeks of Bush/Quayle annoyances and growing pains in general. Harlingtox was never a band, there has never been a Harlingtox show. It was musically arranged by Dave and Tos, probably first conceptualized in Europe during a Scream/God tour the previous year. Tos came to live in D.C. for a half a year or so. He had been playing guitar in a band in Holland called God. Dave was drumming for Scream, preparing for what would be Scream's last tour during the time of their recording. Dave had recorded down the street in Arlington, VA. at Barrett's Laundry Room Studios during his time drumming for Dain Bramage & Mission Impossible before Scream. Barrett was playing guitar and singing in Churn which was after he had fronted the bands Bark and 11th Hour. He had been operating the Laundry Room Studio for 6 or 7 years at this point. Various teen bands referred to it as Downwater Studios, or Upland Studios. This is simply not true. It was, is, and always will be the Laundry Room Studios. Bruce met Dave 5 or 6 years prior through Phil who was close friends with Dave. When Davee asked Bruce to sing, he said yes. He was way way in between 9353's. He had been deranged, exchanging Scorpios and had just come out of a bad farm experience. Tos found Bruce right where he could be found in those years, at the bar of D.C. Space and asked him to sing. Bruce, remembering having told Dave he would, did, suggesting it be called Harlingtox. Then, the whole concept froze in time. The rest was not history until now. Barrett moved Laundry Room to Seattle with Dave. He was Dave's drum tech for most of the time Dave drummed for Nirvana. Now he continues playing guitar and singing with Churn and produces other bands, and operates Laundry Room Records with Justin Goldberg. Dave still lives in Seattle whenever he's not playing guitar and singing in Foo Fighters. Tos is living in Holland and is in between bands. He will Rock again! Bruce is still singing and playing guitar with or as 9353. He still lives in Washington D.C. where he is so in sync musically and fashion-wise with that city that relocating is heinously unthinkable."

1. Treason Daddy Brother in Crime Real Patriotic Type Stuff
This is a good opener. Starts off with the all around interesting Bruce Merkle saying "Still trying to blame someone else for what your kid's grown up to be. Well the twisted truth may lie in your own division of time spent vs. your own money-making obsessions and perversities." This song has a very punkish feel to it. The lyrics are aimed at the "System that would dare to spend billions on a twisted fascist fake drug war". Written almost entirely by Dave Grohl. It's very short but enjoyable. 4/5

2. Orbitting Prisons in Space -
One of my favorites. Bruce's voice is gorgeous on this song. Going from mellow almost cartoonish to a near death metal growl. His voice has some nice range. The lyrics seem to be about young love. There's a piece during a nice guitar solo by Tos where Bruce says one of my favorite quotes...
"We used to throw apples up in the air underneath streetlights, and when bats with their radars would dive for them, we'd smack 'em down to the ground with shovels. We kept that stunt up until one night, one night one of them got caught in somebody's hair. It's no fun having a flapping bat caught in your hair. Do you see what I'm getting at? Did you get what I'm getting at? Did you get anything at all?" Very good song which I recommend to everyone. :thumb: 5/5

3. Recycled Children Never To Be Grown -
On this song Dave and Tos switch instruments. This is one crazy piece of music. It's a severely paranoid heavy sounding song, almost Motorheadish. Bruce has some of the most coolest raw vocals I've ever heard. Starts off with Bruce singing in an almost eerie tone, "I know there's hope for me, so says the electric wire sound the Red wing Black birds make easy." Then switches to a much deeper tone. The lyrics are actually very catchy, and the rhythm changes are great too. Very political message behind the lyrics. The guitar sounds extremely grungy. It's just a kick *** song (and EP) from a group of people that just got together, recorded something, and then went back to doing their own business afterwards. This song's a bit slower compaired to the rest. Still a very interesting song to listen to. The lyrics always seem to make me laugh. 4/5

4. Obtaining a Bachelor's Degree -
this is definitely my favorite song of their entire recordings. It's very humorous. Especially when Bruce sings in a deep voice "If I wasn't so dumb...uh huh!" It's just an excellent song with Great Vocals. It's Extremely catchy. I can't say more but Please check this song out...I'll give you more information on how to get it later. :p 5/5

5. Open Straightedge Arms -
This is the last song and a good song too. It's loaded with rough guitars and powerful bass. Bruce Merkle does it again going from really deep to a Higher mellow tone. His voice sounds comical at times during this recording. But if you aren't used to it yet, usually after a few listens you begin to realize how good his singing actually is. Not to mention his lyrics are strangely fun to listen to and try to figure out. The song then ends with the drum and bass pounding as Bruce chants.."It's OK if you wanna make me the asshole if it makes you feel better I'd let you do that to you." 4.5/5

I doubt you will find this on Kazaa. You might have to order it from their site.

If you're interested you can get the Mp3's from me.
AIM - Leftie Hayes
MSN - [email]the_leftside@hotmail.com[/email]

I said my last review was going to be my last..well I lied. :p I might keep doing these. They're addicting and fun to make. In comparison to how rare this recording is, (It took me forever to just find the Album cover art) this was an extremely interesting listen. Bruce Merkle's voice seemed to take center stage. I'm interested in listening to more of his projects. :)

I gave this a 4/5.


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Tangy zizzle
May 4th 2004


Cool review. I never knew dave had anything to do with these guys, Ya' learn something everyday.

I might check them out...

May 4th 2004


^^ Ditto

Nice review.

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