The Afters
Light Up The Sky



by Christopher Geriak USER (69 Reviews)
December 11th, 2012 | 3 replies

Release Date: 2010 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Despite changes in their music, this album is a disappointing turnout, losing the catchiness and rock-out songs that made their previous album a success.

After the success of their second album, “Never Going Back To OK” the Christian pop-rock band known as “The Afters” released their third album “Light Up The Sky” in 2012. Although that these guys aren’t as popular as most other Christian bands such as “Switchfoot” and “Skillet,” they kind or have a vibe to them that makes them very enjoyable. I reviewed “Never Going Back To OK” and I said that I loved the album. There were a few flaws but then again there really is no such thing as the perfect album. After hearing “Light Up The Sky,” I’m sad to say that I’m a little disappointed.

The overall sound to this album is more popish rather than rock, which can go both ways if you think about it. Positively, it shows a change in their style of music which shows that “The Afters” can really move forward. Negatively, it might cause the band to lose fans overall, with people more or less wanting them to listen to their previous album more than their newer album. Another thing that I’ve noticed is that the album loses the catchiness and rock-out songs that were in their previous album. Most of their songs are very bland and basic, with the same tempos and beats that never made me, or maybe even most people want to sing the lyrics out loud. Their other songs are slower and melodic and it really bothers me, and for only ten tracks on this album, it shows an absolutely huge disappointment. For ten tracks that are boring and want to make me change the music after about the first minute, unbelievable. I expected so much more from them. Probably the only song that stands out above the rest is “We Won’t Give Up.” It’s the only faster-paced and maybe even the catchiest song in the album, but that’s not really saying much, because it’s practically surrounded by other songs that are almost the complete opposite from the song’s style.

Even so, this album is more spiritual, which is what “Never Going Back To OK” lacked. It’s like this album is trying to make up for what the band missed in their previous work. Some examples are “Light Up The Sky,” “You Lift Me Up,” and “I Am Yours.” Again, from what I said before, the album has more of a pop sound to it which does show that the band can change overtime. Another thing about this album is that the vocals still sound great and don't lose their touch. The song "Runaway" is probably the best song when it comes to vocals and they really do sound great.

Out of all honesty, I can say that there really isn’t anything fantastic about this album. It’s just a disappointing turnout for the band with bland, boring music, and a change in genre that not too many people want to listen when it comes to people who listen to more of a rock sound. However, I’m not really saying that this is a “bad” album, it’s just disappointing. There are good elements to it such as the change in style and the spirituality in the lyrics, which are good. As for recommendations go, not really a wide range of people will love this. If you’re an old fan of “The Afters” and/or you like rock out songs, then stay away, because you will be so disappointed that you would probably not want to listen to them anymore. If you do like more of a pop-like sound, then I suggest taking a listen.

Recommended Tracks:

Light Up The Sky
We Won't Give Up

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December 11th 2012


The second paragraph really reads like a 1.5-2 review. You did your best to save it by saying "it's not bad, just disappointing" but I don't buy it. Overall your review isn't awful by any means, but you bring yourself in too much and are just too informal as is. This reads like a teenager writing, so if this is the case (otherwise ignore my patronizing) then just pretend it's a school essay, where you're ultraformal.

As for the actual band, I saw my friend listening to them on Spotify, but he has pretty shitty/generic taste. They just sounded boring from their description but I might check out a good song or two they have since I have enjoyed Switchfoot and Skillet.

December 11th 2012


Album Rating: 2.5

Well first off I am a teenager, and secondly, I was kinda being generous since I loved their last album. But you do have a point I will admit that.

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December 12th 2012


Album Rating: 2.5


these guys aren't Skillet or Switchfoot like you said but I'm pretty sure most people that listen to alternative Christian have listened to these guys. It's not like they're some obscure independent band.

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