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Release Date: 2012 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Twiztid best work as of yet, quality production, wicked lyrics. An overall excellent listening experience for rap and rock fans.

The demented duo, Twiztid, are back with their new album "Abominationz," their most polished record as of yet.

Track-By-Track Review:

1. Bad Side: A very different sound for Twiztid. The verses in this track show the lyrical skills the listener has come to expect. The hook is catchy and will have the audience singing along immediately. 9/10

2. Unstoppable: The beat is slower and contains a nice strings accompaniment. The hook is sung by Madrox and works. The verses are performed with quick rapping. The drastic difference between the verses and hook make this track unique. 8/10

3. Rep that Wicked: A very complex beat containing piano, violins, and other accompaniments. The verses are very Twiztid. A track for true Juggalos. The hook is catchy and will be stuck in many a listeners head. 9/10

4. He’s Lookin at me: Short skit. It is funny and delivers an amusing rest after the last track. A very nice lead in to the next track. N/A

5. Blood…All I need: Another complex track. The beat grabs the listener’s attention immediately. Madrox and Monoxide make the verses flow flawlessly. The hook is a great rock and rap hybrid which works really well. 9/10

6. Lift me up Feat Blaze Ya Dead Homie: A good piano backing makes the beat. Blaze adds his flavor to the hook. The slow beat changes the feel of the album. Great verses enhance the hook. 8/10

7. Extension Chords: This track is a completely different sound. This is a track that will either really appeal or really disappoint. 7/10

8. Psychopathic Psychiatric Care: Another funny skit. Twiztid finds another creative way to break up the tracks without affecting the overall enjoyment. N/A

9. Coin Flip Lunatic Feat Royce Da 5’9: This has the sickest beat they have ever put on an album. Royce Da 5’9 kills this track and Twiztid doesn’t disappoint. Hands down the best track on the album, absolute devastation. 10/10

10. This is your anthem: This track is what happens when Horrorcore and Rock spawn a demon. Twiztid kills the verses and the hook is sick. 9/10

11. Abominationz Feat Insane Clown Posse: A slow plodding beat allows the verses to stand out, in a good way. The contrast of styles between Twiztid and ICP are very obvious. The students might be surpassing the teachers. 8/10

12. Unable to cry for help or escape from a seemingly impending evil: An interlude of sorts. Sounds like a scene from a horror film. N/A

13. Nightmarez: A decent track. The verses contain some cool effects. 8/10

14. 2nd 2 no 1: Shaggy 2 Dope introduces this track. A nice simple beat makes the track flow well. A great hook helps round out the track nicely. 8/10

15. LDLHA-IBCSYWA: The title means Love Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, It’s been cold since you went away. A very subdued track about losing someone. Great piano and the feel of the song will make the listener pause and actually hear what is being said. One of the best on the album. 10/10

16. It’s Hard to Smile when You’re…: A third skit on the album. Because it’s funny and light hearted it improves the mood set by the last track. N/A

17. Return of the pervert (Madrox Version): The music on this track is quite simple and makes the verses Madrox does stand out in a really good way. Nice hook. 8/10

18. Sux 2 B U Feat Krizz Kaliko and Glasses Malone (Monoxide Version): Monoxide kills his verse and sets the track up to be great, unfortunately Krizz and Glasses Malone don’t add a lot here. The hook is ok but effective. 7/10

The overall impression of this album is great. Twiztid has been releasing albums for well over 10 years, and they're still able to deliver high quality music that will absolutely remain in your favorite playlist for years to come.

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December 10th 2012


I don't even know what to ...................

December 10th 2012


this is a great review

oh wait

December 10th 2012


agreed such a heartfelt review

December 10th 2012


Every time a track by track review is posted, a starving orphan weeps softly.

December 10th 2012


Honestly, if he didn't review this, it wouldn't be so bad..this something or whatever this is
supposed to be.

December 10th 2012


u trollin'?

Contributing Reviewer
December 10th 2012


"Track-By-Track Review:"

The Cause of Much Disdain

December 11th 2012


EWWWWW Twiztid!

December 11th 2012


"The verses are very Twiztid."
best line

"high quality music that will absolutely remain in your favorite playlist for years to come."

Until you grow up or enter the work force.

Review isn't horrible but it's not great and the subject matter is... Twiztid.

I don't dislike track by track as much as some but your descriptions have no flow and are very
stilted imo.

December 11th 2012


A username such as Purebrutality reviewing a horrible rap album.


December 12th 2012


Album Rating: 2.5

An album letdown. They had so much potential with the WICKED record too.

Sucky review too, dude.

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