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December 10th, 2012 | 0 replies

Release Date: 2012 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Originality in indie music? Yes, Pacific Air can pull it off.

In recent years, a certain from of alternative rock has come into the spotlight: indie. There are a plethora of these bands and it all fits into one single category. Wonky-pop choruses, minimalist effects, and independent mindsets flow through the genre, blending many bands together and not showing much "originality". Not many groups can pull off a truly original indie sound, until I recently discovered the band that goes by Pacific Air.

Although I listen to the genre heavy metal, I recently discovered this new wave of independent music that has taken the world by storm, even showing up in TV commercials. But when a friend told me to look up the band "Pacific Air", I was a bit skeptical at first. I was just getting into the genre, and he said they only had one song out (which is the first track on the EP). I never knew I was going to get hooked into this band.

The whole EP is very tranquil, and doesn't surprise with sudden tempo changes or loud effects and noises. No, it makes you feel as if you're in a convertible, driving along the beaches of Southern California. "Float" opens the album with a catchy organ and whistle tune, which hooks into your mind and can get stuck in your head if you listen to it enough times. "Intermission" is a short yet very laid back track that I would play at a small gathering of friends. "Roses" is probably the most upbeat sounding track on the EP, but the lyricism is very dark, talking about break ups and heart break. "So Strange" closes the album with a very odd and small use of the infamous autotune effect on the vocals, which is actually used with some taste. The whole atmosphere is very laid back and quite enjoyable for anyone.

But what really strikes me as the best feature on the EP are the vocals. They are very smooth, almost reminiscent of a more laid back (not to mention talented) version of Adam Levine. Not only does the vocalist seem to get up to the high notes without any difficulty at all, you can also hear a slight off tune to them, making it add more character and actually give the vocals a better since of realism. They are by far the best vocals I have heard in a while.

Although indie music is full of unoriginality and it sounds monotonous at times, Pacific Air have added their own unique sound to the scene. From the vocals to the instrumentation, this album is spot on. I highly recommend you buy it, for you won't be disappointed.

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