Disconnection Notice



by king of suede USER (1 Reviews)
February 23rd, 2006 | 5 replies

Release Date: 2005 | Tracklist

This cd was a shock to me, I was just so hyped up when i herad Goldfinger was comming out with a new cd and they delayed it. . . and delayed it. . . and delayed it again, making it when in saw it on store shelves i almost hugged the nearest salesperson. I had already listened to "Stalker" "Ocean Size" and "MY Everything" to death because I had heard them on their website and fell in love. So when I popped in the cd for the first time, I sang along, and as I listened to the cd further, a little song called "Uncomfertable" came on. Throughout this song, I sat with my headphones on, just sitting, looking forward. The members may have been reading the boards after "Open Your Eyes" came out, and all the fans saying, "Where has the ska gone?" it turns out, "Uncomfertable" is a nice soft ska song. But this song blew me away more than it should, but it caught me completly unawares.

Also, the thing I loved about this cd is just the emotion Goldfinger puts in these songs, they are just amazing at doing this. The best examples of these type of songs on the cd are deffinatly "Behind The Mask" "Wasted" and "Iron Fist" they are just amazing songs. They made such an impact on me when I listened to them I cannot explain in words, they are just so emotional.

The one thing I did not like about this cd if how short it is! It is only 35 minutes long. As short as it is, this is still an amazing album.

Now, single song reveiw:

My Everything (3.7/5)- This song moves rather quickly, and being a shredder, I liked this song (yes, I play bass). Goldfinger never really has been known for their guitar playing, and this was a nice change of pace for them. Though, this song did seem to get old quickly which is what affected my rating on it most.

Wasted (5/5)- Poppy, yes, but the lyrics are amazing, it really makes up for it. Theres really not much more to say about this song, it just has very amazing lyrics, very moving.

Oceon Size (3.5/5)- This song, My Everything gets old QUICKLY. Though it has nice vocals, I did not like the lyrics very much. This song was a big let-down compared to the rest of the song on the cd.

Uncomfertable (5/5)- This song. . . just. . . flat out blew me away. It has very nice trumpet in it, though no big on guitar, bass, or drums, the lyrics and change of pace from the last three songs was just perfect. Plus, after all the talk about "What happened to the ska in Goldfinger?" this just caught me so un-awares, it just made me smile. Just an all around awsome song. This song never gets old.

Too Many Nights (4.3/5)- I really don't know what to say about this song. This is just a good song, I don't know what it is, it sounds good, it's not as emotional as many of the other songs. But this song is very catchy, one of the reasons this song it good. Also, in this song you can compare Goldfinger to Queen in reguards to their solos. They are not hard at all, but they just sound aamazing because of their guitar's tone, it just fits so perfectly to the song.

Damaged (4/5)- This was a nice slow song. It was nothing really special, but it was a very soothing song. Also, it packed some very nice vocals. Not much more to say here.

Behind The Mask (5/5)- An extremly emotional song. Starting with a lady (not sure if she is named at all in the album booklet at all) talking about animals wrong, bass and durms kick in, she explains what it's like to be in a slaughter house, then the song kicks in. The thing about this song, is that if you just reda the lyrics before you listen to the song, you will not get the same effect as if you listen to it. Just the overall feeling of the song is amazing. A truly underrated song, i think it's just so amazing. Though it does get old relitivly quickly, it is still a well written song.

I Want (4.5/5)- I acualy enjoyed this song, it really makes you think about your special someone, or maybe that someone that want but don't have. I really liked the start-stop chorus, it worked very well for this song. This song is very fun, and never gets old.

Iron Fist (5/5)- This song has a very poppy feeling for it's message, but it works well for it. It also packs up an awsome bass line, though nothing special is very fun to listen to and play. vVry strong message too.

Walk Away (3/5)- This is an OK song. . . it was nothing special, but it was not upsetting. It was just an all around average song.

Faith (1.3/5)- This song was a big upset compared to the quality of the songs before it. I did not like this song at all. I found it extremly boring and a very bad lead in to the next song. I did not like the lyrics at all. This two minute song seemed much longer than it was. This was just an all around bad song.

Stalker (5/5)- This song was an extremly awsome song. It was also very funny, if only Goldfinger could do more songs like this, because it is just so funny, something Goldifnger does so well. It is a shame they did not use comedy as much as Open Your Eyes, which is what really turned me on to the cd. But this is just a great song to end the album with

So, overall, I particulaly liked this cd. The brass sections are great, and the guitars and bass are good. The drums are also good. This is an easy album to listen to because it is very fun.

While nothing really blew me away all that much, but it did have some good songs. But of course, this band has been around for almost 20 years now, you can't blame them for losing some of their creativity that they had in their self-named album up to "Stomping Ground".

I really liked this cd though and since it has been out for a while now, it is probably very well priced.

If you like Goldfinger, you should definatly buy this album.

If you're looking for a new band, this is deffinatly a cd you should buy.

Just an over-all good cd, I loved it.


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February 24th 2006


You need more description of each track such as the sound, instruments, and vocals. I think you just said that the song was either "bad" or "awesome" and that's not good.
I give this a 1/5. It's way to poppy, and John Feldmans lyrics are just dreadful. I can't see how Goldfinger went from an upbeat 3rd wave ska band to a Good Charlotte-esqe pop trio.

February 24th 2006


Album Rating: 2.5

Very true, Zebra. You (review autor) can't say it's awesome cause you like Goldfinger. Very biased review. Although, Goldfinger has some awesome songs throughout their career, "Disconnection Notice" is a nothing more than mediocre. 2.5/5

Zesty Mordant
February 24th 2006


Their debut and Hang-Ups are pure pop-punk/ska gold. Stompning Grounds is half decent. Everything else is pretty trash.

king of suede
February 25th 2006


Album Rating: 4.5

yeah, thanks for the comments guys, i'll try to remember that next time i'm writing a reveiw,

and now, reading back over it again, i did spell alot wrong, and should have proof-read, and it also seemed like i was trying to sell the cd than reveiw it, haha.

also it was really hard to try to keep formal using correct punctuation and capitols, as you see from this comment, i don't usaly do that.

and again, thanks for the comments

February 26th 2006


hey, nice review... a little rough in some places, but nobody is perfect, also, i really wish you wouldnt have dont a t-b-t, they just dont really do much if you've never heard the album before. anyway, i heard that this album was very mellow compared to older goldfinger albums, which kind of ruined the whole idea of me buying this, i mean, i loved stomping grounds, but if they calmed down, i dont think i have much of an interest. also, zebra, goldfinger is nothing like good charlotte. good charlotte sucks and should change their name to awful charlotte. goldfinger actually is punk while good charlotte is only trying to be, but are playing it safe in a more "pop with guitars" kind of style so they can increase their cash flow by appealing to all the misunderstood teenagers.

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