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February 19th, 2006 | 28 replies

Release Date: 2001 | Tracklist

Taking Back Sunday's early EP is comparable to many bands first album, their one song that sticks out. But their is also one change in the line-up for TBS that sticks out in this EP as well, you may or may not have known that what was the former background vocal leader John Nolan is the lead singer on this album, leading Adam the high pitched normal singer as the background vocal leader. Confused? So am I, the album shows that the unsigned band has some great promise [Eleven, Go On, Lost And Found], but still have some weakness in chemistry [Summer Stars], but the band still sticks out with a 50% in my mind for the first EP.

Lost And Found, Starts out with a spooky but yet a drum beat that still has great rhythm throughout the song John vocals are kind of distorted which brings up the point that this EP is not well produced, Adam's vocals in the background during the decent chorus is revealed and is still very good because it blends in well with the songs, other times Adam's vocals will not blend in well with the song, and it just throws some of the songs into the mess, but not this one, which features great lyrics at the end and is a good fresh start for the band. 3.5/5

The acoustic beat for the begging is really unnecessary for "The things we'll Never Know", but the song flows into a decent song, basically because Adam's vocals finally fit well with the song, but still it doesn't help the repetitive song climb out of it's small shell, I knew from the gheeco that the first time I listened to this song it wasn't going to be good, but it's decent. 2.5/5

Eleven starts out with a telephone ring; pretty typical for an immature pop-punk band on their first EP, but wait the lyrics in this song are actually gems that work out perfectly. This is a great song, because the lyrics make since, and the chorus is one of the best on the album, and it's John's audition for a soft song, which Straylight Run does with regularity. The screaming in the background, which Adam has cut out of his high pitched voice and sings very well. As far, as instrumental work goes TBS gives us a preview of their debut full-length album with changes from soft to hard in just a snap, unbelievable song for a young band. 4.5/5

Go On is a sad sadistic suicide song, but like "Cute Without The E" it works to perfection. The background vocals are very good in this song, and it was probably helped Adam make the jump to lead singer for the band.
It"s comin' up, it's comin' up again (live here long to make her stay)
And what are you doin' in my head? And why did you call me when you're dead! (Go on!)- Plyrics.com
The song doesn't have a strong closing though so it's not rightfully Cut From The Team but it could be a preview for Tell All Your Friends at the time.
One Way Conversation is very weird beat to say the least, it starts out with a kind of reggae drum lead beat, but it eventually turns into John's vocals which aren't good at all, and the chorus makes no sense at all and is distorted, don't like this song. 1.5/5

Summer Stars has another laid back beat filled with clapping sounds at the begging, but John vocals differ from those in One Way Conversation because they actually fit the song, the chorus in here is good and solid, but is nothing special because you still can't understand the lyrics. This song has great potential if it was produced better, but heck it is still a great effort from this band. 3/5

After The EP:
Taking Back Sunday received little fame at the time of the release, so they went on to headline small tours with bands such as: Northstar and Matchbook Romance who wasn't that popular at the time either. The band released "Tell All Your Friends" which the general public didn't like but the increasing "Punk Public" did and they demanded another quick album release from the band, the band released a album called "Where You Want To Be" in 2004, the album has a good mix of soft songs and hard songs but in many fans opinion didn't measure up to Tell All Your Friends, the bands first full length album.

Before The EP:
Adam had been touring New York to tried to get a job as a lead or background vocal singer of a band, the only band that liked his energy and high pitched vocals was Taking Back Sunday and they formed in 1999, after two years of making rebellious music [I am White Trash], they decided to calm down and make a 6 song EP the EP didn't sell well but TBS was still thankful for every fan.

Adam's Vocals are immature and high pitched
Not produced well at all
Eleven is a soft song that can be compared to New American Classic
Go On is a preview of Cute Without The E

My Opinion:
An album that is rarely available except through the internet, I think should be available more to the general public because it does have a couple of memorable songs and phrases that could be used as Taking Back Sunday songs and phrases today.

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February 19th 2006


I wish I had this. damn!!!! TBS new album LOUDER NOW 4/25. can't wait

February 19th 2006


Album Rating: 2.5

yeah if you've watched the 10th home movie thing that album looks pretty sweet

February 19th 2006


Is there any cover art available anywhere for this? I can't find any using the wonders of google, so if anyone can link me to some then that would be cool. Good review anyway...I can't stand Taking Back Sunday based on a pretty brief exposure to them, but I don't think I've heard anything from this before.

February 19th 2006


Album Rating: 2.5

I couldn't find any cover art as well.

February 23rd 2006


the lead singer is actually antonio longo from one true thing i think and jesse lacey is doing some of those back ups.

March 5th 2006


Has any1 downloaded the MakeDamnSure song cos thats just awesome!!!!

I didnt even kno this EP existed sounds awful though.

March 5th 2006


Album Rating: 2.5

Make Sure is a great song, also check out "what it feels like to be a ghost" and "Spin" On their Myspace

March 23rd 2006


You can listen to their new song on AOL...Or...I was sent to it with singing fish. But any ways...They said you can down load it off of itunes. But I got my down load off of Napster. And since my internet is gay half of the time, I cna't go on to my space.

And I think you can get the cover art off of their home site.This Message Edited On 03.23.06

April 12th 2006


TBS is pretty sweet. After seeing them live, thay are awesome. A lot of respect is gained when a band is good live....

April 25th 2006


so john does vocals on this album, ahh, he's good. anyway, i like what i've heard of this, its cool to hear this and see how they've evolved into what they are now.

Louder Now hits tomorrow, sweeeeet. :-D

May 22nd 2006


i think adam was playing bass during the recording of this. maybe not, but at one time in TBS's career he did until the manager moved him to front man as his vocals got better. or at least thats what i heard.

November 27th 2006


This review is completely false. The lead singer for all the songs is the original singer for TBS antonio longo. The backup singer is Jesse Lacey, the current lead singer for the band brand new. Trust me, and if you don't, look it up.

November 27th 2006


Oh yeah and Adam Lazzara was not involved with this album

February 23rd 2007


Thats funny, u apparently didn't do any research, reviewer.

Thats cool that Jesse was the back up singer, now I wanna know how this album sounds!

April 4th 2007


Yeah Jesse Lacey also plays bass on the record. I personally like Antonio's voice better than Adam's voice.

July 12th 2007


how do you get this?!!

April 20th 2008


I have this... and I want to complete my music directory with cover art. Does anyone know where I can find it!?

July 15th 2010


Album Rating: 3.5

I'm glad someone else caught just how poorly researched this review was... Antonio sounds nothing like John.

October 12th 2012


Album Rating: 3.5

this rules

Staff Reviewer
October 12th 2012


Um, where the fuk did this come from?

Digging: Origami Angel - Somewhere City

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