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Review Summary: This album shows that Nonpoint is still alive and kicking.

Nonpoint is a band that has remained fairly consistent throughout their career in regards to releasing quality modern metal music, something that is becoming increasingly harder to find. This album certainly upholds that reputation but it really doesn't break new ground. Nonpoint's style changed from nu metal to a more straightforward rock style with the release of their 2007 album, Vengeance. An album that was received negatively by many reviewers. Then they released Miracle in 2010 which maintained that musical style and possibly even tread into a more mainstream sound. With the release of their self-titled album, they return back to their nu metal roots for the most part even though some songs continue their style that they began back in 2007.

This release is the first to feature Dave Lizzio and Rasheed Thomas on guitar and Adam Woloszyn on bass. Robb Rivera is still behind the kit and is as solid as ever. As far as the bass goes, nothing much has changed, although it does seem to follow the guitars a bit too much. The new guitarists do a good job and fit well with the band but mainly just on songs that are straightforward rock. Songs like "The Way I See Things", "Left For You", and "Pandora's Box" are all good examples of the guitarists at their best, playing catchy rock riffs. Other times, it seems like Elias is going into his nu metal vocal delivery while the guitarists are playing in a way that doesn't compliment the vocals. On albums prior to Vengeance the guitarist did a good job of playing in a way that did compliment the bands nu metal style. The tracks "Lights, Camera, Action" and "I Said It" are probably most reminiscent of older Nonpoint and are both two of the best songs that this album has to offer.

"International Crisis", "Temper", and "Independence Day" are the tracks that best fuse elements of old Nonpoint with their current style. Each one shows the new lineup operating the most smoothly together with no member contradicting the other in terms of musical style. A good example of this is on "Independence Day" when Elias sings the chorus in his nu metal style and the guitars play a riff that fits well for the speed at which he is spitting out his lyrics. "That Day" is a nice chunk of nu metal fudge with the chorus being well written and sung over the catchiest guitar hook on the album. "Another Mistake" is the most relaxed song on the album that also has a nice chorus that shows off Elias' voice. The only weak tracks are "Go Time" and "Ashes" which are both brought down due to weak choruses. "Ashes" is an interesting song otherwise.

A good return to roots for Nonpoint but it doesn't seem like they are firing on all cylinders like they were when they released Recoil and To The Pain. Maybe it is just them getting settled into the new lineup. I will say that they did a great job of preserving their original sound after bringing in so many new band members. One major flaw with the album is that the choruses tend to be repeated too much on nearly every single song. Also the songwriting doesn't seem to be as good as what they have shown they are capable of in the past. Other than a few minor kinks, this album is one that shows Nonpoint is going anywhere anytime soon and they are ready to make more of the best music around in today's music scene.

Standout Tracks:
I Said It
International Crisis
Another Mistake

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Not a real development, but a true statement...

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November 12th 2012


Album Rating: 2.5

This band has lost its catchiness, that was their selling point

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