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Release Date: 2011 | Tracklist

Review Summary: While not quite as defined as their following album, Sectu manages to produce a successful modern death metal package with their first effort.

Sectu are pretty unheard of in the modern death metal world but provide an entertaining mix of melody, groove and technicality which makes their music a lot more tolerable than that of some of their peers, whom have steadily polarized from the more balanced death metal formula that could be found in the 90s, resulting in a mix of dull trend followers and occasional successes by working round their genre constraints. Though Sectu's following album, this year's Gerra, is more polished and defined, their first effort, Inundate is entertaining too and has many of the same elements that made their most recent effort a success.

Instrumentation on this album is extremely good. The guitar work is tight but also wild and technical, with a variety of pick scrapes and odd chords mixed in with fast tremolo picking and arpeggios, along with more melodic riffs styles rooted in traditional death metal such as Death and Morbid Angel. The bass isn't especially audible, but tightly follows the guitarwork, while the drumming is athletic and technical, with some fast blast beats mixed in with odd time signatures and double bass work. The vocals on the album are between a lower-mid range bark and a low roar, providing a fairly guttural but also forceful sound. Production on the album is quite indistinct, with some of the quieter guitar lines being blotted out by cymbal work, while the bass is too low and undefined, though the sound is acceptable for the majority of the album.

The majority of this album quite easily pleases the average listener; opener Age Of Splendour gets into the albums strong riffs and melodies after a shaky start, likewise with following tracks Storm and Dominion featuring technicality and catchy riffs, helping to provide a lot of initial momentum to the album. The unexceptional Dream Vessel does however provide a drop in quality, with repetitive and dull riffs that get bogged down in low string chugging, while Ceremonial March feels out of place due to its placement in the middle of the album, effectively serving as filler. Unseeing Divine gets the album back on track however, easily matching up to the first 3 tracks in content. Incantation of the Lost Continent and Procession Through Flesh end the album in a satisfying manner, both tracks featuring more of the effective melody and riffs of earlier tracks.

Despite lapses in quality in certain areas of both the tracks and the album, there is a great deal of entertaining material to listen to and the variety of sounds available work effectively without too many jarring moments. There are many areas for improvement, such as the occasionally dull riffing and weaknesses in song structure, but most of them are addressed in the following release. Overall this is a great modern death metal album and while not a huge stand out its by all means entertaining.

Recommended Tracks:
Unseeing Divine
Age Of Splendour
Procession Through Flesh
Incantation of the Lost Continent

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October 31st 2012


shall i check hm

Staff Reviewer
October 31st 2012


Good review, pos.

two suggestions:

Though Sectu's following album


rooted in traditional death metal such as Death and Morbid Angel

both bands are far from traditional death metal, in place of "traditional" I would write "avant-garde" or "pioneering".

I have come across this record, but never bother listening, I'm afraid.

Scary album art.

Digging: The Sonic Dawn - Into the Long Night

October 31st 2012


Album Rating: 3.5

You probably wouldn't dig it KILL it's not very trve. It's about Nevermore level trveness but with better riffs.

I disagree with you saying that they aren't traditional death metal bands btw Voivod. They pretty much defined the genre and influenced the most bands with their approach on their early albums. Sure, most death metal doesn't sound like them but you cannot say that they weren't traditional; they were the bands that set the tradition :P

October 31st 2012


Album Rating: 3.5

Yeah well I as planning on rev'ing Solstice's debut (like the Rob Barrett band not the doom band) but glitchy stuff goes on with it and my comp is too awful to let me make a new band page for them bleh.

June 25th 2013


Album Rating: 3.5

urgh negged again today

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