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Release Date: 2010 | Tracklist

Review Summary: If you're needing serious deathcore, you've come to the wrong side of town.

Not much is known about Interrupting Cow. Since the "band's" inception, It's been basically one dude and occasionally, a couple of his friends on vocals. This is the debut EP which has even rougher production than Sunshine Rainbows and Desecration Of The Universe. Oddly enough, the drums sound better on this than the forementioned. I'm just more of a fan of super rough drums compared to quality produced drums. The guitars honestly sound like ass. Vocals give a laugh. And you're probably all wondering, why did I give it a 3.5 when it sounds like one big joke" Because that's what this EP is. Not even kidding you. I talk to the dude behind the project personally and he's told me, and said in an interview, that around this time, IC was a joke band. Nothing serious. It wasn't until around the Sunshine Rainbows LP that the band started to get somewhat serious. So without further ado, let's get into this track-by-track.

The EP opens up with a synth-driven intro. This is where the joke already begins. Most deathcore doesn't use synth the likes of which are included in this intro. And the fact there is an intro is even laughable. Why have an intro when there is only gonna be two real songs on the EP" Besides the tone sounding like ass, the guitar is good. Very nice playing for only being a joke.

The next song is "Teddy Bear Holocaust." Which opens up with a bass drop breakdown with some pig squeals to add to the br00talz of teh song. The vocals immediatly made my start laughing super hard. Along with the fact that the bass drops were so freaking heavy that it drowned out the rest of the tracks. The song is basically entirely squealed. And ends with the highest squeals I ever heard.

The next song, "Edward Scissorhands," begins with a blast beat so fast that the listener is now insured that the drums are programmed (as if you could not already tell). And then a deep ass growl which goes into a breakdown with a bass drop so freaking high and distorted that the cymbal and, in fact, the rest of the drums, are completely inaudible until halfway through the drop. Scratch that. Went back and it's everything. Guitars and drums inaudible until halfway through the drop. The next part has some high screaming which I was suprised to hear. Then, an audio sample (presumably from Edward Scissorhands) into the final breakdown. The EP then closes out with one final pig squeal.

If I went into this review as if the band was being serious, this would be given a 1. A 0.5 if I knew how to do it. But the fact this band went into this looking to do a joke made me give it a 3.5. Mainly because this EP did make me laugh. I listened to it again and again. But that could be since the EP is only about 5 and a half minutes long in total. Not to mention, the dude's newer materials are awesome. I can't wait until Utopian Dreamer in November 1st. The production is suppose to be his best yet. And his most serious release up to date. All I can say is if you want something that you will laugh from listening to, you've seriously found the best "EP" for just that. If you're looking for something real...just...leave. Don't come back to this.

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October 27th 2012



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October 27th 2012


"Since the "band's" inception, It's been basically one dude and occasionally, a couple of his friends on vocals. "
Since the "band's" inception it's been basically one dude and occasionally a couple of his friends on vocals.

"The guitars honestly sound like ass."

gave up after that

October 27th 2012


This is fucking horrible.

October 27th 2012


Album Rating: 1.0

Insta 1'd

October 27th 2012


Who in the fuck pos'd this morbidly obese review?

October 27th 2012


Pos for summary, didn't read the rest

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