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Release Date: 2003 | Tracklist

I came across this band at the end of 2003. I got it from a recommendation from a friend who said “If you liked (Opeth’s) Damnation, then you’ll love this album”. Sure enough, I bought this and was completely floored by it. The pure beauty of this album makes me firmly believe that this album is one of the best progressive rock albums made in the past 15 years. Anyone who is a fan of Porcupine Tree, King Crimson, Opeth, Pink Floyd, Yes or any progressive band, should really check this Swedish Quartet and this album out.

The Band:
Nicklas Barker – Lead Vocals, Guitars, Mellotron, Rhodes, Farfisa, Vibraphone
Anna Sofi Dahlberg / Mellotron, voice, piano, Farfisa, organ
Jan Erik Liljeström / bass, voice
Peter Nordins / drums & cymbals, vibraphone, Mellotron

Now on to the CD:

1.Monolith – This starts off with some cool guitar and when the bass and drums kicks in, it sounds very different. I can’t really describe it, but it’s pretty cool. An intricate organ in the background really gives this song atmosphere. The vocals are unique as well; he sings a lot like Jack Bruce did for Cream. After the lyrics end, comes the normal prog jam. Some great musicianship and good guitar work. A very good classic prog song. 4/5

2.Ricochet – This song really stood out for me. Nick is playing mostly acoustic guitar, but what carries this song is the mellotron, especially during the intro and chorus. It’s a very pretty song. Steady guitar and bass throughout, but to me, again, the mellotron carries it. The lyrics are very beautiful as well. The chorus is “Only sky ahead/love is so hard to find/I saw it come and saw it go/wailing down the line”. Pretty nifty organ solo by Anna towards the end. It’s a great song, very pretty. 4.5/5

3.The War is Over – The best song on this CD. This is one of my best songs I have ever heard in my life, let alone on the CD. One of the few Anekdoten songs that is mainly driven by guitar. A very pretty simple guitar riff carries this song. The other instruments blend well and just carry the mood of the song, which is just of relaxation and peace. I can’t really describe the effect the song has on me; you just really have to hear it for yourself to understand what I’m saying. My favorite lyrics are “Its not a case of right or wrong, its all about to be…you and me, so come and bless my soul, its all about to be”. Its one of those songs you just have to hear for yourself. 5/5

4. What Should But Did Not Die – The mood shifts to a solemn, steady bass line. The vocals are what stand out for me in this song. They are almost pleading and haunting. It’s another one that doesn’t have a lot of energy. Though, when the bridge kicks in, it does pick up the energy and becomes very mesmerizing. Not one of my faves, but still enjoyable. 3.5/5

5.SW4 – A very interesting song, the most progressive on the album. It continues the solemn mood of WSBDND. Very powerful drum and bass song, with eerie vocals to start the song. They are inaudible and not really words, more like sounds…again, something you just have to hear for yourself. The guitar is almost non-existent, as the rest of the band carries it. The first time, you hear Anna’s beautifully haunting vocals in the background on the verses. It’s really hard to describe this song, but I actually enjoy it. 3.5/5

6.Gravity – The title track brings back the guitar and is steady. Nick’s vocals are great as well. This is them picking off where Monolith left off. This is the most lyrically driven song on the album and is a great prog rock song. I love the lines “eleven ways to lose your mind, seven ways to shine. Four doors that may take you in and one that is closed behind”. The lyrics are really amazing on this song and is a great listen. 4.5/5

7.The Games We Play – There isn’t many words to describe this song. There is no bass or drums, just a light acoustic guitar and some eerie mellotron and piano. The piano is especially beautiful. The shortest song on the record, but very ambient and pretty. Nick’s vocals are really beautiful on this song as well. I love the line “I wonder how, we should fill the open space/after lunch-time tea, in the rosary/ and the evening picnic by the sea.” It’s just a very pretty song. 4/5

8.Selijak – The instrumental on the album and a classic prog jam. To be honest, I think this is a bad way to end the album and is the weakest song on the album and I don’t really listen to it much. It’s still good to have going in the background, but I rather listen to previous 7. 2/5

Overall, again, this one of those albums that I bought on a whim and was never disappointed. It’s a gem and any prog fan should have it in their library. Hope you all enjoyed the review, would love to get some feedback and comments. 4/5

Recommend Songs: The War is Over, Ricochet, Gravity

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February 15th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

120 views and no comments? Cmon people!

February 17th 2006


Not a bad review. I'll have to pick this one up. Other than Opeth, who would you say they sound like?

February 17th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

To me, they sound like soft Opeth, mixed with some King Crimson, Yes, Cream, Genesis and PT. Their earlier stuff sounds A LOT like KC, but this one is more...I guess their own style.

Seriously, everyone DL The War is Over and tell me what you can listen to it on their website...

March 14th 2007


Album Rating: 4.0

this band is fantastic...amazing record. Richochet is my favorite song

December 8th 2007


I'm on a legal downloading spree of these guys. Love 'em so far.

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