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Release Date: 1998 | Tracklist

Band: AFI (A Fire Inside)
Album: A Fire Inside EP
Released: 1998

Davey Havok - Vocals
Mark - Guitar
Hunter - Bass
Adam Carson - Drums

(They all do back up vocals for the EP

3 1/2 - Very hardcore intro. They just pound out a note and let it ring, then slam another and mute it immediately. The bass and guitar continue to do that while the drums start going faster and Davey starts to sing. It's really low, just kind of like speaking level, not quite whisper. Then he screams, "why?!" and everything gets faster and then he sings louder. You can hear the bass in there every now and then. Then the chorus, with the backing and Davey trading off vocals. "I'm so sick, so sick of myself." That's the back up vocals. I love that part. Then another fast verse, but before it goes into the chorus, he does a short scream. Then it repeats the intro with different lyrics. Then a half chorus and it fades out. One of my personal favorites. 10/10

Over Exposure - Starts out fast, and stays that way. He starts singing almost right away and then it gets into the chorus. I love Davey's voice in this one. A little more power than the last song. There's another verse and chorus, then there's an instrumental break some palm muted guitar. Then he sings a bit and it kind of goes like that until the end of the song, where it fades out. Not much to say about this one. It's a good song, just really isn't anything extremely different about it, except the last part of the song with the palm muting, that's kind of cool. 7/10

Demonomania - (Written by Glenn Danzig of the Misfits) A song less than a minute long. Fast as hell. I find their version of this song better than their version of "Halloween" on the other EP. Doesn't quite match Danzig, but they still do it extremely well. It sounds a little bit more hardcore than the original. It's cool. I really like it. 9/10

The Hanging Garden (Written by Smith/Gallup/Tolburst of The Cure) Starts out with the rolling beat of the drums, and then the bass comes in. It sounds all choppy, it's perfect. I think the bass stands out a little more in this one than the original. Now, of course, it's no Robert Smith either, but he does it really well. I really love the bass, and Davey's voice. Then it gets to the chorus and the guitar comes in. Then after that, it goes back the verse and another chorus. The lyrics in this song are awesome. But after that there's a little drum solo, then it goes back to the intro/verse music. And it goes like that until the end while Davey sings "the hanging garden," and his voice kind of echoes. There's a small part where the guitar has this little, high pitched riff. Then it all fades out, kind of like waking up from a dream. I really need to learn the bass for that song. 10/10

Other things:
This EP also has lyrics for the first two songs, because the others are not theirs. The cover is very simple. The front is just AFI in firey letters on black, and the back is just flames, with black song titles over it. If you want a small taste of when they were a little more hardcore, start with this. I give it 4/5.

I'm so sick, so sick of myself
Mother, say you'll pray for me
I'm so sick, so sick of myself
I'm premature in my decay

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April 28th 2004


Are you sure it wasn't Jade Puget on guitar for this? If not, then I don't think it was released in 1998.

Good review though.

April 28th 2004


Jade's not on this album but the cd's copyrights are 1998-2003. Re-released, perhaps?

April 28th 2004


Good review, I really like the format, and your descriptions are really in-depth. Pretty much agreed on the ratings.

April 29th 2004


"Goth-Punk"? Are you serious?

Anyway, my brother has this, and he says it's not so hot. BWAHAHAHA

April 29th 2004


Yes, it is the old guitarist, Mark, that played on this cd. They probably re-released it, it was on a different record label than Nitro, which most of the stuff was produced on.

And no, I'm not serious, I don't think that AFI are "goth," or necessarily "punk," but that's just what most people would view them as. It's not like the genre really matters anyway, it's the music. Like I said somewhere else, on another thread, genres aren't always exactly what the band is; it's just a way to group some bands together that have similar sounds. I think it's funny to watch ignorant people bitch over what genre a band falls into. It's all opinion.

So here's an in depth genre for you: Dark, sometimes depressing, uplifting, angry, emotional, serious or funny lyrics; that are sometimes sung, screamed, whispered, or spoke; written to somewhat dark music that's sometimes slow, fast, sad, angry, or happy sounding; with punk/hardcore/metal influences that creates the sound that is AFI. I think that covers nearly everything they've ever played. So you see why I just said "goth-punk"?

April 29th 2004


I suppose. Image doesn't really affect genre that much, though. Still, it was a good review.

April 29th 2004


first thread ive found on AFI :D sweet. I like their new music better, sing the sorrow is my fav album. but their old stuff is still sweet i havnt actually heard this cd might have to get it. Jade is the best guitarist wat year did he actually start with the band?

April 29th 2004


^How can you say that you prefer the newer music, if you haven't heard the older? How can you say that Jade is a better guitarist than Mark, if you haven't heard Mark play?


Anyway, go to the Reviewed List, there's a few other AFI album already been done.

April 2nd 2005


cool review...ya theyre cover for hanging garden is sweet

October 27th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

this owns along with every other afi album.This Message Edited On 12.15.05

June 6th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

Great songs. One of the most original EP's.


August 7th 2006


Album Rating: 3.5

For all of you confused about the year it was realeased and the guitarist, let me explain. this EP was realesed in 1998 with Mark as their guitarist. Later that year Jade became the guitarist.

April 30th 2007


Damn, I want this. I only have Over Exposure and I love it..

May 4th 2007


Album Rating: 3.5

This is a decent EP, but All Hallow's EP is way better. The cover song they chose for this one is better than the cover song they chose for All Hallow's EP tho.

November 10th 2010


Album Rating: 3.5

This was pretty awesome when I got the hard copy. Could bump to 4.

June 19th 2023


Album Rating: 4.0

Afi's cover of hanging garden is probably the best cure cover i've heard

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