Life Is Good



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October 5th, 2012 | 11 replies

Release Date: 2012 | Tracklist

Review Summary: When you listen to this, you'll be saying "Life Is Good".

Critical Responses:
Allmusic: 3.5/5
The A.V Club: A-
Entertainment Weekly: B-
The Independent: 4/5
NME: 8/10
The Observer: 4/5
Pitchfork: 8.3/10
Rolling Stone: 3.5/5
Slant: 4.5/5
Spin: 7/10

This album is by Nas. When I heard that Nas was coming out with a new album, the thought that popped into my head was "This is going to be amazing". When I saw the cover, I was expecting Nas to make an album completely about his (bad) divorce with Kelis (watch Nas's Behind the Music to see how bad it was). I was right about one of those predictions (it was that this was going to be amazing). When I saw the reviews, I saw that people gave this MONSTER reviews. I also saw that too many people said that this is classic. Although this album is amazing, it is not (and probably never will be) a classic. What it also is not, is a return to form, because some of his earlier albums (bar Nastradamus) are surefire classics. Now for the track by track review.

1. No Introduction: A great opener, with a piano instrumental, to introduce the album, and Nas spitting some dope verses. Great song. 4/5

2. Loco-Motive: An excellent song to open this excellent album. This song opens with haunting female vocals, that sound really well done. This song has Nas spitting some dope verses, over phenomenal Large Professor production. Classic song. 5/5

3. A Queens Story: This song has Nas telling a story of a drug dealing. Classic song. This song samples, "Peter Piper" by Run-D.M.C, and another song. 5/5

4. Accident Murderers: This song features Rick Ross, and has Nas and Rick Ross rhyming about, basically what the title implies. Rick Ross provides an amazing verse. Classic song. This song samples, "The Bridge" by MC Shan, and another song. 5/5

5. Daughters: This song has Nas rhyming about his love for his daughter, and their ups and downs. Classic song. 5/5

6. Reach Out: This song features Mary J Blige, who provides a good vocal performance. Great song. 4/5

7. World's An Addiction: This song features Anthony Hamilton, who provides an amazing singing performance. Great song. 4.5/5

8. Summer On Smash: "Summer On Smash" makes me want to buy a copy of this, and "Smash" it. This really is that bad. This atrocious song is out of place on this album, and out of place on this Earth. This song features Miguel and Swizz Beats, who each do a horrible job. Sorry Nas, but this your worst song ever, and is awful. 1/5

9. You Wouldn't Understand: This song features Victoria Monet, who does an excellent job. Great song. This song samples, "Eric B Is President" by Eric B and Rakim, and another song. 4/5

10. Back When: This song is a great song. This song samples, "Live Routine", "The Bridge" by MC Shan, and other songs. 4/5

11. The Don: This song has Nas spitting some dope verses, over a dope beat by the late, great Heavy D. Great song. 4/5

12. Stay: This is a really well sounding song, which has nice Jazz samples. Great song. 4/5

13. Cherry Wine: This song features Amy Winehouse, who does an amazing vocal performance. Classic song. 5/5

14. Bye Baby: This song has Nas rhyming about his relationship with Kelis. This song gets really personal, and goes into why he got with her, and why he broke up with her. This is a great way to close out the album. Classic song. 5/5

Overall I give this 4/5, 8/10, 80/100, and my grade for it is "B-". If you were expecting a whole album about the divorce like I was, than you expected wrong, because this goes into many different territories. If you're a Nas fan, definitely listen to it, if you're not a fan of Nas, still listen to it, it's really good.

3 Best Songs:
1. Loco-Motive
2. Bye Baby
3. Daughters

3 Weakest Songs:
1. Summer On Smash
2. Reach Out
3. Back When

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October 4th 2012


get off the site.

October 4th 2012


I give this album, 5/5, 10/10, and my grade for it is "A+"

pos'd for clarification

Digging: Burger / Ink - Las Vegas

October 4th 2012


Bad review

October 4th 2012


doubt it

October 4th 2012


he should just follow my advice, or at least stop reviewing

October 5th 2012


Album Rating: 2.5

"8. Summer On Smash: Oh no, not this song, this song is horrible!!! This song features Swizz Beats and Miguel, who do horrible performances. The worst Nas song ever made!!! 1/5"

nailed it, 100% agree lol. this guys low approval rating shows how stupid most of sputnik is when it comes to hip hop, not the opposite. seriously all yall do is talk shit, none of you even write hip hop reviews

October 5th 2012


there's a lot of classics on this though at least

October 5th 2012


this guys low approval rating shows how stupid most of sputnik is when it comes to hip hop, not the opposite

once he starts describing how the music actually SOUNDS and sums up the whole album instead of doing track by tracks, his approval rating will go up.

October 7th 2012


Album Rating: 3.0

This album is a 3.5 at best on a good day. Some songs here are just plain horrible IMHO. Though I

don't mind track by tracks too much (if its well done, it can make a really good review) most turn out

like crap and the users here hate it. If you want your approval rating to go up and people to stop

making snarky remarks (like telling you to leave the site) then I suggest you go around and read a few

of the reviews done by the staff and other highly approved users here. It will help you write better.


October 7th 2012


Album Rating: 2.5

what really pisses me off is people stuck on illmatic who call nas better than KRS-ONE when even Nas

will tell you hes not. nas is mainly about his rhyme style, a lot of the time his message is straight

up retarded.

December 23rd 2012


Album Rating: 4.0

@snoopdogg6969: KRS-One is better than Nas.

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