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Rock in Rio



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January 14th, 2005 | 60 replies

Release Date: 2002 | Tracklist

Band: Iron Maiden
Album: Rock In Rio
Released: 2002

Bruce Dickinson - Vocals
Dave Murray - Lead/Rhythm Guitar
Adrian Smith - Lead/Rhythm Guitar
Janick Gers - Lead/Rhythm Guitar
Steve Harris - Bass
Nicko McBrain - Drums

Intro - Not much to say about this. It's an intro, it starts with the crowd noises and an oprea type thing starts. It is called "Arthur's Farewell" by J. Zucker and J. Goldsmith. You hear the collected voices in that for a while and then it goes straight into "The Wicker Man." The music in this reminds me of the music in the movie Total Recall, which is sweet. 7/10

The Wicker Man - A really good song to start a live show with. It starts with a driving guitar riff and then the rest of the band kicks in, over the screams of the crowd. The chorus is simple and awesome. The entire crowd is singing along with "your time will come." The guitar in the chorus is supurb, and quite fun to play. Then there's the solo later in the song, which I think is one Maiden's best. Then the chorus and Bruce sings some "whoa-oh's" until the end of the song, in which the crowd sings as well. Then I believe he says something Spanish to the crowd at the end. 10/10

Ghost Of The Navigator - Starts out with its soft guitar riff and Bruce has a little speaking part in there too. Then it builds up and Bruce screams "I want to hear your voices! Yeah-yeah-yeah! I can't f-cking hear you! Yeah-yeah-yeah!" Then it goes into the verse. I love the intensity of the music in the verse; it makes me want to jump around and break stuff. I really love his voice. Then it goes to the chorus, where Bruce's voice gets even better. There's great lyrics in this song; it really makes me think of a ghost ship wandering around, lost. Great guitar as well. The solo in this song is pretty too, it just sounds more raunchy and raw than the song before, which is still cool. But the part after it where the three guitarists play the chords in unison and then it gains intensity is awesome. Then breaks into the chorus until the end, where you hear some more of the crowd. 9/10

Brave New World - Slow riff at the beginning, then Bruce sings a little slower than the other songs so far. It does this for a while then, builds up with some feedback or a harmonic from one of the guitarists and drums. Then the verse is played the same way, just with a little more power to it. Then it gets to the chorus, in which the crowd sings with "a brave new world." The verse after the chorus as a little more power than the first part. Then the solo! You'd never realize how hard it is to describe solos, heh. Starts out on one guitar and a little low, then gets a little faster and higher. Right after that, all three play in unison again, but this time it's twice as cool. If you watch the video on your computer, it's quite amazing to see how incredible these guys are live. They all stand together, while the crowd sings some "whoa's" by themselves, and then they break away as it goes back into the chorus and ends the same way it started out. 9/10

Wrathchild - Another little speaking part and then the rumbling bass and pounding drums kick in, then a short solo of sorts, and into the verse. The shortest song on the album, besides the intro. I don't find the verses to be extremely interesting, but it's still good. The chorus is a little faster than the other songs, so I don't really get into it as much as the other three. But the part after the chorus is nice. Some raw solos and and a little scream by Bruce. Verse and chorus, then end. After that he screams, "how the f-ck are you, Rio"!" And the crowd responses with their screams. 7/10

2 Minutes To Midnight - The second they start playing, the crowd screams, just as they have when the previous songs started. Of course they would for every song, who can completely hate a Maiden song" Nice plam muted riff to start and then rest come in for the verse. Even if you aren't really into Maiden, I'm sure you know this song. If you've played GTA: Vice City, you have. It's on the V-Rock station. Listen to that if you want a taste of Iron Maiden. I love the chorus here, Bruce doesn't sing part of the lyrics, but guess who does. The crowd! Sounds great. The solo in this one is very nice. Stays relatively high for most of it, with some bends. Then after a bit, there's a really fast, quick solo. It almost sounds like tapping, but I'm not sure if it is. Look up a tab if you want. Then another chorus then the end a little after. The last part of the song is quite amazing, the crowd just starts chanting "Iron Maiden." Then he has a speaking part, thanking everyone for supporting metal around the world (That's us! Yay!) and dedicates "Blood Brothers" to them. 9/10

Blood Brothers - I love the violin sounding intro to this song. This song is so fun to play. And then the higher pitched riff of a second guitar overlaps perfectly. The crowd is clapping along with it. Halfway through the verse this gains intensity and goes into the chorus, where Bruce again lends a part to the crowd, not that they weren't already singing along anyway. The crowd plays a big role in this cd. I love the lyrics of this song. Then intro is played again, right before a solo. This one is another great solo and goes into one of those unison type things again. Then slows down again and Bruce tells the crowd to go "Hey! Hey!" Then it gets back to the verse and another instrumental break afterwards, then a slower solo, but still great. Back into the chorus, where the crowd sings again and then ends as slowly as it started. 10/10

Sign Of The Cross - This starts with a low group of voices chanting. Very dark sounding, almost haunting. Hell, it is haunting. The slowly gets into the song with a slow riff and bass. Bruce sings very low and quiet as the crowd claps along. Very nice bass. This is the longest song on the entire album, at 10:49. It finally gets into it around the three minute mark, a little before. I don't think this was the best choice for a live performace. It's just extremely long; long for even metal songs. I hate to dis Maiden, but this one is the most boring on the entire cd, but it's still good, I just think that it might get a little boring at concert. I do like the solo around the 8 minute mark, though. It's very fast and very long. It plays until the end of the song almost. Keeps you listening all the way through. Then it gets kind of haunting at the end again. 7/10

The Mercenary - Picking up the power again in this song. Gets right into it and stays that way 'til the end. Heavy and fast. I love the lyrics in this song. "Show them no fear, show them no pain." Apply those words to daily life. Another great solo. One of Maiden's very best. I can't explain it, it's just amazing. It's really fast and high. It almost reminds me of Val Halen's "Eruption." Which is insane; there's no tapping here though. Good song. 8/10

The Trooper - Another speaking part at the beginning and gets right into it. A great riff before and during the verse. Then they stop playing and Bruce sings, and then they play. They do that a few times. Then get into it again. Another good solo. When is a Maiden solo ever bad" Another chorus and then it ends with the crowd. And fades out. Now it's time to change cds! 8/10

The next cd!

Dream Of Mirrors - The crowd comes back in and Bruce introduces the song. The they pound right into it. I love the raw power of the verses. Then it slows down, the crowd claps, and Bruce sings very mournfully sounding and kind of mellow. The music compliments this well. Great lyrics. The crowd sings along with "the dream is true." Then Bruce gives them a part of their own. The music builds up just a tad and his voice rises a little, in the next verse. Then it kicks in. Not very fast, just a little heavier. But conitnues to get heavier. It stays like that a while and then gets quiet again for the "dream is true" part. More clapping over a nice riff and drums. Then it builds up again. Around the 6 minute mark it gets really nice. Faster and the drums are really interesting to listen to, as well as the lead guitar. Then the crowd starts singing some "whoa-oh-oh-oh's" and Bruce does some too, then into the solo. Very raw, and back into the "whoa's." Then gets a little softer at the end. A truly great song. The crowd chants the name again for a little bit. 10/10

The Clansman - A really great riff to start. Sounds all Scotish. Which makes sense because it's about movies like Braveheart. Good bass too. Then the riff gets faster. Another really long song. Whispery singing in the verse. Then gets heavy around 2 minutes or so. Stays that course for a while, and then it quiet again around 5 minutes or so. Then the crowd chants with Bruce for a bit. Then he screams, "I want you to f-cking scream it!" And then they bring back the power and some "whoa's." Then it has a cool solo. And it gains some more power before the end and then gets quiet until the end. 7/10

The Evil That Men Do - Starts with a speaking part again. Then goes into a very soothing riff and then into drum driven power and Bruce's slightly deeper singing. that goes for a while, and then he sings a little higher. "The evil that men do lives on and on." Then there's the riff with the rhythm under it and continues the same way it did before. Then there's a little break and a solo. I think this one sounds similar to a Metallica-style solo. It's obviously not, but it just reminded me of something Metallica might do. Then a little chant type thing at the end and then some more of the crowd after the song is done. 8/10

Fear Of The Dark - In my opinion, this is the best Iron Maiden song ever, and sounds even better live. He has a little speaking part again, and then riff starts out the crowd sings the "whoa's." Then it gets quiet, and there's a slow riff and the crowd sings all the "whoa's" again. It's just amazing. It's perfect. Then they sing along with every whispered word in the verse. I love Bruce's voice in this one as well. Then he screams, "yeah!" and it all kicks in. I love the riff here. I love every riff in this song. I love playing it. The lyrics are great too. Then it has an instrumental break after the chorus and the crowd sings the "whoa's" again and the solo! I really love this one. It gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling, heh. Then some more "whoa's." Chorus and another verse. And then it gets quiet again, and the crowd does the "whoa's" yet again, until its end. 10/10

Iron Maiden - Starts out with him saying, "scream for me Brazil!" Then gets right into it. Great bass and drums, cool riffs too. Usually, songs that are the band's name annoy me for some reason, but this one doesn't. One of the faster song on the cd. A good headbanging one. Then it all stops somewhere in there, and they play a riff or two. Then, the most awesome part of the song. The bass and drum solo is simply great. Then he says something about burning the virgins are having them nice and crispy. Which is disturbing and utterly awesome. Then gets back into the song. Then there's some more verse and choruses. 9/10

The Number Of The Beast - Starts out with the verse from The Bible in a demonic sounding voice. The crowd speaks right along with that too. And the riffs here are awesome as well. I'm usually the word riff so much I'm beginning to hate it. Cool verse. Builds up through it, and then everything comes in. Great chorus. Sweet solo too. Very raw sounding. I love it. Cool little bass part right after, and then more solo. Verse and chorus again. Nice ending to it. 9/10

Hallowed Be Thy Name - Another personal favorite of mine. Starts out with a slow guitar part and the crowd claps, then breaks into one of the most awesome riffs that Iron Maiden plays, after he's done singing the verse. It's goes up and down, up and down' it's sweet. Then it stops and they play a note or two and stop, and repeat that, while Bruce sings the fastest he's done throughout the whole thing. Then it gets faster and after a while it does one of those unison things again. Quite impressive. The crowd even adds some "whoa's." Then a verse and the unison thing again. And then the music stops except for the guitar, which has a nice little fill. Then everything comes back in and then another extremely tasteful solo. Very fast and very precise. Just as everything else is. And then another unison deal. It never gets old. After that it slows down into the ending, where Bruce stretches out his voice for quite a long time. And then ends with feedback from the guitars and a final drum beat. 10/10

Sanctuary - He screams the title and then gets heavy fast and he sings. It goes for a while and stops completely around a minute mark. He then asks the right and left crowd to scream at seperate times. It's amazing, then they break right back into the song, and then one of the fastest solos on the cd. I really like it. I don't listen to this song too much, but it is really good. I think it lacks the power it could have by being the second to last track on the cd. But the crowd part is cool. And the little improvations toward the end. Then the crowd goes "yeah-yeah-yeah!" Then there's a little solo and it ends fast. He then says "thank you" to Rio. 8/10

Run To The Hills - It's the last song people. Gets into it pretty fast. With a nice drum solo at the beginning and the crowd clapping. The guitar has some nice bends in verse. Cool beat to it. Then a short fill and the verse. The crowd sings right along with "run to the hills." Back into the verse and another chorus. And then the last solo you will hear! This one is pretty good too. None of the solos on this cd are bad, or get boring. Chorus again! And Bruce stops while the crowd sings. And then he screams "goodnight" to Rio, and thanks them all. The crowd slowly fades out, and you have just finished possibly the greatest live cd of all time. I wish I could've been there. 8/10

Other things:
The live video of "Brave New World" is really cool, so check that out if you get the cd. But the "A Day In The Life" thing is pretty cool, I just think they should've left that to the dvd, and put another song instead. The art work on the front is cool, with (I'm assuming) Eddie's face in the clouds above the show. Great pictures throughout. I don't really have too many bad things to say about this cd. It's near perfect. I would suggest this to anyone and everyone. Even people who don't like metal. I was only kind of into Iron Maiden until my friend sent me a song from the live cd, and it was incredible; so I went and picked this cd up. Ah! That's the worst thing about this cd, it costs 20 dollars! But it is well worth it. But now I absolutely love Maiden. I give this cd the full 5/5.

And if you're taking a walk through the garden of life...

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666maiden (5)
Rock In Rio=Maiden is back with a vengeance...

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April 26th 2004


Wo Great Review :thumb: i have seen the Dvd for rock in rio and it is very good alot of camera changed tho but who cares and again good review

April 26th 2004


Ive got the DVD as well (at least, someone lent it to me) and i dont think they are very good live at all, especially Bruce. Great review though. And since when have they had 3 guitars? thats extremely weird.

April 26th 2004


The crowd get's so into "Fear of the dark." I get chills everytime I hear the live version of that song.

April 27th 2004


[QUOTE=manuscriptreplica]Ive got the DVD as well (at least, someone lent it to me) and i dont think they are very good live at all, especially Bruce. Great review though. And since when have they had 3 guitars? thats extremely weird.[/QUOTE]

Adrian Smith left for a bit so they hired Janick Gers but then Adrain wanted to come back but they didnt think it fair to get rid of janick just because adrain wante to come back so they kept both

April 27th 2004


Album Rating: 5.0

^And, despite the wierdness, it works.

5/5 The first Maiden cd I bought, so I'm probably pretty biased, though.

April 27th 2004


GREAT review man. :thumb:

I have both the CD and DVD of this, and it was an amazing gig. My favourites on it would be "Wrathchild", "The Wicker Man" and "Iron Maiden".

5/5 hands down.

The Clansman...secrets
May 3rd 2004


My only regret is that the CD doesn't have Bruce saying "PUt your f*cking hands in the air and scream rock and roll!!!" Other than that, the best live album ever. (P.S. this Fear of the Dark kicked *** compared to the puss version in Donington from 1992)

May 3rd 2004


And it doesn't have the Britney Spears rant on the cd! I was watching the video with my guitarist, because he bought it, but then I listen to the cd and it's not there! I was angry, because it was freaking hilarious.

May 3rd 2004


[QUOTE=manuscriptreplica]Ive got the DVD as well (at least, someone lent it to me) and i dont think they are very good live at all, especially Bruce. Great review though. And since when have they had 3 guitars? thats extremely weird.[/QUOTE]
Any particular reason for this? They sound pretty tight+accurate.

And PLEASE don't say something like "They don't move around enough." Nothing is more annoying IMO than people leveling that complaint...primarily, these people are MUSICIANS! Not ****ing clowns! Stage presence should ALWAYS, under EVERY circumstance, take a back stage to accuracy+clarity!

May 11th 2004


[QUOTE=manuscriptreplica]Ive got the DVD as well (at least, someone lent it to me) and i dont think they are very good live at all, especially Bruce. Great review though. And since when have they had 3 guitars? thats extremely weird.[/QUOTE]

That is quite possibly the most idiotic statement I have ever read. You, get back to your uppity hoppy simple plan and leave real music to the intelligent.

May 13th 2004


i have the dvd, i thought it was brilliant....

May 14th 2004


[QUOTE=Det_Nosnip]Any particular reason for this? They sound pretty tight+accurate.[/QUOTE]

They sound nothing like they do in the studio, Bruce seems constantly out of breath, and basically I just didn't like it.

[QUOTE=HondoII]That is quite possibly the most idiotic statement I have ever read. You, get back to your uppity hoppy simple plan and leave real music to the intelligent.[/QUOTE]

That is the most idiotic statement I have ever read. I happen to like Iron Maiden a great deal.

May 15th 2004


Flawless live album for sure, anyone else notices that Adrian's guitar on his leads is a few knotches louder than Davey's or Janicks?

May 15th 2004


^^^ Frail's posting in cd review :thumb:

September 14th 2004


iron maiden are my faveroutie live band out there hallowed be they name is definatly different to the studio version listen man

August 19th 2005


Hmm... the set seems a bit messed up for this concert. Too much new material.

August 19th 2005


good review but the in run to the hills its not a drum solo its just a groove

October 7th 2005


Album Rating: 4.5

THis was i think personally the best like album from maiden so far

smart blockhead
October 15th 2005


Pretty good review. I liked how you had descriptions for every track, but some of the review is a little to fanboyish where it should be objective.

November 17th 2005


awesome review. Fear of the Dark has the greatest intro of all time in any song

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