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Release Date: 1992 | Tracklist

Sonic Youth - Dirty

Sonic Youth are one of my favorite bands, they have influnced me in so many ways, I noticed a request for a Sonic Youth Review. So I decided to do one, I am going to try and do as many Sonic Youth reviews as I can in the next few weeks for users, who would like to know more.

This is probably the most radio friendly album Sonic Youth has ever done. Mainly Thurstons and Lee's songs on this album are more melodic vocal wise and musically, but still show there experimental side, while most of Kim's songs are more on the rocker side. The album is also the best one for a new Sonic Youth listener to hear, this is the first album I ever heard and the first song was Drunken Butterfly, but it wasn't my first Sonic Youth album, it was my second.


Kim Gordon: Vocals/Bass
Thurston Moor: Vocals/Guitar
Lee Ranaldo: Vocals/Guitar
Steve Shelley: Drums

Track Listing:

01. 100%
02. Swimsuit Issue
03. Theresa's Sound-World
04. Drunken Butterfly
05. Shoot
06. Wish Fulfillment
07. Sugar Kane
08. Orange Rolls, Angel's Split
09. Youth Against Fascism
10. Nic Fit
11. On The Strip
12. Chapel Hill
13. JC
14. Purr
15. Creme Brulee


This is the first song on the album the music is very expermental while Thurston sings it in a pretty calm voice but switching his tone right before the chorus. The lyrics are great the best line is "but I've been around the world a million times and all you men are slime." Overall the guitar effects on this song are great, the song has a clam presence until the chorus hits and later on in the song it's a great song to have chosen for the opening track. 4/5

Swimsuit Issue:

The reckless sound of this song really adds to the emotion of this feminist song sung by Kim. Parts of the song has a real riot grrl feel to it, the lyrics are very women’s rights movement "don't touch my breast - I'm just working at my desk don't put me to the test, I'm just doing my best" sings with a scratchy voice in the beginning of the song. Overall it's a nice heavy track, it is one of the heaviest on the album. 4/5

Theresa's Sound-World:

This is a more melodic song instrumental and vocal wise. Thurston sings in a very quite and calm voice, but soon the song leads into a very experimental direction. Which starts to speed up the song, but not after long the song slowly fades back to melody over noise. Overall this track shows range and determination. 4/5

Drunken Butterfly:

This is one of my favorite Sonic Youth songs and it is my favorite of this album. It starts out brash and violent, the song breaks into alot of palm muting with some feedback in the back with Kim's scratching voice singing,
the chorus is really heavy and with the lyrics "I love you, I love you, I love you, what's your name" I love you, I love you, I love you, what's your name"". The song has a very nice noise outro with alot of feedback that breaks back into the rest of the song. Overall this song is great, especially for fans of noise rock. 5/5


The song slowly fades in with some sorta effect, that leads into a slow drum beat then followed by bass. This is one of Kim's slower and calmer songs on the album. I am guessing this song is about drug use, by the lyrics. This is one of the more interesting songs lyrical wise, but kinda of
disappointing musically. 3/5

Wish Fulfillment:

This is another one of my favorite Sonic Youth songs, and also a fav. from this album. Lee is wonderful on this track, his voice has always blown me away. This man has so much talent, The song starts out slow and soft with Lee's voice, the chorus is heavier but he keeps his smooth voice throughout the song. Overall this is great, Lee has always done exceptional work, but this leaves me speechless. 5/5

Sugar Kane:

Starts out with a the same few guitar chords being played over and over again in a high pitch. Then goes into more of a Sonic Youth style verse with a short solo in the background. Thurston is wonderful on this song, the lyric "oh kiss me like a frog, and turn me into flame" is great. This song has a very pop edge to it, it was also the most radio friendly song on the album. Overall, it's a good radio track and isn't lacking anything. 5/5

Orange Rolls, Angel's Split:

Loud feedback starts this song, very experimental with Kim screaming the lyrics. This may be a hard track for some to listen to, the noise rock style of the verse is great, but the more catchy sound of the chorus takes you by surprise. Once again they show their range with this song, this is more like earlier Sonic Youth. Overall the song is good, like I said before it may be hard for some to hear. 3/5

Youth Against Fascism:

One of the best teen angst songs. The lyrics are great, hearing the words from a rebellious teen who hates the world point of view. The song is pretty much Thurston singing over alot of noise with a steady drum beat, this song has one of the best bass lines I have ever heard. Overall the songs is great lyrical and musically. 5/5

Nic Fit:

This song has a very late 70's punk sound, its very raw and brash. I don’t really know who sings this songs, and the lyrics are hard to figure out. As the are spoken really fast, the song is very short and seems kinda out of place in this album. 2/5

On The Strip:

Another song sung by Kim, the song is quite slow but catchy. Kim's raspy voice sings "a smileless girl on the strip, you really learn just how to be hip". The song gets a little harder near the end of the song. 4/5

Chapel Hill:

This song has a very high-spirited opening. That breaks into a early 90's sounding song, with Thruston amazing voice. I love how he stutters on the line "Ameri-K-K-Kan" the song speeds up the beat to a extremely fast rate at the end of the song. This is a very politically driven song, and is well written and played. Overall, the songs sounds a little bit like some others on the album, but the high spirited sound gives you the feeling you need. 5/5


The opening sound, sounds like something off a 50's television show or something, but soon it is joined with feedback and other sorts of sounds. A slow drum beat fades in and with Kim talking, it's hard to tell exactly what she is say, because the music over powers her voice at times. The song picks up the beat just about a notch and there really isn't a difference in sound or tune. Overall the song has it's moments but can be boring to a few or if your not in the right mood. 3/5


The songs has a really rock sound with an opening scream by Thruston. It is a very energetic song, with an upbeat sound and great guitar work. Overall the song has a wonderful sound and meaningful lyrics

Creme Brulee:

The intro of this song is great, it features Kim "aaaaaaaaaaoooow, whoooow, ha, ha". The song is played out of tune, with a quitter Kim singing. I love the line "last night I dreamed I kissed Neil Young, if I was a boy I guess it would be fun, you and me are burning in the summertime, you and me are burning in the summertime." There isn't much musically for the song other then a very out of tune guitar, the music stops with Kim finishes of the song by herself.


"Dirty" is a radio friendly album, the sound is more polished then most of their previous records. Many find this album a good introduction into Sonic Youth or "Daydream Nation" is another one that is mentiond quite often. While it is a one of their most known albums it isn't their best, but nevertheless is a good record.


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Tangy zizzle
April 25th 2004


Good review man, I must check Dirty out.

Fix the thread title, you didn't put the band/album name - just the category.

April 25th 2004


Thats werid it's there when I edit my post, but when I view the thread or the the CD Reviews forum it doesn't show it. huh? If a mod see's this could they fix it to say {Expermental Rock/Indie} Sonic Youth - Dirty.

April 25th 2004


3.9/5, but that's just my opinion.

I like the album, but it just doesn't compare to the other S.Y albums.

April 25th 2004


Brilliant album, been listeneing to it a lot lately along with daydream nation. Great review too, one of the best ive seen:thumb:

April 25th 2004


a couple weeks ago i bought "Experimental Jet Set, Trash, And No Star". great band.

April 25th 2004


[QUOTE=sr800bkAGAIN!]a couple weeks ago i bought "Experimental Jet Set, Trash, And No Star". great band.[/QUOTE]

That and Bad Moon Rising are my favorite Sonic Youth albums. I will most likely do my next review on one of those two, but what I hear on mx. Most people dont Like EJSTNS, so I don't think I will get that many posts about it.

April 26th 2004


Cheers for the review, it was great. Dirty is my favourite SY album. Then Daydream Nation. Tops!

April 26th 2004


Great review, but I must say Shoot is one of my favourite tracks off Dirty ;) Sonic Youth are touring hooray! ;) Hopefully might get to meet Thurston again, my dad is friends with Thurston :thumb: :D

Dimes Make Dollars
April 26th 2004


It took me a while to get into this album, but the songs finally grew on me. I'd give it a low 4/5. Nowhere near Daydream Nation or Sister, but it's really good hard rock.

April 26th 2004


I've heard so many good things about Sonic Youth. I've only heard a few songs and they were, "meh". Can anyone reccomend me some good songs to download?

April 26th 2004


Get "Sugar Kane" "100 %" "Shoot" and "Drunken Butterfly"

In that order.

Those are the songs that first got me into Sonic Youth.

April 26th 2004


^ I'd recomend for him just to buy the album Goo, that is without a doubt my favorite S.Y. album.

April 26th 2004


[QUOTE=br3ad_man]Get "Sugar Kane" "100 %" "Shoot" and "Drunken Butterfly"

In that order.

Those are the songs that first got me into Sonic Youth.[/QUOTE]

Thanks, I'm downloading those songs right now.

[QUOTE=badmoon349] ^ I'd recomend for him just to buy the album Goo, that is without a doubt my favorite S.Y. album. [/QUOTE]

I used to do that all the time, then sometimes I would end up with albums I didn't like. I hate wasting money.

April 27th 2004


No worries, tell me what you think.

June 1st 2004


[QUOTE=Tangy zizzle]Good review man, I must check Dirty out.
Check "Goo" out also.....great album

June 1st 2004


"Sister" is really good too.

June 2nd 2004


^Yeah, I also thinks Sister is great. It goes where some of there other albums don't.

June 2nd 2004


EVOL and Sister are my favorite Sonic Youth albums. Daydream Nation and Dirty are decent.

June 2nd 2004


v.good review.

Chris Posten
June 2nd 2004


[QUOTE=IhateUsernames]I've heard so many good things about Sonic Youth. I've only heard a few songs and they were, "meh". Can anyone reccomend me some good songs to download?[/QUOTE]

Mote, Titanium Expose, Teenage riot, diamond sea

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