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by SwayzeFaced USER (6 Reviews)
August 20th, 2012 | 12 replies

Release Date: 2012 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Spouse it's the right time?

Every once in a while (if you’re serious about your music) you will stumble across an artist that speaks volumes to you not only through the vibe their music gives off but by the astoundingly accurate insight their lyrics seem to provide you. Yeasayer has done this consecutively for me since their 2007 release All Hour Cymbals, again with the critically acclaimed 2010 release Odd Blood and now they have done it with the 2012 release Fragrant World.

Fragrant World doesn’t pick up where Odd Blood left off nor does it attempt to fully revisit the organics of All Hour Cymbals, instead it is the perfect marriage of their past releases, and albeit a small one, it offers a glimpse into their possible future musical direction. They have managed to borrow heavily from the raw feeling of All Hour Cymbals and masterfully blend the glazed pop nature of Odd Blood so well that it is almost unbearably consistent at first but upon engaging one’s self into the atmosphere being built throughout album it becomes utterly clear that Yeasayer have just begun to shape their sound.

Songs like "Blue Paper" and "Damaged Goods" will almost certainly remind you of the funky pop singles off Odd Blood while songs like "Reagan’s Skeleton" and "Glass of the Microscope" will leave you reminiscing of the unique melodies and the trance inducing layers of All Hour Cymbals. Yeasayer have successfully cultivated new sounds within the Psych-Pop genre that will probably not be fully appreciated due to the subtle nuances of the experimentation offered on Fragrant World. Take "No Bones" for example, slap in the middle of the album is hidden the brightest gem for me. The song has a heavy hip hop vibe to it, so much so that when the hook comes in I immediately think of how perfect the song would be with an MC like NAS or Jay-Z adding a view bars to it and rapping over the hook or "Folk Hero Schtick" whose opening seconds make you think that Yeasayer has finally dropped the synths and beat box drum sounds only to morph in the blink of an eye into a Gorillaz Plastic Beach B side you never heard before.

If Fragrant World has accomplished anything it is this, to further expand on the sounds Yeasayer have built until now and to casually experiment with said foundation enough to show they are looking for new outlets. I wouldn’t say it seems like they are struggling with, or even meandering in, their progression but they are definitely feeling out new directions, almost like reaching for a light switch in the dark of a room you know perfectly expect when you turn the light on it’s not the room you expected.

Is it an “Album of the Year” competitor….. probably not. Is it a total let down" Not by any means! All that being said the album flows very nicely from song to song. I am a little disappointed that there was not a title track “seeing as they usually tend to be amongst my favorites” but they have managed to propagate new sounds all the while embracing what has gotten them to the proverbial “here”. Fragrant World manages to stay fun and upbeat music wise even while the lyrics dive into some pretty dark areas which is a refreshing break from the mono toned idea that if your music sounds happy you should sing about something happy.

All together Fragrant World offers a nice escape into the minds of some very eccentric tastes within the electro music world done in a manner that seems to refuse to alienate it’s listeners and they will probably take some slack for that (not experimenting enough, not alienating their audience) but to me it’s an exercise in what they are familiar with and a glimpse into what they hope to accomplish and almost certainly worth a listen if you fancy yourself an electronic music lover.

Yeasayer is releasing Fragrant World with their current label Secretly Canadian on August 20th in the UK and August 21st in the US. The album was recorded at Gary's Electric Studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and produced by Yeasayer.

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August 20th 2012


Try paragraphs, but this is well written.

August 20th 2012


There you go. This is a great review for a 2nd.

August 20th 2012


Album Rating: 3.5

Thank you. Not sure how to italicize the album names and I am sure there are a lot of other grammar and punctuation mistakes but I figured I would throw it up anyway seeing as I had a slightly different opinion then Ali.

August 20th 2012


Album Rating: 3.5

Word. Fixed the albums and songs. Thanks silentpotato.

August 21st 2012


Haven't heard this in full, but what I heard was quite impressive.

August 22nd 2012


Bits and pieces. I have a friend who's a massive fan, so I'll ask for her copies.

August 22nd 2012


yessongs is better

August 23rd 2012


In the second paragraph, I think you meant "albeit."

Really liked Odd Blood, I'll need to check this one out

August 30th 2012


Album Rating: 3.5

Thanks waffles. fixed*

If the person who voted that this was not written well could add some constructive criticism that would be awesome.

September 30th 2012


Album Rating: 3.5

Not understanding the hate, loved this album on first listen. So funky yet futuristic. And catchy! A total win that all fans and open minded non-fans of Yeasayer should listen to. (Didn't like OB personally)

Highlights: Reagan's Skeleton, Blue Paper, Fingers Never Bleed, Henrietta

Staff Reviewer
October 28th 2012


Album Rating: 3.0

'Fragrant World' is the 3rd LP from eclectic psychedelic-pop group Yeasayer. Falling between the sound of the band's ambitious debut & their poppier follow-up, this album is a darker, less immediate release which often foregoes memorable hooks, as funky R&B influences clash against dense & chaotic soundscapes. In other words; this is another bold & interesting - yet, inconsistent & unengaging - offering from the Brooklyn-based outfit. Again, the more experimental latter half does it no favors, with the final 3 tracks (15 minutes worth) bordering on being an utter waste of everyone's time. Recommended Tracks: Devil and the Deed, Reagan's Skeleton & Blue Paper.

December 4th 2012


This is around a 3.6-3.7. The last three songs I have to agree with you aren't anything special, but
this was incredibly fun to listen to. I really liked it.

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