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August 8th, 2012 | 4 replies

Release Date: 2005 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Hard rock, plus multiple vocalists, plus catchy pop hooks, plus harder rock.

2005. Remember that" If like me you get up in the morning, enjoy a nice line of detergent followed by a cold shower, then you will recall that 2005 was the year youtube was launched in the U.S. Elsewhere, The Prince of Wales, Charles (aka toffwacker69 to his world of warcraft clan) married Camilla Parker-Bowles. Exciting times for the world indeed.

But what about music" Surely there was good music around, I mean come on, poverty and war was going on a lot back then so they really needed bands to "stick it to the man" and voice a generation. Well, Green Day's american idiot came along, and made kids think it was cool to dress like them. They were something else, not gay at all. The Killers, they're another group that found success from everyone on lots of medication. Even though every song they brought out being unoriginal and ***, they dominated festivals and album charts.

So any other band that was talented and put lots of thought into writing their songs, was automatically doomed from the start of 2005, due to the charts being full of cack. Mind you, it probably always will be. Maybe the charts were created so people knew what bands to avoid" Maybe one day, whoever tops the charts gets sodomized with some sort of blunt, vinegar soaked covered object on live T.V.

Do me bad things were a band. Not anymore though. God knows where they are. All at the bottom of bottles, sitting naked in cold showers with the word "Why"" etched into the grimy walls, with broken fingernails littering the basin. Upset is the expression i'm trying to describe here. They wrote an album called Yes!. Very positive sounding, confident almost. Yes! as in "Yes we are Do Me Bad Things, Yes is the name of our album, and Yes it will cause the sperm in your testicles to move around a little and possibly seep out of your japs-eye, resulting in a crusty pair of boxers." It's a shame really that such a confident sounding album would go unnoticed by the general public. Maybe it should have been called "No!" or at an even better push "It depends, on the brain-cells in your head if this is going to appeal to you."

You reading this right now, have got here in a certain way. Either: A) You have seen this on the front page of the sputnikmusic website and thought the band name or album cover was appealing and were intrigued to explore an unknown band because you are an individual in this world of conformist sludge. Or B), you have heard of this band before and would like to see other people's opinions on them. Either way, thank you for taking the time to read this far down, and not telling the police I am still out there.

Do Me Bad Things were:
Nicolai Prowse: Vocals
Chantal Brown - Vocals
Mark Woods - Vocals
Tom Shotton - Drums, Piano, Keyboards, Guitars, Percussion and Vocals
Alex Lewis - Guitar, Keyboards and Vocals
Adam Mallett - Bass
Rich Aldhurst - Guitar
Kimberley Whalley - Backing Vocals
Clare Macdonald-Haig - Backing Vocals

The review:

As you can see by the lineup above, Do Me Bad Things were pretty much ***ed in the mainstream world from the start. Not because they all couldn't find a stage big enough to fit them all on, but because they didn't follow the trend of gayness at the time. It's interesting though how they structure their sound. Opener "Time for deliverance" hits pretty hard in the crotch. Powerful guitars coupled with catchy vocal hooks and lots of call and response seems to be the theme here, but Christ is it effective. The next song "What's Hideous" is extremely catchy and every member of the band seems to do the right things at the right time, complimenting each other well. "Off the hook" sounds like if Joss Stone met Jack White, and "The daily grind" just has a huge sound to it. It would be a definitive rocker track if it wasn't for the softer background vocals.

So we have hard rock, plus many different talented vocalists, plus some catchy pop hooks, plus more rock. That is do me bad things. Often their sound can be a bit playful at times, but still manages to hit hard. Give them a go folks.

Top tracks:
What's Hideous
The Song Rides
Time for Deliverance


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August 8th 2012


funky review, band sounds interesting

August 9th 2012


Album Rating: 4.5

I highly recommend buying their album mate, if you like alternative rock on another level then they're right up your alley.

November 10th 2012


review is entertaining , pos

November 10th 2012


Album Rating: 4.5

Thanks for that! Check them out

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