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June 26th, 2012 | 6 replies

Release Date: 2011 | Tracklist

Review Summary: She can always do better but it's a good start.

I don't hate this album, I don't even dislike it. I actually enjoy this album. Jessie J is a good artist, but she has much room for improvement. The lyrics are a drag sometimes and the themes in her songs tend to be over-used and unoriginal. I'm not going to bash on her, I am simple going to point out the flaws and good things that come with this album.

The album opens up with the song "Price Tag" ft. B.O.B. Bad choice. I felt as if I have heard this song over and over because the theme of "having love instead of money" have been used, it's gotten really boring. The next song is called "Nobody's Perfect." This song is a step-up. I actually like this song very much. I enjoy the beat and how the music flow. The lyrics are a bit typical but they work. To save time, I'm going to skip down to the sixth song called, "Rainbow." The intro to this song is sort of unbearable but it gets better. She talks bout different types of people(Rich, poor, etc.) She then proceeds to say that we all are the same and having the colors of rainbows. I like the message, I think that if she approach the song with a more softer tune, the song would be better. The song is listenable, just not the best. The next song is called, "Who's Laughing Now." This song is actually my favorite on the album. I am still 12 and is still in Junior High, so I can relate to being bullied which is probably the reason why I enjoy this song so much. The beat adds the spunk that really makes the song. Of course, the lyrics do become I bit..boring. The lyrics are sort of expected, with 'I'm still rising, so raise the bar, hit me hard." That doesn't ruin the song but she could have done better. The next song is called "Do It like A Dude." I skip this song every time. I really hate this song. The whole thing just makes my head hurt. I don't know if it's the lyrics, the music, or the beat that makes me hate it but I can't bear this song. I despise it. Jessie J can do much better than this, she has done better than this! The tenth song on this album is called "L.O.V.E." This is a average song. I am in the middle. I don't skip the song but I also don't jump in joy when I hear it. It's very basic and doesn't really have any depth. The last song on this album is titled "Who You Are." This is her best song. It really says something. This is what I want her to do. To talk about loving oneself and everyone around you. That's what I hope she sings about in the future. That's what made me respect her.

I don't hate this album at all. It's not my favorite. It's simple there. It has its' good songs and boy, it has its' bad songs as well. I hope that she can improve. She has the talent, she does needs a direction and she can be the next "Adele." I hope she keeps on making music but I mean the type of the music that can say something worth listening to.

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Staff Reviewer
June 26th 2012


They gave me so many tortilla chips with my meal that I had to get a to go bag

Digging: Julien Baker - Turn Out The Lights

June 26th 2012


tortilla chips hey hmmm

June 26th 2012


'Better' is that what they're calling crack these days?

P.s: this review reads a lot more like a 3 than a 4.

June 26th 2012


well you're 12, so points there i guess

I don't have much experience writing reviews myself, but If I could suggest two things -
1) Longer Sentences. They are really short. There is too many pauses. That is annoying sometimes.
2) Split that ginormous paragraph into 2 or 3. Seriously, it's like the great wall of text up in this

also, track by track reviews seem to be frowned upon in the sputnik community so try hard not to do that next time, kk?

June 27th 2012


Review needs more chocolate and less Jessie J

June 27th 2012


Album Rating: 3.0


Thanks(: I'll try that next time! Thank you for not hating!


What it is? My review or the album?

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