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June 20th, 2012 | 8 replies

Release Date: 2000 | Tracklist

The fatal attraction between me and Gorgoroth started from the extreme controversy that shrouds the band itself. And I can safely bet my entire net worth on the fact that everyone who has even heard of Gorgoroth and listened to their music was mainly due to the controversy that surrounds them. But the fatal flaw within the band is from their fatal attraction to their music. When being labeled the “most hated band in Norway” you got some serious expectations to live up to. To make up for those accusations they go in and out of jail for a variety of unspeakable things. But when a band blatantly states that they focus more so on the message, along with the imagery that tags along with it, over their own music. I don't know about you but that only adds to the numerous red flags being raised.

For instance, say you've performed the most evil and most vile concerts on the face of this planet. What's there to lose" Especially when your music is generally bland, and to top it all off: the stage props are highly distracting the listeners from the actual music itself. The only thing that truly uncovers Gorgoroth's average song writing (at least in this album) is by listening to the album all by yourself with the more stereotypical settings at any given middle class home, especially on a sunny summer day in the deep south.

But hey, when you've been in and out of jail for months on end we might as well give you the benefit of the doubt for having some sort of musical creativity block for being isolated with nothing to do. Hell, just look at Varg Vikernes. Things only started to go down hill for the band when they drifted away from any sense that they had of giving 40% of their effort to the music to about 30% when Gaahl and King Ov Hell came about. In 1999 when those two members (that were just mentioned) came in, the dynamics within the band itself really shifted musically and atmospherically. Gorgoroth itself was an entity being a formidable force within the Norwegian black metal scene that had something going on. But what they obviously needed the most was shock! What I'm trying to say is that there is nothing wrong with satanic drag queens that mutilate dead sheep heads in their own show, because that is clearly what they focus on.

Mainly black metal has always relied on the raw and raspy production to set the mood with heavy distortion from the guitars, extremely fast paced drums, and raspy screeches. But Gorgoroth's performance in Incipit Satan fades away from that raspy production style to a more clearer sound that they've ever had - something that could be associated by being sellouts within the black metal community. It's practically the same ordeal that happened when Fred Durst tip and angled his hat to show that's he's a legit black guy every time he raps.

Can you not see what I'm doing"""" I am trying to prove a point. A point that focuses more so on the message within the review itself rather then the review. A message about a band who loses touch with their musical talent, and as “professional musicians” they lose focus. Just like Gorgoroth focusing on their message rather then their music, because I am very aware that you can focus on your music just as much as your message. I mean look at Lady Gaga she had a Bad Romance but at least her song about her problem was ***ing fun. Do you not see" Everything what I'm saying contradicts black metal as a whole, just like Incipit Satan.

Before I lose myself in mindless jibber-jabber – again that was another point about Gorgoroth that I'm trying to prove. Let's talk about the music shall we" To start with, there actually are good to decent songs on here such as “Unchain my Heart!!!”, and “A World to Win”. Even the song “When Love Rages Wild in My Heart” is decent at best – don't try to make a gay joke about Gaahl, he had absolutely no participation within the writing or recording of the song, you'll only waste your breath. While songs like “Will to Power”, “ Litani til Satan”, and “An Excerpt of X” are the complete bust of the album that overshadow the other songs (that weren't mentioned) from possibly being a highlight and worth the listen as a whole to being completely avoided in future listens. My finally verdict circulates around an average album that comes on the verge of being an embarrassment – is to listen to the three songs I mentioned that were decent at best, that's if you're only looking for some new songs to enter your Gorgoroth setlist. Besides that, avoid the rest, because Incipit Satan is a great example as why certain music ends up sucking because they lose focus on the actual music, and they get caught up with their supposed message.

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June 20th 2012


Album Rating: 2.5

I tried something extremely different in this review this time compared to my others. So don't neg in spite.

constructive criticism welcomed.

June 20th 2012


Sorry man I didn't like this "review" at all. I see what you are trying to do but I think that a review of an album is the wrong place to do it. It reads like a blog post, not a review. When you write a 6-paragraph piece and begin the FINAL paragraph with:

Before I lose myself in mindless jibber-jabber – again that was another point about Gorgoroth that I'm trying to prove. Let's talk about the music shall we?

There is something horribly wrong. I agree with the rating of the album but I can't say I agree with your reasoning as to why because there really isn't much of it expressed here.

June 22nd 2012


Album Rating: 2.5

Thanks for your input Crysis, I know it's an odd review chances are I won't do something like this again.

"I agree with the rating of the album but I can't say I agree with your reasoning as to why because there really isn't much of it expressed here."

I don't know if you saw it in the review, but I was trying to get across a message that things don't usually workout when you focus too much on the message itself rather then the music. I'm not sure if my review totally got you to grasp that concept, which what I was going after. oh well...

Kind of like an experimental review.

September 25th 2012


Don't see what's so bad about this

EDIT: Okay Litani Til Satan is terrible

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November 17th 2015


Album Rating: 2.5

litani til satan is the most boring shit ever

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November 17th 2015


Album Rating: 2.5

i take it back. will to power is the most boring shit ever

September 16th 2016


title track rules

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March 3rd 2019


damn nobody likes it

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