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June 13th, 2012 | 9 replies

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Review Summary: Keith Morris is back, and he's got a bigger, badder attitude

For those who recall the days of 80s hardcore political punk, Keith Morris has an album for you. For those who don't, here's your wakeup call. The former Black Flag and Circle Jerks frontman presents his first official album with his new band Off!, and it sounds like he's picked up right where he left off.

This music is without pretension. It doesn't try to do anything new, and it doesn't sound like he's evolved much. But there was a time when this type of music was part of a flourishing scene. Now, the greatest revelation Off! makes to today's audience might just be how soft our music has gotten.

Morris and Off! dive bomb through 16 tracks in a little over 17 minutes. Its defining characteristic is its dirty, clunking, raw hardcore guitar sound, which support Morris's visceral slurred vocals. Compared to the band's previous offering, First Four EPs, the vocals are much more fuzzy and distorted. As a result, the music sounds more threatening and foreboding, but it makes near impossible to make out what he's saying most of the time. In a genre where 90 percent of the focus is on the message, this is a pretty big deal.

The album kicks off on a righteous tear with "Wiped Out," which is a sure highlight. "I Got News For You" is a kerosene soaked rant against Morris's former bandmates, while "Elimination" focuses on sleazy executives who shape society's rules to fit themselves and score big payoffs.

"Borrow and Bomb" may be the most frenetic track on disc, as Morris screams that he wants to "set fire to your lawn as you borrow and bomb!"

The most appealing facet of this record is that it is hardcore distilled down its simplest and most primal form. These days, it seems like there are too many bands who try to dress it up or combine it with other elements. Understandably the genre has to evolve, but I usually can't dig the way they do it. Off! may simply be living off our nostalgia, but I tend to prefer the stripped down, simple sound of old school punk. If you feel the same, you'll surely appreciate this record.

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June 13th 2012


Album Rating: 3.5

Surprised this didn't have a review, so thought I would fix that. Anyway, discuss.

June 13th 2012


Good review. I had listened to the first four EP's album and thought it was alright, I have been meaning to check this out.

I don't really agree with you on the "90 percent of the focus is the message" part though, because a lot of these songs and
even Black Flag and Circle Jerks songs don't really have a "message". I mean, take the song Wasted off Black Flag's first
EP with Morris, I think 90 percent of the focus was just the energy and the "fuck you, this is what I'm doing" aspect. Anyways,
I'm sure you could pick up the lyrics pretty fast by reading them along with the song.

June 13th 2012


Album Rating: 3.0

Good review. Album's pretty good.

June 16th 2012


Good review. loved first four ep's alot so am most likely going to check this out.

June 16th 2012


Album Rating: 3.5

This nicely sums up how I feel about this record, good job!

December 3rd 2012


to artifitialbox, perhps not 90 per cent of the focus is the message but it´s still a big deal in all true hard core and it´s concept it´s like a message itself and if you don´t get it then maybe you are a hippie.

nice review by the way

December 3rd 2012


by the way i was looking at your pick and confirmed, you are a hippie and should not been hearing to this kind of music unless you want to accept all you know is wrong and your life is a lie, good taste in cars by the way what´s that a plymouth 67?

October 9th 2013


Album Rating: 2.0

I still don't know what to thik of this,

I mean it's cool, but why emulate the 80's?

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February 9th 2015


For anyone who is interested Guitarist Dmitri Coats has joined a supergroup with Danny Carey from tool and Brent Hinds from Mastodon.

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