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June 7th, 2012 | 8 replies

Release Date: 1965 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Beauty without the beast.

If you ask Beatle fans what their Favorite Beatle album is, you'll get answers like: "Abbey road!" "No way the white album" "you both are wrong! it's Revolver!" "No sgt. peppers is the best!". now put me in the same room as those Beatle fans and ill probably get a weird look from them. Because Rubber soul is hands down my favorite Beatles album. Now keep in mind i said "Favorite" not the best. I don't think i need to spend 10 minutes giving you guys the definition of the two words. I do believe there are better Beatle albums than rubber soul, but none of those albums have the one word that rubber soul has. What is that one word you ask" well that word is consistency. What i mean by consistency is one amazing song after another, No speed bumps.

Allow me to explain. Imagine your driving a car on a smooth road just relaxing no traffic hair blowing in the wind. then out of no were.... BOOM! you hit a speed bump, you were enjoying your ride the whole time before you hit that speed bump, and now you have to spend some time getting back to the speed you were once on and enjoying. *sigh* well that's how i feel when listening to a bad song in the middle of a great album. Highly criticized Beatle albums like sgt. peppers are shock full of speed bumps! go head and ask any hardcore Fans of that these albums and they'll tell you the same! oh and the white album" that album probably has the most speed bumps! with songs like birthday and revolution 9. Rubber soul does not have any speed bumps, that album is just one smooth straight car ride. not a single bad song in it. And that ladies and gentlemen is why i am sitting here at 2 AM in the morning writing a review about how good this album is.

I have the UK version (which i prefer) the one that starts off with drive my car. Hey! was i not just talking about speed bumps!" pretty convenient huh" Drive my car is a fun sing along song with very good guitar riffs courtesy of George Harrison. The lyrics are fun and almost boarder line cruel: "working for peanuts is all very fine" (and the john comes in on backing vocals) "But i can show you a better time" and i just love it when paul says "beep beep beep beep yeah!" then the next two songs continue the consistency that drive my car started. one of the many things that the Beatles are very good at is backing vocals it really shows in You wont see me just listen to Lennon saying "no i wouldn't" while McCartney is singing.

so after listening to the first 3 tracks i'm thinking "hmmm usually the speed bumps come in on the 4th song of albums" I was Definitely wrong with Nowhere man. one of the most recognizable songs in the Beatles older days. supposedly the song describes John's personality, the lyrics definitely suit him( or what he believed was him rather) the lyrics kind hit home to alot of people too "nowhere man don't worry, take your time, no hurry". Alot of people would consider "while my guitar gently weeps to be Harrison's first great song. I on the other hand beings the black sheep of Beatles fans disagree. Think for yourself is Harrison's first really good Beatles song in my opinion. starts off with the lyrics " I've got a word or two, to say about the things that you do!" George says that in a way like your in big trouble with him and he's gonna punish you, i love it. the funky guitar riffs help keep the song alive. the songs that follow keeps the momentum going without speed bumps.

John delivers a smooth relaxing ballad with the song Girl. starts with him saying "is there anybody going to listen to mys story" then the instruments starts the beautiful song off. During the chorus after he says "Girl" it sounds like john takes a whiff of fresh air, then he goes back and says "Girl" again.The song has a beautiful guitar solo and sounds like john is telling a dark tale. so by this point i'm thinking okay there has to be a speed bump coming up soon. But nope, the songs following keep up the momentum.

In my life is hands down one of my favorite Beatles song. people often bicker that yesterday is better, yesterday though a great song talks about love and in my life is more universal. "some are dead and some are living, in my life i love them all" i mean, who can't relate to that" it's in describable how great this song is. the best on this album for sure and one of Lennon's Masterpieces. Bravo Lennon. Bravo. The song has an amazing piano solo as well. so were nearing the end of this amazingly consistent album. Lennon Delivers us another joyful song "wait" and George Gives us another great song "If i needed someone" which is great because usually the speed bumps of Beatle albums come in courtesy of him (yes i'm talking about you " within you without you" from sgt. peppers).

So here we are. the Final song on this amazing joyride with the name of Rubber soul. What awaits us at the end of the road" the ever so joyous song "run for your life". I was in awe when i listened to lyrics. you wouldn't expect lyrics like "i'd rather see you dead little girl than to be with another man!" or let this be a sermon i meant very word i said, baby i'm determined and i rather see you dead" to be in a 60's song! especially from the Beatles. I bet this song probably had who ever John's mate was at the time shivering in their knees. this song is so amusing to me because i know john isn't serious. George actually said that this song was his favorite off the album. Really George" the beautiful ballad in my life wasn't your favorite. Well i don't blame you for like i said it is an enjoyable song. but a funny one to end the album with.

In closing... you know what i have blabbed enough. just get the album and listen to it and you'll see what i mean. the album is also awesome because you can tell the fab-four are just having a great time recording with each other and enjoying each others company. If you have made it this far in the review i applaud you. now your reward is to listen to this album and be amazed.

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June 7th 2012


Album Rating: 4.5

my favorite album ever. Great review!

June 7th 2012


Jesus fucking christ there is this amazing thing called the 'enter button'

This had potential and yet you just yapped and yapped. In the future, try to keep your thoughts short, no track by tracks, and don't voice them so loudy.

June 7th 2012


Album Rating: 5.0

I appreciate you guys taking the time out to read this review! though it was lengthily. and yeah

i tried not to do a track by track but as i said each track is just so awesome i had to talk about

them! but it wasn't a track by track, i did skip a few songs.

June 7th 2012


best beatles

June 8th 2012


Album Rating: 5.0

why do you think other Beatles albums are better than this one if they have more 'speed bumps'?

June 8th 2012


Album Rating: 5.0

Good question. well Beatles albums like sgt. peppers have really great songs that make up for the speed bumps. each song from rubber soul may not be as good individually but all of them together as a whole make it an amazing album.

June 9th 2012


Album Rating: 4.5

You really need to look over your grammar and space out your paragraphs. That was painful to read simply because you didn't bother breaking up the 2nd paragraph.

August 29th 2012


Album Rating: 5.0

There i took the liberty of breaking up the paragraphs because apparently it was a major issue.

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