The Bunny The Bear
The Stomach for It

very poor


by TommyIcedB USER (16 Reviews)
May 28th, 2012 | 16 replies

Release Date: 2012 | Tracklist

Review Summary: If you thought it couldn't get worse, you were wrong

The Bunny The Bear exploded onto the scene as one of Victory Records' more niche signings, with their major record debut album 'If You Don't Have Anything Nice To Say...'. Strangely, there were some nice things to say about that release. It may have been an incredibly average experience, but songs like 'C'est Pas Si Loin' are still in my dirty bowl of guilty pleasures. Now, The Bunny The Bear follow up with sophomore album 'The Stomach For It'. And it just got worse.

For those of you unfamiliar with the sound of The Bunny The Bear, they are the latest cross-breed of post-hardcore with electronics, in their case overpowering any other instrumentation with electronic noises. They combine their experimental sound with a theatrical twist, being the vocalists wearing bunny and bear masks. Yes, really.

The problem with 'The Stomach For It' is that it takes everything that made 'If You Don't Have Anything Nice To Say' even slightly bearable and rids the messy, synth-driven music of it. Guitars are mostly buried beneath the electronic soil, and even when they get a chance to stand out, they completely blow it. Without a doubt, the synths are the key components to The Bunny The Bear's music, but in 'The Stomach For It', it just seems to drown everything else out of relevance.

Additionally overpowering everything that's not electronic is the vocals. And the vocals truly are mixed to say the least. "The Bear", the one who does the clean vocals, can hit amazing pitches and has a pretty powerful voice, although at times he is perhaps straining his voice too much as you can hear a noticeable shake in his singing. Then along comes "The Bunny". Where did it all go wrong" 'If You Don't Have Anything Nice To Say' displayed screams ranging from good to bad, but the particular attraction was how well he hit the low death growls. Unfortunately, for the follow-up, The Bunny The Bear have opted to tone down any noteworthy screams in favour of mere yelling. Sure, it goes easy on the ol' vocal chords, but as far as the music goes, it is anything but easy on the ears. Just listen to the song 'Lonely'; the screams/yells turn that into an unbearable song.

It really is a shame, considering how much potential this had. They could have followed up with an album tweaking and improving their style. Listening the the aforementioned track 'Lonely', and you can clearly see a lot of promise. From the piano intro to the annoyingly catchy chorus, it really could have become something noteworthy. And then the Bunny starts screaming. And it turns back to mediocrity.

As a sophomore effort, 'The Stomach For It' takes any slight signs of potential found in their debut and sweeps them away. The synths are rather basic, the vocals are cringe-worthy, the guitars are practically non-existent and the music itself at times sounds rather sloppy. It's annoying that this will get eaten up by the fans of the popular synth-hardcore fusion, since The Bunny The Bear really have mistakes they need to learn from. If 'If You Don't Have Anything Nice To Say' gave you any slight sense of hope, 'The Stomach For It' destroys it.

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May 28th 2012


So hilariously bad.

May 28th 2012


i once saw a video of these. It was so bad I only listened to about 20 seconds of it.

May 28th 2012


Album Rating: 1.0 | Sound Off

this is the epitomy of shit

May 28th 2012


bloc gave this a 3 hahahaha

May 28th 2012


Really, that's funny to you?

Didn't think it was that bad. More enjoyable that the previous album overall.

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May 28th 2012


There's this one song of there that I actually kind of enjoyed, very, very, slightly. But that was it. The bunny and bear masks blow it for me- too cheesy. I'll never like this band.

Digging: Starflyer 59 - Young in My Head

May 28th 2012


Thought their debut was alright here and there. Had some catchy tunes on it. Won't be checking this out though

May 30th 2012


Album Rating: 1.5

I like the lyrics... I just wish they had a better "screamer" to deliver them.

June 1st 2012


I thought it was aight' they were trying something relatively new to a decaying genre, but it's apparent that it wasn't a good thing...

June 12th 2012


Album Rating: 2.0

Like you said in your review, the first album had some cool moments.. I really hope they expanded on those cool moments but nope.. terrible album.

I gotta give credit to the singer though, he puts out some great clean vocals..

June 15th 2012


Album Rating: 2.0

Mask wearing Buffalo outfit The Bunny The Bear are back with their 3rd LP in 3 years; 'The Stomach For It'. Continuing to play synth-heavy post-hardcore, this release lies somewhere in between their horrid debut & semi-promising follow-up. The clean vocals of The Bear are once more the highlight, with almost every song containing a decently catchy passage which displays potential. Unfortunately, instead of the screams & growls complementing the melodies, The Bunny is consistently given his own verses to practically ruin songs. The production & lyrics definitely don't help either, so it's back to the drawing board guys. Recommended Tracks: It Kills Me & Soul.

January 3rd 2013


Album Rating: 5.0

Oh, the review is actually pretty good, but this is one of my favorite albums ever. It just works for me, I guess. I never realized so many people disliked them this much.

January 16th 2013


TBTB is one of my favorite bands and this is a great record. So do not criticize or talk about the post - hardcore like they know the most.

Staff Reviewer
January 16th 2013


"So do not criticize or talk about the post - hardcore like they know the most."


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June 27th 2014


"Lonely" is fucking terrible. This band, and all bands like these, are absolutely useless. It blows my mind that people with brains can like this crap, but I know most of their audience comprises of 'troubled' 8th grade emo girls who haven't been exposed to actual music.

June 27th 2014


Album Rating: 3.5

this is "actual music"

it has rhythm, melody, structure, lyrics, instrumentation

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