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Release Date: 2011 | Tracklist

Review Summary: At just 13 years old it seems hard to believe that a kid like Greyson Chance that young would be able to provide the power and energy in singing to support a record but he does manage to hold up quite well for his debut album. Catchy tunes, meaningful lyr

At just 13 years old it seems hard to believe that a kid that young would be able to provide the power and energy to support a record but he does manage to hold up quite well for his debut album. Being talented at the age he strives for an alternate pop sound compared to his contemporaries and does not limit himself when it comes to the instrumentals, emotions and range on his voice. Having played piano for a certain amount of time the album is certainly surrounded around that instrument. Musically a lot of inspirations are certainly drawn from bands like Coldplay or Snowpatrol. Overall many of the songs have catchy melodies, fairly good lyrics with some meaning and a wide range of different vibes.

Waiting OutSide the Lines gives a sharp reminder of never limiting what you can do in life and overcoming fears. As a single it holds up strong and seems to express its meaning with a kind of cold play rock vibe to it.
Unfriend You is the kind of pumped up straight up pop thing that you would dance to with its pulsating synth strings (similar to Justin Bieber's Baby single) and dance beat that hits you when the chorus kicks in. Although the chorus is repetitive in nature the sound tends to resonate in a large are when the speakers are turned up. Lyrically, it refers to the lame sort of thing when you Unfriend someone on Facebook, whether or not their is meaning for Greyson in terms of relationships he did not write the lyrics so it is questionable.

Home is in Your Eyes: Seems like he misses a girl, nice use of his falsetto. Seems like a classic only if his voice wasn't so androgynous perhaps the older audience would not take this song as just another puppy love song. Good feel to this song.

Fourth track Hold On Till the Night makes use of a similar meaning to the first track and stands up for a single. It is easily recognized that this song and Heart Like Stone are based around a simple piano riff which is effective when other instruments are added for more color and depth in the music. It is in this song in which his vocals tend to shine.

Heart Like Stone-Interesting vibe to it when it begins the song with a minor 7th riff in the verse. Lyrics are sort of lame and repetitive: "My heart starts to feel yah my heart starts to feel like stone..." Probably most different when you start to hear Greyson's lower range.

Little London Girl-Certainly very upbeat and probably the most catchiest tune with its acoustic guitar, upbeat drums. Probably the most happiest song on the record.

Cheyenne-Sounds like the typical plea: "don't break my heart" kind of lame and musically is very cliche with simple piano strikes, very contrasting to Little London Girl but probably is the most soulful tune on the record.
Summertrain-Sounds like a train going through rain nothing to special musically but it does showcase Greyson's upper range and really how powerful his voice is.

Stranded-A kind of island/beach vibe with a good melody. Very upbeat and gives the impression on being stranded on an island with the one person you would want to be stranded with

Take a look at me now-A nice way to finish the record, sounds similiar to a Stones tune intro kind of too forceful and repetitive with the chorus but really shows how far Greyson has gone although he is just really getting started.

Overall a good showcase of powerful vocals, catchy melodies and surprisingly good music for an incredibly mature kid his age.

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May 24th 2012


lol no

May 24th 2012


Album Rating: 3.5 | Sound Off

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May 24th 2012


There's something fishy going on around here.

May 24th 2012


definitely thought this was a disney channel kid

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