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Hello, Good Friend



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January 24th, 2006 | 6 replies

Release Date: 2005 | Tracklist

I have never usuallly just stuck to one type of genre when it comes to music. My favorites include Coheed & Cambria, Blink-182, and The Spill Canvas. No doubt I am always open to new music, and when my friend had given me the song Never Knew a couple months back, I became instantly
hooked. The Rocket Summer had really opened my eyes to new music and I'm really glad that this comepletely infectious album has found its way to my ready hands in onto my ipod.

Bryce Avary, the only member of The Rocket Summer, plays the piano, guitar, drums, and bass (not unlike Dashboard and Something Corporate). He grew up in Dallas, Texas and started his first EP and starting gaining popularity around local clubs. In 2003, he was given 15,000 to record the album, Calandar Days, in which sold very well in the US and Japan. Most people will be turned off because of his buubblegum attitude and whiney voice. The bottom line is, no matter how you slice it, this man is talanted. One can truely see how skilled he is once you hear one of his extremely catchy songs. The tone of the album is generally upbeat and happy, with a few slow songs. To be honest, it's comepletely refreshing

Move To The Other Side Of The Block:
This is the opening track of the album, and while short (a brisk 1:35), is still very enjoyable. The piano is catchy, the drums are very upbeat and livel and the lyrics towards the middle are very well written.

"So I'll move to the other side of the block
so we wont ever have to stop making the rounds, having the laughs
singing the sounds of relaxing, and on the other side
of the clock the power switch will be turned off and all will be well and
time will stand still, and I will be locked out from my jail."

One of my favorite songs on the album. Hands down.

I Was So Alone:
Wow. I love this song. One thing you'll notice about this song is that right from the beginning, its not hard to put a smile on your face. Bryce's voice, is so unlike anyother band, and I think thats a big reason why I like them so much.

Around The Clock:
A fun song nonetheless. I love the lryics

"Dance until we just can't,
Keep clapping our hands to the songs
And get dancing around to the joyful sound that the band plays"

Yes, a supposedly emo rocker starts the song out dancing, but who the hell
cares" Bryce makes up for it later when he starts belting out "I'm not into the idea of living without you" in a quiet, low barely audible whisper then explodes into a toe tapping chorus. 4.7/5

I'm Doing Everything For You:
A simple love song, very upbeat and hard not to like. A thing I like about his singing is his range to go from screaming on a few select words and then two seconds later singing higher than Claudio from Co&CA! Pure gold.

"Bless your heart you've made me happy again
It's been so long and I'm sick of pretending
You've enlighted the pain in my heart" 5/5

Tell Me Something Good:
This is where the album changes from happy/dancy to a more emotional mix of piano and acoustic guitars. The song about his dispute with God, he is struggling with his feelings of pride (one of the seven deadly sins) and knows it's wrong. The lyrics are different and creative

"I wanna be I wanna be like that mountain
I wanna stand taller and bigger than rest
See I just wanna be it a guy who wins all the time
I wanna be a big star a king and rule my own life
And God I know that it's wrong
So please just make my heart right
Inside and destroy my pride" 4.5/5

Never Knew:
Easily the best song off the album. I think it deals with Bryce's ideas of prejeduice

"I just ran into a few someones today someones that I never really knew and I used to think how I had them all so figured out"

The funny thing about this song, while sad lyrically, and this may be just me, it makes you feel happy on the inside. Towards the middle of the song, the singing gets pretty intense, along with some nice guitar parts. 5/5

Brat Pack:
Well, this is the one song that stands alone on this album. It seems to me that this song was made for radio station than anything. I like the concept of the song, hanging out with your friends all day and having your own "brat pack", it just doesnt jell with the rest of the album. While extremely catchy and poppy, i just can't find myself to love this song. 3/5

Another short song (2:08) it contains beautiful piano at the intro and continues throuout the song. Magnificant lyrics.

"So use me up, then throw me away
Build your careers and friendships
Quote on quote and frankly I’m ashamed
That I left my name on her lips.
Cause when it ends they’ll swear it is" 4.8/5

Supringly, the intro is simple guitar strums leading up to an awesome drum roll. It really sets the mood for the entire album. In the third verse, the quick lyrics along with speedy piano gets kinda annoying and old really fast. But besides that, a solid song. Even a small bass solo. 4/5

Goodbye Waves Amd Driveways:
A slow acoustic song. A sad and enjoyable song at the same tim. A little violin towards the end, is just the cherry on the top of an amazing song

"Goodbye waves in the driveway just resonate.
And yes I’m throwing it right back at her while we’re drowning in rivers from our faces,
We just want know if this, is this over"
Trembling silence fills the air as we stand here,
so impaired, but so aware." 5/5

Show Me Everything You've Got:
This song is more inspirational than anything. It lets the listener know that its okay to get a little crazy sometimes and act outside of the box. The only thing thats wrong is not doing what feels right.

"And show me everything you've got
I know you're scared
But let your words destruct
You gotta take that step, and your heart, just let it pour out" 5/5

A deep song about what the future holds. Somewhat electric driven and more angst than anything else on here.

"This will be my destiny
You will be my song, and I will sing
So don't cover up your ears at me
And what I have to tell
I hope that these words, they find you well" 4/5

Christmas Present:
The final song, which is actually two songs, boasts in impressive 12 minute ballad. I love this song, it relates a couples love for each other to the sappy emotional driven teens on television and on movies. Everything is perfect and not wanting that feeling of completeness to leave. The slow guitar at the beginning is enough to wait for the next set of lyrics to shine in.

"What a perfect ending
To this film we are watching.
‘Cause she loves her boyfriend
Like he has loved his girlfriend.

Just like the night sleeps on by,
Just like the sun wakes the sky
They are so in love
Like we are so in love"

The second half is very religiously driven, and tells the story of a man looking for forgiveness from God. An interesting way to end the album, but nevertheless, you don't feel that you 13 bucks were wasted. 5/5

I really like the keyboards and crunchy guitars, along with thought provoking lyrics all in a happy environment where Bryce can really explore his natural talants as a musician and songwriter. if you're able to look past the girly voice and peppy lyrics, I think you'll enjoy this album as much as I did.

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One of the happiest albums you'll ever hear, Bryce Avery displays his talent in an effective manner....

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January 25th 2006


Ive wanted ot get this forever, i became a huge rocket summer fan after hearing TV family, wich i strongly recommend u listen too if ur a fan of the rocket summer, ill definitely check this out
Good Review

May 1st 2009


ive only listened to a song by him, and i like it, good review, i got a pretty good feeling of the album with itThis Message Edited On 05.01.09

Digging: Cosmic Church - Ylistys

January 25th 2012


Album Rating: 3.0

really liked the Do You Feel album, so I tried bored, put on SYL's Skeksis.


Staff Reviewer
June 10th 2012


Album Rating: 4.0

Maturing both lyrically & musically while keeping his youthful exuberance intact, Texan prodigy Bryce Avary returns under the moniker of The Rocket Summer for his fantastic 2nd LP 'Hello, Good Friend'. In addition to infectious, hook-filled melodies being everywhere - whether coming from his vocals, guitar, piano or drums - the 22 year old also adds a spirited vocal performance to make his power-pop distinctive. Avery still has work to do on ballads & there is no need for the LP to last 57 minutes, but this is ultimately a terrifically enjoyable & talent-filled album. Recommended Tracks: Never Knew, Around The Clock, Story & Show Me Everything You've Got.

September 16th 2012


Album Rating: 4.5

Really really GOOD review! Totally love this album

July 2nd 2014


Album Rating: 3.5

Decent stuff here, first discovered his work through Amped 3.

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