When Eden Burns



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May 17th, 2012 | 6 replies

Release Date: 2006 | Tracklist

In the Power Metal world, influences can come from a diverse group of sources. Many, like Primal Fear, proudly take an influence of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal and add some distinctions to create their own sound. However, there are others that experiment with many different ideas and sounds to make their music unique. Iced Earth combined Thrash and Power Metals to create legendary albums like Night of the Stormrider, and Blind Guardian combined their sound with symphonic elements to go from a great band to a legendary one. Persuader, a Swedish Power Metal band, combines the sound of Thrash Metal with the symphonies of the Bards to create a sound of their own, and just like their influences, deserves a listen.

Persuader often experiments with heavy and melodic songs, while not betraying one or the other entirely on When Eden Burns. The first song, “Twisted Eyes,” is one of the defining moments of their sound. An amalgamation of the components for their sound, beauty and brutality both trade their positions in center stage over this five-minute show. This is not the only highlight in this album, as songs like “Sending You Back” and “When Eden Burns” emphasize both sides of the band’s musical talents. The melodies of “Slaves of Labour” and “Sending You Back” will make anyone who loves Power Metal sing along in joy, while the carnage residing in “When Eden Burns” is an example of the extremely heavy side of the band and Power Metal altogether. However, the band usually puts priority on the Power Metal side of their style; to the point where some songs like “The Return” and “R.S. Knights” could fit on many other lighter Power Metal albums. Thankfully, this adds to the variety on the album, as this diverse collection of songs is like very few other albums.

One thing all listeners must know about these guys is the resemblance to German Power Metal legends Blind Guardian. Though their sound could be considered a Thrash Metal-influenced Nightfall in Middle-Earth, the similar traits between the two bands are uncanny. Singer Jens Carlsson sounds just like Hansi Kursch; singing high and low to fit the beauties and beasts of When Eden Burns. However, Mr. Kursch is one to overlay his voice in a choral-like effect, while Carlsson prefers using a scream in rare cases, such as in “Twisted Eyes.” The other members resemble the Bards as well, as some of the riffs and melodies that Emil Norberg and Daniel Sundbom, the guitarists, could easily fit on Somewhere Far Beyond with a heavier edge, adding another dimension to the band's style. Much like Blind Guardian, each riff is catchy, memorable, and perfect in conjunction with everything else in the mix. As for the drumming and bass playing, both are standard Power Metal and are unfortunately not comparable to the Bards; both men play fast and slow for when the situation requires either of the speeds. Both Efraim Juntunen and Fredrik Hedstrom rarely stand out in comparison to the other members, though the opening of “Twisted Eyes” contains exceptional performances by both. The drums and bass sporadically and suddenly switch from a breakneck speed to a quick-tempo Power Metal track, and these switches are a testament to their talent.

As great as this sounds for any fan of Blind Guardian, there are a few flaws. When Eden Burns is a consistent release, though rarely reaches the outstanding heights of their idols; lacking an incredible standout like “Somewhere Far Beyond” or “Banish From Sanctuary.” Though this album fortunately does not have a “Quest for Tanelorn,” or a “Beyond the Ice,” it is a bit disappointing that it lacks exquisite tracks; even if the title track, “Twisted Eyes,” and “Sending You Back” are very good songs.

Thankfully, those are the only problems with this release. The unoriginality and the lack of masterpieces are offset with incredible consistency and a heavier sound, and that is all that you really need from an album. Persuader, with their third album, has created another great album and will surely be around for a very long time if this album is anything to go by. Since modern times have had increasingly inconsistent Power Metal releases, it is good to know that bands like Persuader will be around to create more awesome material.

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A landmark for classic style power metal...

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May 17th 2012


Album Rating: 4.5

I really liked the song Judas Immortal. Kicks so much ass. And to me, Jens Carlsson sounds far more pissed off than Kursch, enough to give Persuader a little pit of a different feel. They are so angry for a power metal band, at least in my opinion. Heck, they even venture into death growls a little.

May 17th 2012


Album Rating: 3.5 | Sound Off

I agree with Judas Immortal kicking ass, but I like it just a little less than some of the other songs on here. It would easily place in my top four, however.

Good point about Jens, he is a bit angrier than Hansi. However, it just felt that the more and more I listened, I kept thinking that he really sounded like him. Still, the death growls really caught me off guard (like in Twisted Eyes).

May 18th 2012


Listened to a couple songs off of this because I've never even heard of the band before. Was definitely meh and boring. The whole heavy/aggressive/thrash thing does not work well in power metal. Iced Earth gets boring doing it a lot of the time and they only have good records because of the vocals and lead melodies of Schaffer.

If I want some aggressive power metal, I will just listen to early Children of Bodom and Wintersun.

May 18th 2012


Another good review from Ven, you're on fire man, have to pos...

May 18th 2012


Album Rating: 3.5 | Sound Off

I understand your point, Poet. Some albums don't really work with the heavier atmospheres (like some of Iced Earth's later material), and I can understand as to why you would prefer Children of Bodom and Wintersun; as their albums are some of the best representations of heavier Power Metal (along with being outright incredible, like both of their debuts).

Zed, thanks for the pos!

December 30th 2013


This band is pretty dark for a power metal band. I'm glad someone finally reviewed this, I remember I always wanted to but never got around to it.

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