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Release Date: 2010 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Overall a very enjoyable and engaging listen of a great first release.With the skill set of Viathyn, i'm not sure they could have pushed this record any further. The guitarist may not be a Marty Friedman, nor the vocalist a Russel Allen, but they still sh

What's that I hear" Progressive Folk Power metal from the great white north. You better believe it to, cause these guys blended some great elements for us to enjoy. So gather round, weary traveler from distant lands, stay a while , and learn about the Peregrine Way.

Band Members
Tomislav Crnkovic - Guitar, Vocals
Jake Wright - Lead Guitar
Dave Crnkovic - Drums
Alex Kot - Bass

Welcome to the peaks and valleys of Viathyn. Though the valleys aren't deep and the peaks are skyward, this blend of metal aught to catch your ear. For the most part, the songs structure changes frequently and hardly has the ability to put you to sleep, aside from the beautiful Ballad and acoustic sections that are scattered throughout the album. This is a very unique record that displays good energy, technical skill, melodic charm, and progressive growth. Lots of Songs breakdowns are found here as well which keep the tracks interesting and exiting. Lots of solo's on all the tracts so I hope you fancy lead guitar work. The singer has a mid range which is good, and aside from only a weak spots quite enjoyable. The lyrical content is quite good to, and only adds to the songs to pack a punch.

1) Antebellum: The opener is an instrumental. The anticipation to what awaits you is palpable after this track. It's simple, stirring and nicely orchestrated .

2) Heathen Rise: Finally our metal has arrived, the guitars rip a quick intro with energy and head bangable riffs make there first appearance. The vocalist comes in at close to a minute, and just as quick as he arrived, he's gone again to only be replaced by guitars drawing you in closer.This is a very common trait on this album.The song keeps up good energy throughout , and doesn't have much to complain about. The guitars again take over for a while with catchy leads and breakdowns.

3) Sirenum Scopuli: Drums lay it out, and a lead takes the torch quickly. A guest female vocalist makes a quick appearance a few times which works well. Similar to the previous song, catchy solo's and breakdowns are here and there. Stronger vocals in my opinion are heard on track 3, one of my favorite tracts. Song arrangements stay strong throughout and lead up to our first taste of acoustics nearing the end.

4) Through the Orchard: Here it is folks, this has to be my top song for peregrine way. It all starts with a calming acoustic intro. The writing in this song really impresses me in many ways. Musically, it's just a breath of fresh air.Traversing between clean, and distortion, it really keeps building until our end shows up at a whopping 8:42. The female guest vocalists makes her last stamp on the album in several spots. The guitar lines are incredibly catchy, technical and perfectly executed. Some great lyrics are found here as well worth mentioning.

"Through the orchard of life my feet guide
From the trees grow the fruits of desire
These trials inspire tales of the wandering man
No map in his hands"

5)The Oracle's Prophecy: This song builds itself in the same manner as the first two, but also has it's own feel , as most songs on the album given enough time. After another lengthy intro, we jump into some fast drumming, and catchy vocal lines of oppression. Another tasty solo commences , and after a few more trade offs, the song ends on it's own accord.Not the best song, but great nonetheless.

6)Blackened Woods: As the song erupts and wastes no time jumping back and forth between energetic distortion and acoustic bliss. Folk meddling is possibly more apparent in this tune. Thankfully it works, and gives the song it's own signature to a point. Some great guitar work in the end of this song, acoustic and distortion alike. Another song that fits the record perfectly.

7)The Twilight Haven: Once again, our song opens with a stirring acoustic intro, lasting for a ballsy two minutes. After our epic intro exits the stage, thrash riffs tear up the song for a time. Here's where the progressive element easily be seen. There really not afraid to put anything on this album, which I think is admirable. 6 solo's are found in the haven, and takes the song on a path to be the second longest on the record. At 7:32, the songs drops the tempo suddenly and gives us a somewhat different outro.

8)Frail Titan: Hells yeah! This is one of the most energetic intro's of all the songs, and one of my favorites. A great chorus, awesome solo, and the best breakdown on the album. For the bassist busts out his 8 string fretless and rips up the interlude at 3:30.Watching this live is just fantastic.How can a band this young write songs with such meaning and musical prowess" The Acoustics stick with us to the end, alongside a violin, and Tomislav for a standout outro for the young Viathyn.

9)Canvas: Well, our fire is growing dim at the riverside, and lone behold, our bard has a 5 minute acoustic song to play for you! No drums, bass or orchestra. Just two guys playing and laying down the law. There law that is.

"Waiting for the sign, the tapestry unwinds
Each note that bound the thread frees melody instead
Each memory 'neath my eye, a whisper on the sky
To hear secrets within just raise ears to the wind"

This is another highlight for me, on this brave, courageous album. The vocals may fall short in parts, but that's okay. It all fits so well, and is absorbed by the album quickly. It is one deep song, and holds it's own well. Around the 3:55, about the time when most band would cut the song off and run for cover, Viathyn pulls out another acoustic outro with a solo to boot. This is without a doubt a standout track , and is the heart and soul of this record.

10)The Antique Man: Here's another song that wastes no time turning on the amps after 8 minutes of acoustic playing. Lots of energy found in these riffs, as are all the songs, and some interesting vocal lines shine here and there. My favorite solo of mine is found here, and is fairly long, over a minute of shredding at the 4:10 mark. He may not be the most technical guitarist, but he can still grab your attention quickly. The song then gets into a folky groove and packs up, and heads for the mountain pass.

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Staff Reviewer
May 17th 2012


"Progressive Folk Power Metal"?
Oh, I gotta hear this.
And Captain is right, a lot of users look down on track by track reviews, but you honestly did a fantastic job in describing the music. Congratulations on your first review. Have a pos.

May 18th 2012


Album Rating: 4.0

For sure guys, improvements will be made, metal on!

May 18th 2012


Album Rating: 4.0

For sure guys, improvements will be made , take it all in stride

May 26th 2012


Album Rating: 4.0

This band is still really small, with no label it may be hard to get a hard copy. as it stands there sold out at the moment

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