A Static Lullaby
Faso Latido

very poor


by RobH USER (13 Reviews)
April 30th, 2012 | 6 replies

Release Date: 2005 | Tracklist

Review Summary: A painfully generic album which does nothing to make it stand out from the many sound alike bands in the genre.

Before I start this review, I'll admit to actually quite liking '...And Don't Forget To Breathe', A Static Lullaby's debut album. While it was kinda generic and cliche, I felt it had some pretty cool songs on there which stand out from the many Post Hardcore bands that were pretty similar to them. I subsequently checked out their self titled album and 'Rattlesnake', but avoided listening to Faso Latido due to it's reputation. However, I decided to give it a listen so I could decide for myself if it really is as bad as people are saying it is.

I have to say, it was just as bad, if not slightly worse, then I was expecting it to be. While their other three albums were generic in places, they had some good songs. No such quality is found here. Pretty much every song on this album sounds the same, and it does absolutely nothing to try and make itself stand out from the sea of bands who have come along and played this type of music since 2003.

It's also painfully bland and boring. There is nothing here to make you want to listen to this album again, and pretty much every song is forgettable, you'll probably forget most the songs on this album after the first listen. This album could have been written by any other band, and I would still think it was this bad.

The only song that I feel is really worth mentioning is 'Modern Day Fire'. It's a little bit generic, yes, but I found it pretty enjoyable. I don't know why, but there's something about it that made me enjoy it as opposed to the rest of the album. I feel that it's the only song on the album that's worth a listen, but at track 12 out of 13, it really doesn't make up for the 11 tracks which came before it.

To conclude, I can see why this is seen as the weakest release by the band. A Static Lullaby themselves have openly stated that they dislike this album, and it was their only release on a major label. I wouldn't say that this album is worth a listen, and it's best that you avoid listening to it altogether. Listen to their other albums, yes, because they have some decent songs among the generic songs, but avoid this one like the plauge.

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April 30th 2012


if ur talking about systemunfolded then yea you should probably try and avoid him

April 30th 2012


"Before I start this review, I'll admit..."

"While it was kinda generic and cliche, I felt it had..."

"I subsequently checked out..."

"However, I decided to give it a listen so I could decide for myself..."

Those are just the I statements in your opening paragraph alone. That needs to be changed

April 30th 2012


Rattlesnake was good.

April 30th 2012


ugh i bought this out of boredom back when it came out and was not happy with myself

May 2nd 2012


^ Does anyone actually like this band?

April 3rd 2017


Album Rating: 4.0

how the fuck is the 2.5 avg/.? this is an amazing album full of legitimate melodic emo 05 sound

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