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Review Summary: Tomàs Ford eventually leaves an impression that he is a one man Panic! At The Disco dressed in homemade colourful clothing with a psychedelic electric twist, fuelled by all the lunacy found within a mental asylum

‘Unforgettable’ is a term I rarely throw around when it comes to music, but for the first time in a long time I can use it. The man responsible for such reception is Australia’s very own Tom*s Ford, whose psychotic-fuelled punk delivery mixed with thumping house beats, creates a very absurd dynamic to listen to. Ford has been touring the country mixing his live beats and audience engaging antics to deliver a theatrical stage show like no other for a few years now and his brand new album ‘An Audience With Tom*s Ford’ captures all the insanity and infectiousness of his live shows from his point of view, which is a very interesting concept.

The madness is administered to the listener by a slow pounding electronic heartbeat that builds up around Ford’s unique vocal delivery on the albums first track ‘Nice’. Slow hand clapping immediately joins in as Ford’s voice alternated between croons and psychotic menacing laughter and grunts. The chorus enters the ears with faster beats in what seems to be a musical mental breakdown of Ford himself amidst a digital sea. ‘I Feel Dirty’ follows next and Ford seems reenergized after his first draining performance. Brooding bass tones and electric beats dance from ear to ear as Ford once again bares everything he has emotionally on stage. His vocals in the chorus become angst fuelled as he spits “Oh I wanna go home with you, I feel so f***ing DIRTY!!!” before it again changes to maniacal shrill laughter before the track fades out. After hearing ‘I Feel Dirty’ it becomes quite clear that Ford has an ego that needs to be fed and the next track ‘Control’ provides some lyrical evidence to that claim. He boldly claims to his imaginary audience that he is the reason “why people hated disco!” His haunting vocals fade in and out with his voice overlayed talking nonsense about how anyone who is listening to ‘Control’ is listening to a pinnacle of human achievement but further stating to play the next song ‘cause it’s just as good’.

From here on in the journey through Ford’s mashed up stage show of cabaret, house beats and unique dynamic vocals soldiers forward with more exciting experimentations, including treading in industrial territory. He continues to channel his egotistical musical journey into tracks like ‘Rockets’ which sees Ford exclaiming how his live show could be so much better and ‘Vice’ quickly follows it up by claims that this song was far too easy to write. Everything previously seen seems to amalgamate when it comes to ‘Bash Myself’, where Fords antics can truly be admired. A soft dark brooding voice rises above a somewhat funky dial tone like beat as he runs through a tale of an average night in front of an audience. A hushed whispering chorus approach provides a softer dynamic, which soon opens up to what sounds like Optimus Prime singing karaoke whilst tripping hard. Fords emotionally explanation into his personal thoughts shine through when he explains lyrically “I have nightmares where I die in front of crowds”. His vocals again tread through all kinds of terrain as the track fades out like a connection cutting out from all sources of power. Remaining notable tracks such as ‘Too Far’ mix catchy hooks with possibly the heaviest bass thumping beats of the album whilst the very last track ‘Go Home’ is a somewhat direct message to the crowd telling them to stop watching him perform and leave, delivered through ambient nuances with slow vocal echoes.

‘An Audience With Tom*s Ford’ is an unimaginable concoction of body jerking beats and rambling self doubt that is wrapped up in a perfect catchy package, that everyone has to experience. After taking time to ease into his unusual sound and concept, I now can state that the time taken to listen to it was definitely worth it. If Tom*s Ford can bring this kind of raw energy and unique genius to an album, one can only imagine what one of his live shows must be like. Tom*s Ford eventually leaves an impression that he is a one man Panic! At The Disco dressed in homemade colourful clothing with a psychedelic electric twist, fuelled by all the lunacy found within a mental asylum.

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April 28th 2012


Sounds interesting, although I got the impression at points that I was reading a Mike Patton review. I just hope this guy has really something to offer.

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