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by coventrydrummer USER (6 Reviews)
April 22nd, 2012 | 12 replies

Release Date: 2012 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Feeder get back on track with an album that certainly isn't surprising, but is still enjoyable.

It can sometimes be hard to put your finger on where Feeder stand in the world of rock. Their albums have been banded amongst the grunge, britrock, pop-rock, soft-rock, or even just pop artists that have been around over the last 17 years. The band themselves have been one of the biggest in the UK at the turn of the century, to being almost forgotten about ten years later, with songs now getting very little airplay, especially when put in contrast to their earlier hits like 'Buck Rogers' and 'Just The Way I'm Feeling'.

The collapse of the Echo label shortly after the release of 2006's Silent Cry pushed Feeder deeper into the music shadows than they were when they were an emerging band, much lauded by the then-respectable likes of Kerrang! and others. After kick-starting their own Big Teeth Records label, the band felt they could attempt to start once again from the bottom up, and released Renegades to the public. Unfortunately, Renegades' attempts to win back some old-school Feeder fans were unsuccessful, due to the album's shallow, unrewarding feel and poor production coupled with some lame songs. It wasn't so much of a reboot as it was a last-gasp attempt to harken back to the glory days before fading away. If anything, the album should have been the band's death knell.

However, although the band had originally planned to release a second album in the same year as Renegades, they changed their minds and put more thought and time into the songs, and have come back better for it, with an album that brings hope back to the dearest, most die-hard Feeder fans. Feeder have never been a band to wow audiences with songs of blistering musicianship or soul-wrenching emotion, but instead they are a band who fit that niche of having some bloody good anthems. The kind of anthem where you don't care what they're singing about or trying to invoke, you just enjoy it and sing along, and Generation Freakshow solidifies that notion. It's forty-five minutes of simple, enjoyable rock music. It doesn't pull the wool over your eyes and try to convince you otherwise. What this album is, is Feeder acknowledging once again what they are best at, and doing a damn good job of showing us what it is.

The album is consistent enough, however some songs just seem to pass by without leaving any sort of stamp on the album. Opener Oh My could well be the weakest song on the album, having no memorable moment whatsoever. Things improve over the course of the album's first half, though, with Idaho and Borders sure to be concert staples for a while to come. The first half of the album climaxes with the song Sunrise, a grooving number that has the benefit of great juxtaposition on the album; coming after the mellow, dreamy (and aptly-named) Quiet, it seems to be a giant lift, and also a nice warm-up before the energetic call to arms of the title track.

Those who know of Feeder's music may think that their rock days are behind them, and that they are now only capable of writing brooding balladry lest they fall flat trying to do otherwise a la Renegades, should be pleasantly surprised with this album. If Renegades was necessary in any way, it was to get everything out of Grant Nicholas' system, and to remind him to just have fun making music. Generation Freakshow is the result, and as you sing along to Headstrong as if it was 'Just A Day' all over again, you remember why you enjoyed listening to Feeder. Take it for what it is, and enjoy Feeders best album in a decade.

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Generation Freakshow
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April 22nd 2012


oh man i have my review for this written up, i was just waiting until tomorrow to up it. reading yours now...

edit: ok your review is really good. mine says basically all the same stuff yours has said really. looks like we agree on the album being a return to form, as well as agreeing on the overall trajectory and relevance of the band's career over the past 10 years. seems almost pointless submitting my review now haha!

April 22nd 2012


Album Rating: 4.0

Yeah, I couldn't wait. I was so excited that they'd finally released a genuinely good album that I think I'd have imploded through waiting to tell folks about it. Look forward to reading your review though.

April 22nd 2012


thanks. ill wait til tomorrow still to give people a chance to read and discuss your review first. i think im going to give it a 3.0 but its a very high 3.0, close to 3.5. definitely a pleasant surprise after renegades, which i never managed to listen to all the way through, despite trying really hard to. i keep coming back to the songs on this, they're all very solid. though there aren't any real standouts for me.

April 22nd 2012


Album Rating: 3.0

Pretty good review.

I'll listen to this later, though my expectations are very low. Renegades was terrible.

April 22nd 2012


Album Rating: 4.0

It's a lot better than Renegades. I've pretty much disregarded that album entirely, especially now I've heard this.

April 22nd 2012


totally. the lyrics alone are enough to make renegades a complete waste of time, but then the music isn't that good either. like a lame attempt at imitating green day. anyone who reads/hears these lyrics will agree with me im sure: http://www.songmeanings.net/songs/view/3530822107858810532/

April 22nd 2012


Ohhh, new Feeder album? I'll check this out, I actually only just recently got into this band, really loved their first 3 albums when I was on a big post-grunge/post-Britpop kick a few months back. Review is good, I'll pos.

Digging: Kevin Abstract - American Boyfriend: A Suburban Love Story

April 23rd 2012


Album Rating: 4.5

Solid review, I'm looking forward to getting this. Amazon have this up for £5 as album of the week so I might just treat myself...

May 1st 2012


Album Rating: 3.0

"In All Honesty" is so bad

July 3rd 2013


oh my sounds like learning to fly

August 18th 2014


I added Grant Nicholas to the db and his superb solo album Yorktown Heights. Might add a review if I get around to it.

September 27th 2016


New album leaked.

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