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January 22nd, 2006 | 12 replies

Release Date: 1978 | Tracklist

Freddie Mercury - Vocals, Piano
John Deacon - Bass, Some backing Vocals, Ocassional Guitar
Brian May - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Roger Taylor - Drums, Backing Vocals
(no synths on this album or any prior Queen album)

After the success of the 'news of the world' album , Queen went back into the studios in the early months of 1978. After six highly successful albums it appeared the band could not be stopped. In late 1978 Jazz was released and much like their previous effort 'news of the world' was met with some dissapointment from critics and fans alike, though it was still a massive hit.

The previous ablum obviously had a less produced ,rawer sound to it and jazz continued this trend. There are no massive bombastic tracks like bohemion rhapsody or somebody to love featured, but, it is a very good album and i find it hard to see why it recievs so much critisim particularly from Queen fans. The album features typical queen ballads, typical queen hard rockers and an interesting song sung in arabic but many argue that it just doesnt have the magic that the first 5 albums had.

After self producing 'News of the world' the band decided to use of the services the Roy thomas Baker, the man who produced A night at the Opera. Though his services cant be noticed from just listening to the album.
Without a doubt this is the album where bassist John Deacon and Drummer Roger Taylor really shine. There backing tracks are some of the tightest herd and Deacons playing really has you asking why more bands dont use the bass as a lead instrument rather than a time keeping backer. Though despite the brilliant drumming many people critisise the sound of the drumms saying each single drum is difficult to recognise and that the bass drum sounds to loose. And the other common critisism is the order of the tracks which i think is a bit sus. The album starts with a song sung in Arabic and the final song is an absolute shocker sung by roger taylor. Anyway here is the track by track review.

MUSTAPHA - To start this off, this song is sung in Arabic and when i first heard it i thought what a load of crap, but this really is a brilliant song. Written by Mercuryit starts off with just vocals then the piano, bass and drums come in, with some great sliding bass. After about 2 minutes some evry heavy guitar comes in and the song just becomes a brilliant sounding heavy rocker. I absolutly love this track. 5/5

FAT BOTTOMED GIRLS - Written by May, this is A true queen classic rocker. This is the true version as the one of greatest hits is a single edit, it has an extended guitar intro. It contains great heavy mellow guitar and showcases greeat bass and drums. One of the heaviest Queen singles and has great vocals by freddie.4.5/5

JEALOUSY - Written by Mercury, this is a typical Queen ballad. It is a great piano driven song with very good emotional lyrics. Once again contains brillaint bass and a very strange sounding acoustic guitar for some fills. Queen's ballads are good because they arn't boring and this one shows how they do it. 4/5

BICYCLE RACE - This song written by Mercury is probobly the most famous off the album. It tells the story of a guy who doesnt want to do anything except ride his bike. It is meant to be fun and light hearted and the lyrics make you laugh which is their intention. The chorus is piano and bass driven chorus. The verses seem heavy though there is no guitar, just drums and some very loud and unusual bass, featuring bass vibratos. In the brigde the guitar kicks in and the solo is brilliant. A single off the album. 5/5

IF YOU CANT BEAT THEM - John Deacons first song on the album is a light hearted pop rock song. Not deacons best effort but adds a more light hearted element to the album. John Deacon played the rythm guiyar aswell as bass also. 3/5

LET ME ENTERTAIN YOU - A Mercury song which is not to be confused with the Robbie Williams song. It is a great heavy rocker with an awsome guitar riff. It talks about the different ways in which Queen entertain their crowds. 4.5/5

DEAD ON TIME - A Brian May song which has a brilliant guitar riff wich the bass also follows. This is a good rock song but i feel that the verses somehow let it down. The chorus is good, but the verses i dont like. But the music to the song is great. 3/5

IN ONLY SEVEN DAYS - John Deacons final song on the album is not very good. Its a very pop orientated ballad, which tells the story of a man seeing a girl during the week. Some acoustic guitar and electric fills. Certainly not one of deacons best efforts. 2.5/5

DREAMERS BALL - A brian May song which sounds like a 50's Jazz band. It is a good light hearted song which shows how well brians red special and john deacons home made amp - the deacy - work together. Shows that Queen could really do any kind of genre. 3/5

FUN IT - Roger taylors first song on the album and its a shocker. His two offerening on this album are not good. It has taylor on vocals.It almost has a disco feel to it. It does not have good lyrics and the music in not very good either. One of the worst songs on the album. 2/5

LEAVING HOME AINT EASY - Brian Mays final song on the album is a slow 50's sounding acoustic song. Has a very country sound to it and features brians mellow, quiet like vocals. A good song, with a good feel to it though it isnt my cup of tea. 3/5

DONT STOP ME NOW - This is Mercurys final song on the album and it really is just a fair dinkum good song. Everyone i have showed this too love it. It is a fast paced song featuring no guitar until a solo, yet you wouldnt hesitate in calling it a rock song. It has been said Queen were the only badnd capable of having a rock song without guitar. It features a good drum only bridge and a a goos solo. Has brilliant vocals by Freddie. And was the final single released. 5/5

MORE OF THAT JAZZ - A truelly awful song written and sung by Taylor. It is corny, weak and i just plain dont like it. It features snippets of all the previous songs on the album which makes it more corny. A terrible way to finish off the album. 2/5

So to finish this review off, i'll say that i like this album more than 'news of the world' but less than the first 5 albums. It contains lots of music genres and showcases the bands amazing musical ability. This is the last time we hear how queen truelly are as this is the last album without the use of a synthesiser.

the singles released
bass and drums

rogers songs

Queens next album was 'The Game' to be released in 1980.
Cheers for reading.

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Hyper Music
January 22nd 2006


Mmmm, yeah it's not a bad review however, "Bicycle Race" is not about a guy who just wants to ride his bike. The song was written by Freddie whilst staying in France, having just watched the Tour de France pass by his hotel. Interesting fact : When played live , local cycle shops sold out of bicycle bells before each gig as fans bought them to ring during the song's bridge.

January 22nd 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

i know freddie wrote it while watching the tour de france but the lyrics suggest a person who wants to do nothing but ride his bike eg like a racer. Thanks for reading the review anyway.

Hyper Music
January 23rd 2006


O.K fair point, yeah I see where you're coming from, and no thank you, it was good. This and A Night at the Opera are definately my favourite Queen albums.

January 25th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

not many people looking at this album and commenting, which is a shame cause its a good one.

les paul al
April 1st 2006


all the songs are absolutely amazing and 'Jazz' is probably their best ever even though they're all good. 'Jazz' is a good mix of songs and I would recommend it to young blossoming Queen fans.

April 15th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

yeh it is a good album to show new queen fans.

July 16th 2006


Don't Stop Me Now never gets old.

December 18th 2006


Album Rating: 3.0

I more or less agree with your review - although I think you're a bit harsh on 'more of that jazz' - after all its supposed to be self-depracating and corny - how can you take seriously the closing lines off an album called jazz that has Roger pleading with his classic scream give me no mo-o-o-o-o-re of that jazz. I always found it quite funny . . . and I love the fuzz on that ascending/descending guitar riff.

March 8th 2007


Album Rating: 4.0

Great album. "Don't Stop Me Now" is such a good song.

July 21st 2012


Album Rating: 4.0

big album. let me entertain you is a really good song

July 26th 2012


not so good album

July 26th 2012


it's probably a 3.5

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