Animals Should Not Try To Act Like People



by FrizzleFried USER (15 Reviews)
April 16th, 2012 | 9 replies

Release Date: 2003 | Tracklist

Review Summary: No Neg. Swell. Very quirky.

When I first heard about this band. I heard that I would like them. But I also heard that they are very weird because of Les Claypool. I looked up their first album and saw the cover. Frizzle Fry. I said to myself, "they were right, these guys are weird, weird indeed.". So I went on youtube a couple of weeks later and listened to the first result. Which would soon be the first song that I heard. It was, "John the Fisherman". Again, I said to myself. "Okay they are weird." And I said, "I don't really enjoy them." After days of listening to their songs in which I called, "not so good" I finally got their main idea. It is just weird! So that is when I started listening to them. Now they are one of my favorite bands. Sure they might not be your average group. But they are quite good. And yet, the bass is killer. This should be considered a bass record. But it isn't. Larry and Tim are just trapped my the bass in some songs. This Extended Play Animals Should Not Try to Act like People, did not suprise me when I first had heard about it. Yet Iknew there would be some weird songs on here. The album sounds like modern music. 2000's music. The first song "The Carpenter and the Dainty Bride" is quite long. Though most people could get the hang of it. I think this EP was a pretty swell. But there was one problem. Some of the songs were not as "catchy"as Primus's other songs. Though I would still listen. Pilcher's Squad is a 1 minute session of catchy tunes. I felt the hang of the song. Though I did not get the hang of it so much that I would start moving and dancing along with it. Just sit there and listen. Songs like "Mary the Ice Cube" which is on this album, will sometimes have a slow and not so catchy opening. Though it gets quite swell. Though most of the songs on this album is underrated. "Animals Should Not Try To Act Like People" was not only an EP. It was also a video which had live performances and music videos. They have done videos like this. Such as "Miscellaneous Debris". Which was also an EP. But with cover songs. Just like the Rhinoplasty EP. Animals Should Not Try to Act Like People was one of their only EPS with songs that Les wrote himself.

Listening to this album is like listening to a softer version of "Green Jelly". But it is also like listening to a softer version of Primus. I am not saying this whole album is soft. I am saying some of it is lighter. "Mary The Ice Cube" is more of a darker tune. One of the darkest tunes of this Extended Play. Starting out with light picking of the first 2 stings and the more thick strings. Then Les sings. Then the whole band plays. Though the song is still darker, and worst a listen too, there is a live performance of it on the live DVD set "Blame It On The Fish". (no EP). But that was probably their only time playing it. "My Friend Fats" is almost 8 minutes long. When you listen to it, it gets quite catchy. For some people. "The Last Superpower AKA Rapsacallion" is one of my favorites. It may come to you as one of your favorites, too. This EP is no neg. It is a very underrated Extended Play. No Lie. They barely play any songs off of this EP live. (They never really have). This album is a set of very catchy tunes. Which makes it more lighter. It gives you a sense to jump out and tell the country about this band. (Most of the country already knows about this band.). Along with this amazing EP. Usually, people hate primus because they sound good, but they are weird and can't see the main idea, or the catchy part. This Extended Play is probably their best. But with only 5 tracks. You can't really give it a high rating. This EP is soft and sometimes dark. Like, "Mary the Ice Cube." Probably one of the darkest. This has also came as one of my favorites. This EP is very great. It was released in 2003.

Overall, I really enjoy this EP. The only thing that is keeping me from rating it higher is some of the boring, unatchy, tunes. Though comes to be alright. Just not enough. I would pop this into my CD player. But not all the time. Funny how there is 0 interlude tracks. They always seem to do that. Shocking. But it would take an amount of space. They are kind of boring. It is different because this is an EP. They have no time for interlude tracks. So if this is still on sale. I would got buy it. But I really would not fall in love with it. Because I haven't. But it is quite catchy and you can really get the hang of it. It is fun. This EP is full of quirks. That is Les. The line up of the band "Primus" is... the following.

Les Claypool- bass, vocals
Larry "Ler" LaLonde- Gutair
Tim "Herb" Alexander- percussion

So have a listen. You will like it. But you won't love it. But you could.

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April 16th 2012


The entire review is filled with run-on sentences; like seriously, almost every other sentence contains one. On top of that, most of your sentences read incredibly awkward.

Like seriously, did you even proofread this at all?

April 16th 2012


And please, stop saying "this track is my favorite" and "I love this ___" yada yada shit, because no one actually gives an actual fuck. They want to you to talk about the sound, not how you think it is.

April 16th 2012


i love the album title lmao

April 16th 2012


Your use of periods... dafuq?

April 16th 2012


At least he knows what he is talking about

April 17th 2012


"So have a listen. You will like it. But you won't love it. But you could."

I can't help but pos

Staff Reviewer
April 17th 2012


Album Rating: 3.5

you really need to develop your sentences.

April 17th 2012


Album Rating: 4.0

Awesome review. Do more. Not loads. But some. Please.

April 17th 2012


Album Rating: 3.5

After reading more of ThoneOfAgony's comments. I feel as if he is a dumbfuk. I also feel he is on every day going to my new reviews and whine. He is related to DallaSheperd in some ways. They sit on their computer, reading reviews, that aren't written to well, and whine. I know they are trying to help, but I mean, come on. You're screaming and pushing me to the limits. Do I seriously give a sht? Insominac15. You to. I feel as if you do the same thing. Go to my reviews and complain. What is wrong with you?

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