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April 15th, 2012 | 5 replies

Release Date: 1991 | Tracklist

Cromok early story began with four young Malaysian students who at the time (mid-80s) have been studying in Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia. They're Karl (guitar), Sam (bass/vocals), Miji (drum), and Din (guitar/vocals). After few years of playing thrash metal in local pubs and underground gigs, then, when they all have finished the study, they decided to return to their homeland country Malaysia, and released debut album Image Of Purity in 1991.

The album itself consists of seven tracks with only about 30s-minutes of music. Opening track The Ulek possibly will be bit confusing at first. People will think whether the album is thrash metal stuff or just another Malay-folk release. However, it's pretty fair to consider it just as another quirk of ethnical-intro. It's just a little spin or addition to manage the album a bit unique. Yes, this is reasonable enough, concerning the album as whole offers a solid run of thrash metal from start to finish. A fine proposition to the first-time listener of the album, be patient with second track Metallurgical, just for the first forty seconds of it - the prelude still bit confuses. Hurried thrash metal fans, possibly will skip and shift it for the next track due to its reminiscent of classic slow rock style, but after that thrashy Metallurgical strikes the eardrums. Furthermore, in relation to Cromok musicality, they seemed to have an inclination of the more melodic approach, particularly in solo sections. In some parts, solos are a bit reminiscent of Iron Maiden style. Concerning such influence, Iron Maiden must be one of their most influential bands. Then about album production quality, the sound is a bit raw, but it's clearly well-produced. Anyhow, the crucial thing is, all instrument quite balanced to each other. There's no any major flaw found in this album. It's more than just a great stuff, it's well-deserved to grab somewhat excellent predicate! Anybody who loves thrash metal with plenty twisting solos, Image Of Purity does provide. Solos, it's so groovy and much for melodiousness. Their dual guitarist surely shred! Beside that, about their riffs and rhythm, so far, there's nothing so necessarily to complain for. It's definitely well-delivered. Then, the drumming, Miji, above question had a nice and solid played. Perhaps, the only minor flaw that would be found in this album is the vocals side. Cromok seemed still in developing process to find own signature. This is adequately reasonable, because, their second release Forever In Time (1993), had a more mature and strong character of the vocals side.

Uh, above all! This is excellent stuff. Entire album did vary in songwriting composition. Now, the question is, did Cromok bring and invent something new (in context of 90s) to change the world paradigms of thrash metal innovation" The answer: No, absolutely nope! However, Cromok offers the goods with a great-varied songwriting. One thing more, they're obviously skilled and talented. Therefore, they do deserve the predicate as one of thrash metal king of South East Asia region.

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Staff Reviewer
April 15th 2012


"Cromok also played the kind of extreme music that's in happening: thrash metal."
- That read a bit awkward to me, though I dont know if that is what you actually meant to write. But nonetheless, great review. POS'd.

April 15th 2012


Album Rating: 4.0

Thanks, Paper, I'll edit it for a better diction or wording...

April 15th 2012


Album Rating: 4.0

The album itself consists of eleven tracks with forty five minutes of music...

Their original debut album only 32 minutes long, and with six (or seven, if The

song divided into two songs). In some re-release version, Cromok add few new


I'll edit review a bit, but I got some error message when tried to do it...

April 15th 2012


sounds pretty cool, will probably check this out.

April 27th 2012


Album Rating: 4.0

yeah, here the link, man, the songs from their 2nd release.

+ Seedlings

- [A][/A]

+ Obsessed

- [A][/A]

+ Misery

- [A][/A]

+ Memories

- [A][/A]

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