Sweet Eve
Love and War Live



by flyingv85 USER (1 Reviews)
January 21st, 2006 | 0 replies

Release Date: 2006 | Tracklist

This album isn't really an Album, this is more like a Demo the band gives out at the show. The recordings are from various concerts and the quality varies.

The songs are truly original though. They have that Metallica edge with an AC/DC sound but that Motley Crue vibe. There's also an undertone that makes it truly original. The music makes you move.

1. World War II: is a great opening track, it has booming riffs, alot of speed and power. The lyics are good but have to emotional relevance, it just digging up some of the skeletons in the closet from WWII. It reminds me alot of early Metallica.

2. Judgment Day: As a follow up track this overwhelms the first with heavyness. The lyrics are powerful and the chorus is very catchy. It also has a bounce to it that makes you want to grind or dance, completely unlike most metal songs. This is by far one of my favorite songs ever.

3. Pathophobia: This track would almost be a letdown if it wasn't for it's clever riffing and catchy chorus. The verses are pretty good lyrically but aren't very deep. The bridge riff is really catchy and so is the chorus...actually the song is quite good, it just lacks the power that the first two songs had.

4. Black Rose Sunday: This is a great ballad, the first of a few acutally. These guys really have that 80's metal spirit. Give'em heavy, give'em sexy, give'em ballads. Emotionally this song is one of the deepest songs I have ever heard, acutally all the ballads on this record are very deep. But Black Rose Sunday seems to draw more from Torment than Sadness and Love as the others do. It opens slow and gradually kicks up the whole time. The song holds you the whole time, unlike alot of ballads which seem like they are constanlty repeating.

5. Recovering Catholics: I really don't know what this song is about but its funny. The vocalist opens both verses with Touch me Jesus, i'm not sure if its about accepting christ or rejecting him but whatever it is it's effective and a true guilty pleasure...because you can't help but enjoy it.

6. Hey Miss Pretty: This track was a straight forward Rock n' roll track. It has an awesome vibe and the story is really kickass. It's really a great song, its over fast and it could really use another verse. The guitar solo starts out really good but leaves alot to be desired.

7. Pall Bearer's Tears: This song is the perfect song for anyone who has lost someone. "If there's life after this" I don't know" that is a really memorable line from the song. This track is truly different though because it is only piano and vocals with some bass and drums at certain points in the song. The song lacks a guitar solo but makes up for it with a few simple piano solos.

8. Sweet Eve: A great way to end the album, it feels like a Metallica ballad, but its about love. It's powerful, it's honest, its catchy. What makes this song really unique is the disco beat at the songs climax leading to a heavy ending, awesome lyrics and beautiful guitar solo.

Definately check this record out, or this band.


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