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April 11th, 2012 | 14 replies

Release Date: 2012 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Don't believe the sticker.

Guess what" Nu metal’s attempted 2010 revival didn’t work. Taproot’s as far from being a household name as they were prior to their Victory Records debut, none of the painstakingly crafted wannabe singles blew up on the radio, and the album’s chart performance was the band’s worst to date. As KoRn is busy ticking off their fans by screwing around with dubstep, there’s no trend to latch on to, and Taproot discreetly put away their baritone guitars and went back to their prior musical direction, leaving a mildly ridiculous skid mark of an album on their track record. Fast forward to 2012, and The Episodes is hitting the shelves, complete with a pretentious information sticker – “Over six years in the making, The Episodes is a poignant and complex album which will cement Taproot atop the modern hard rock empire”.


The Episodes is actually a shelved “album within an album” that took up two weeks of the sessions leading up to Our Long Road Home. During those two weeks, the concept materialized, got split up into ten pieces corresponding to songs, and the entire musical/lyrical side of the tale got whipped up. A bunch of brief, mildly promising demo snippets have been hanging on Taproot’s YouTube channel for years now, and the reception was pretty positive overall. Thus, the band can’t be blamed for wanting to get this out into the open – after all, that’s a full record’s worth of material that let them easily regroup after the dud that was Plead The Fifth.

There’s just one problem with the material at hand – if it was of truly immense quality, like the sticker implies, it would be pretty safe to assume that the initial version of the record wouldn’t have gotten shelved in favor of Our Long Road Home in the first place. The demo clips weren’t lying, as The Episodes are chock-full of vintage mid-00s Taproot musical backdrop, the quirky harmony, bizarre chord shapes and shimmering clean passages firmly in place… the problem is that none of it is really memorable. “Memorial Park”, the fleshed out version of the most tantalizing YouTube snippet, features a truly delightful, floating interlude, opaque instrument interaction and good dynamic work, but in spite of numerous listens, recalling any particular melodies is pretty challenging.

I’ve perused the record quite a few times by now, and “Memorial Park” is a trend setter instead of an exception. “Good Morning” stomps beautiful and ugly into paste with its hyper-charged blast, “Lost Boy” attempts to do the same in a more tame setting, “A Kiss From The Sky” has a very faint trace of that atrocious c minor, thirds-based form of pop metal that was cool around 2007, and “We Don’t Belong Here” is Taproot’s first closing track that actually sounds like an album closer. That doesn’t change the fact that they’re all dangerously close to forgettable, an experiment gone wrong, a band stumbling around after leaving the majors. It got justly shelved, the writing method and self-imposed time restraint didn’t serve it well. Something has to be said for Taproot’s artistic integrity though – they could have taken “Memorial Park” and some other nuggets and sprinkled them into Our Long Road Home, but they opted to keep the record together as one focused unit.

But instead of letting the experiment gather dust in the archives, or get some attention via a demo leak (akin to the similarly pedestrian “Get Me” and “Strive” from the Gift sessions), Taproot opted to give it a facelift and release it as an album proper. The foundation stayed the same though… and if Chinese Democracy taught the world anything, no matter how much icing you layer on a bad song, the end product will not be amazing. The guys went overboard with arrangements, and there’s tons of layers that end up cluttering the production to the point of uneasiness, but all that fails to mask the passive nature of the base they started decorating. Also, someone added a synthesized narrative, and the gimmick gets old. Fast. It was cool when it came in the middle of “No Surrender”, putting the song’s underwhelming wannabe-anthem chorus on hold for a while to construct a mildly intriguing bridge (and then leave a foul aftertaste when the song roughly cuts back to the chorus out of thin air), but the entire album’s littered with it. The first four songs each have a bit of that robotic voice out of nowhere, and by the time “The Everlasting” (the first cut without it) rolls out its feeble emulation of Blue Sky Research’s finest moments, the listener is classically conditioned to hate the narrative with a passion.

Thus, this isn’t a poignant and complex album that will cement Taproot atop the modern rock empire. This is a shelved conceptual experiment from years ago turned into an overproduced mess. The music is proper, Taproot’s professionalism and distinct style branding each second of the record, but there’s absolutely nothing here that will manage to grab your attention like their more focused material can. Treat it as a historical nuisance, the missing link between Blue Sky Research and Our Long Road Home. Also, if it’s Open The Vaults Day over at Taproot land, I’d love to hear the ditched after-Gift sessions. Just imagine the sticker on that one – “Over a decade in the making…”

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April 11th 2012


Album Rating: 2.5

Not necessarily, we just touch on different aspects of the situation. Thanks for checking it out

April 11th 2012


Good review. Have yourself a pos.

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April 12th 2012


Turnip, from where are you getting the "album within an album" and "missing link between Blue Sky Research and Our Long Road Home" bits? I'm curious to read more about that, but my usual sources don't have anything.


April 12th 2012


Good review. I don't know if I'll check this out. Their last album was decent imo.

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April 13th 2012


Album Rating: 2.5

Plead The Fifth was much better than this robot singing album. I buy a cd to hear a band play not take the easy way out

for another album to be out there. 5 out of 10 songs were good. 5 got ruined by robotitis! We need a GIFT and soon for

the next release.

April 16th 2012


Album Rating: 2.0

gave it two chances. no more.

July 28th 2012


Album Rating: 5.0

Taproot is great. Every Cd tells a story. It takes more then just 1 or two listens to actually decide if you like something, if thats all it takes for someone, they are close minded.

When I first listened I was like wow, this is different for Taproot. I actually brought up the lyrics so that I could read along as I listened to the music. There is just so much emotion in all the songs. the whole cd is a story that we have to put together. Pretty Genius if you ask me. I give this album 5 stars.

September 17th 2012


Album Rating: 2.5

Its not atrocious, it a little muddled but theres some good songs here. I find the robot talking so unoriginal though (Radiohead yeah) And I hate when he uses croaky breath voice SPEW but sometimes a good sound is produced that isnt saying look at me im sooo cool.

November 7th 2012


plead the fifth is their best album though. hmm...

June 2nd 2013


Album Rating: 4.0

Disagree completely. It's a great release. Not as easily digestible as Plead the Fifth, but considering the 'churn and burn' release rate of today's consumer friendly garbage, I'm happy to see Taproot sticking to their guns and putting out music that requires some patience to fully absorb and appreciate.

August 7th 2013


Album Rating: 3.5

Taproot are a brave band. The Episodes makes a lot of sense to me. They've been angry, they've been experimental, now they can just write and create music that feels right to them. They have earned the right to do what they feel after 15 plus years of working hard.

August 23rd 2013


same damn cover with Kidneythieves !!!

August 23rd 2013


I never really cared for anything this band did except Welcome and BSR

August 3rd 2015


Talking about other people being closeminded while having every taproot LP 5'd.

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