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by Robert Garland CONTRIBUTOR (245 Reviews)
April 9th, 2012 | 10 replies

Release Date: 2012 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Nothing special by any means but Equilibrium is lead by some solid musicianship and some rather anthem like lyrical phrases.

Equilibrium is far from being anything out of the ordinary for God Forbid. The band’s previous albums (IV: Constitution of Treason and Earthsblood) were written in roughly the same vein, however differences emerge in the stylistic features that largely come from new guitarist Matt Wicklund. Matt’s rhythmic styles are largely the same as previous albums but the lead work and underlying melodic patterns are more prominent than ever before. The tones are more dissonant and this suits the album most fittingly. The solos have less of a focus on shred but include a higher amount of expressive technique (i.e. the use of bends, vibrato, squeals etc.) This is intelligent display of talent and maturity in Wicklund’s inclusion in the band. God Forbid has learnt to breathe through it’s guitarists.

Groove has always been a bigger aspect of God Forbid’s music. Equilibrium is no different. There are countless riffs, numerous breakdowns and always a solid beat to keep the listener’s head bobbing up and down. Since the band’s formation in New Jersey in 1996 this has been the standard recipe for almost every track God Forbid has ever produced. Throw in some hoarse vocals and the occasional clean vocal phrases (which unfortunately could have had a bigger impact if they were a little more melodic) and God Forbid’s 2012 full length should appease many fans of the metal genre. Yes, the description that was just provided could be true to many metalcore acts of today and would create a gaping yawn for many familiar with the genre but there is something in God Forbid’s makeup that keeps them interesting and thoroughly enjoyable.

Helping to ensure a positive listen there is an acceptable amount of contrast throughout the albums entity. There is the high gain riffage, coupled with some elegant clean tones, harsh yet distinguishable vocals used intelligently with crooning melodic phrases and even the changes in tempo help maintain an interest for the listener. As for the album’s highlights there is plenty to look for; whether that be the emotive lyrics that are found in ‘Don't Tell Me What to Dream’ or ‘This Is Who I Am’ or the busier tracks like ‘Overcome’ or final track ‘Where We Come From’ where the thrash influences displayed by the band is a little more in the fore front of the track. Adding another level to ‘Where We Come From’ is the sinister atmosphere that hovers over the top of the track adding positively to the listening experience and an excellent way to close the album.

This album may not trump either Earthsblood or IV: Constitution Of Treason in sheer quality, but Equilibrium makes for a solid listen, but that doesn’t take away from this album being successful in its own right. This is a definite pick up album for long time fans and anybody else looking for some straight forward, no frills American metal.

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April 10th 2012


Consitution of Treason was just ok and Earthsblood was kinda bad so if this isn't any better I'm not sure I should bother.

always thought the guitars were the best part of this band tbh

April 10th 2012


I was going to check this out just because I wanted to hear my niggaz playing guitar, but ultimately I decided not to.

Digging: Oubliette (USA) - The Passage

April 10th 2012


Excellent review pos.

However I feel this review comes off as a higher rating than what you give it.

Contributing Reviewer
April 10th 2012


I was kinda torn between a 3 and a 3.5 but I realized that this is too much like its predecessors and that kept it away from a bigger score. Thanks for the words man.

Staff Reviewer
April 10th 2012


Constitution Of Treason was such a waste of time

Contributing Reviewer
April 10th 2012


I didn't see god forbid having such a big hate base.

April 10th 2012


I'll probably check this out at some point. I've found all of their albums to date enjoyable, albeit only mildly so.

April 10th 2012


A great review like always Robert, pos'd!

Contributing Reviewer
April 10th 2012


Thanks man, glad to see you around again : )

August 23rd 2013


Saddens me shit like BFMV floats while this sinks. Constitution of Treason was their high point though.

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