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So first to give the readers some background Swoope had a spot on Lecrae’s album Rehab:The Overdose(Which I reviewed earlier). Also more recently Swoope was on Andy Mineo’s mixtape on a song called “Fools Gold”.Sho Baraka of “Reach Records” created his own record label called “High Society” that Swoope has signed to. So far the group has only put out one free mix tape. Something about Swoope just never excited me though, and I thought he had just never found his niche. A buddy of mine pumped up for the album “Wake Up” weeks before it came out. Not being the biggest fan I checked it out based on his recommendation. After hearing a few songs I was completely hooked. Swoope’s album from beginning to end is completely enjoyable.

Swoope’s album is dripping with soul from every beat down to some of the best lyrics I have ever heard. The first song “Fantasy” has a piano melancholy slow beat to it. The song fills you in on who Swoope is and what he has done. Another great song titled “Schizo/ Hollow Dreams Interlude” has a darker beat to it. Swoope talks about having everything from money to women and still feeling completely empty. On the song “Blind Eyes(The Good American)” Swoope spits it incredibly hard.He says things like “sex trade little girls getting slaughtered, as long as it’s not my little girl I aint bothered”.” “The hurricane took your power" My God, hold that thought I got to charge my Ipod”. That’s where I give Swoope a ton of credit. He brings a incredible amount of thought and logic when breaking down human thoughts. Swoope is a realist and it clearly reflects in his lyrics. It’s rare when rap can be looked almost as a form of poetry, but Swoope captivates these things really well. In the song "Ideality" Swoope says he is "the Christopher Nolan" of rhymes. This may not be true for allot of people but wow what a great verse that sets the tone for the rest of the "Wake Up".

Moving on in the song “Mirage” Swoope talks how trying to live to “make it rain” and become “famous for sex” is like playing Russian roulette. In “Dreamslave/Murder Me” Swoope talks about “toasting to the good life or at least the one advertised” which really puts things into perspective. We always dream of the lavish life staying greedy in our thoughts. Then Swoope talks about throwing the deuces to Steve Jobs the man who had everything but couldn’t take it to his grave. Swoope's song "lullaby" also shows allot of depth and sticks with the theme of the album "Wake Up". He says I am sick of hitting up the streets and wanting to hit the sheets". And "I'm tired of turning on the news and feeling like im turning on the blues, and yearning for the snooze". Swoope talks about how hes tired of everyday life hustling and everything involved. Swoope talks about wanting to find the quiet place and peace because of all the evil in the world from the ritche's of the wicked too murder, the sex trade and "the way it is".Swoope puts on display the world we live in and all the things mentioned that do not get acknowledged. This is a great backlash from what we are trained to think, and a emphasis on what we should be thinking about.

“Wake Up” is a incredible album dripping with realism and soul from start to finish. It’s a shame that I see him compared to the likes of Kanye and Lupe Fiasco, but will never be as well known. Metaphorically he is one of the best in the game right now. Swoope's production, and delivery is some of the best out of any hip hop album of the year. From start to finish it sticks with the theme of his album "Wake Up" and just shows how Swoope is a lyrical giant. "Wake Up" is one of my favorite albums of the year so far. Please give Swoope the credit he deserves and check it out.

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March 27th 2012


bongs ok

March 28th 2012


sounds good, i'll check it out

March 28th 2012


Album Rating: 4.5

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