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March 15th, 2012 | 2 replies

Release Date: 2011 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Don't give up on music just yet. This record brings that nostalgic feeling you've been desperately looking for in music these days.

We all know that music these days is in a rut. Specially with artists that care more about their look than they care about their music. I think its awesome that artists want to "put on a great show" for an audience and make artistic "mini-movie"-esk videos, but common you know who usually ends up suffering for that. The music. It's all about the gimmick these days and makes you think about when in the 80's everybody had to be fit and dress up in girls’ clothing and make up to get recognized or in the 90's where if you didn't look like if you were on drugs or sold them you weren't going anywhere. Still the punk scene always kept going strong and true to its core, even if it got watered down with time. But now a days even the punk scene looks like it was chewed up and processed by a bad Disney channel producer.

Do you remember when punk felt like a giant middle finger to the audience and expectations" A calling to stop thinking and start acting" When you knew that the artist did exactly what he wanted" Like the awakening of this spirit that told you to take s#!t from nobody" You know. The days when you put on an album to skateboard around to, make trouble for "The Man" and then you'd leave it on repeat until you knew every word" This record brings that nostalgic feeling you've been desperately looking for in music these days, back.

As I have been informed, this album was recorded in the lead singers tool shed, turned into a mini rehearsal space. Its impressive what D-cent Jerks have accomplished here with absolutely no money and no label behind them. Starting from the sound quality of the instruments and the vocals, which definitively prove that you don't need to spend thousands on an expensive studio to capture great sound and soul in your music. Yes you read right there is a lot of soul in this short 5 songs long EP. Just Listen to their first single "Dead and Buried", which reminisce about how your hometown, friends, family and surrounding might change, but you keep holding on to what made you, you in the first place, all those years ago.

The musicianship in this EP isn't to technical or to difficult to follow, but its fluently crafted in a way that let you know that D-cent jerks are in full knowledge of what they’re doing and might have a couple of tricks up their sleeves they might be holding back for a full length. In other words great musical potential is noticed on every instrument. Solid Riffs, tight as hell fast drumming and superb leads and accents by the brass section. When you hear brass section you automatically think ska = lame white guys trying to sound tropical. Let me assure you this is a full blown punk record in all its glory with the added bonus of a brass section that will have you humming their melodies on your way to work at least two times a week. The vocal performance is a reminder that you don't need to have the sweetest voice, or hit the highest notes to actually capture the attention of the crowd and make them feel something.

The overall tone of the EP keeps suggesting that these guys are real people, who have real life experiences to share that don't come up as cheesy, or generic, but more of a "we are having so much fun playing together" that we don't care about being rock stars.

The only real downside to this record is the shortness of the affair. Only five songs that run under three minutes each. It simply leaves you wanting more. Specially after you've seen them live and know they do a 10 song set list. They play the old songs from a different first EP that only moved in Puerto Rico at the time apparently and probably new songs to be later recorded in an LP.

In conclusion this album will lift your spirits no matter what type of music you're into or how old you are. Thus, anchoring in the definition of a "Feel Good Record". All in under 13 minutes. Think about it, you're 15 minutes away from lifting those spirits. Also, they do it without needing a gimmick or some kind of flair except for no holds bar, b@!!s to the wall undeniable talent. I call that a good deal. Hope for Great Things from this band and definitely recommend them to anyone who still cares about real music.

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March 15th 2012


I like this, but giving an EP a 5 is tough. Especially one that sounds like a ska retread. But they do it pretty well, catchy. The horns are solid too.

March 15th 2012


there's nothing wrong with music nowadays. it's most certainly not in a rut yo.

that said you've convinced me to check this out, pos'd.

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