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March 3rd, 2012 | 9 replies

Release Date: 2011 | Tracklist

Review Summary: After two decades in the abyss, Anthrax makes a fine return to form. No classic, just a decent comeback by one of metal's eminences.

An Anthrax Story

Episode X: Worship Music

One of the hottest issues today is in regards to band comebacks. Several bands that had a major following in the 80's and 90's have persisted in making music. At times, they have failed utterly. And yet, at times there has been success. However, it is important to underscore that, even when a comeback album does succeed, it is almost a universal truth that such comebacks never can compare to the original classics recorded ten, fifteen or twenty years ago.

Which brings us to Anthrax, and their latest album Worship Music. As we explained throughout this long journey, the band's albums summed up as: a rather botched first, four classics (which impacted many later metal bands in general), and four less-than-glorious ones. Whatever the listener's stance on the Turbin/Belladonna/Bush debate, it is undeniable that the band went through a major creative process (be it for better or worse), and experienced important stylistic changes. They had dabbled on everything from punk to hard rock to heavy metal to alternative rock to hip-hop (not necessarily in that order).

The band developed a certain maturity in these years, having experienced both the frustration of recording as an underground thrash act with independent support, and the frustration of being abandoned by most fans due to their rather monotone commercial output. It could be said, thus, that Anthrax's members had suffered all the hells that come with being in a rock band, not least of which included a rift with vocalist Belladonna. After that rift, it seemed this howling banshee would never return to the band's fold. But alack and alas, here he is again, on this newest offering.

The Anthrax lineup for this last record is:

Scott Ian: Rhythm Guitars
Rob Caggiano: Lead Guitars
Frank Bello: Bass
Charlie Benante: Drums
Joey Belladonna: Vocals

While it is pleasing to hear Belladonna's voice once again, Rob Caggiano remains on lead guitar duties (he has served on the role since We've Come for You All). This seriously limits the album, as Caggiano does not compare with Dan Spitz (the earlier lead guitarist for the band). He plays acceptably well, but lacks Spitz's cleanliness and has a rather dirty tone at times. This is possibly the album's major limitation.

Nevertheless, Belladonna's return has proved once more how important his presence is for the band's chemistry. Ian's riffs have the same chugging power they once had on Among the Living; Benante's drums are pleasantly hard again; and Bello's bass is quite pleasing as well. True, they do not sound exactly as good as they sounded back in the 80's, but they get the job done.

Some examples that can be drawn out include the song Fight Em' Till You Can't, which opens with a nice riff (Ian is finally back, to kick ass), and Belladonna comes in nicely. Some of the guitar parts in the song are rather cheesy, but overall it's a good song. Crawl is pleasing as well, if only memorable for Belladona's singing of the chorus. Yet another fine song here is The Devil You Know, which again features a nice vocal execution.

Again, in general this is a pleasing comeback record, but it must be taken for what it is. Musicianship is decent for the most part, but it is far from perfect. Basically, the album is mostly memorable for Ian's riffs and Belladonna's vocals, whilst the performance from the other musicians is definitely a good-yet-not-great one. And one shouldn't be expecting this. After all, Anthrax, by the time of this album's release, had been recording for no less than 27 years. It's nice, then to see these experienced pros still being able to show the up and coming rookies how it's done. Thus we reach the end of our journey, not knowing whether or not these guys will be recording again. We'll just have to wait, and see if the disease can still be spread once more...

Recommended tracks:

-Fight Em' Till You Can't
-The Giant
-The Devil You Know

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March 2nd 2012


Well, end of the road. My first discog. I hope I can make better reviews in the future, but at least I was the first to tackle all the albums by this oft-neglected band. Maybe I didn't do the best of jobs, but I tried.

(Oh, there will definitely be no more review spamming. You can count on that.).

March 2nd 2012


no in the end on rec tracks? heathen!

March 3rd 2012


Always a hard task choosing the recs. Guess I can't please everyone.

March 3rd 2012


Pretty well written. Pros for that.

The part about comebacks rarely matching classics is mostly true but not always, in my opinion at least. Megadeth's Endgame had to be one of their best albums since Rust in Piece, and I used them as an example becuase I never really cared for Anthrax sadly.

March 3rd 2012


@Ikarus14: Being a Deth fan myself, I see your point. I guess a lot of people dislike Anthrax because they're less serious than the other 3 major thrashers. That, and some people way find them as too simplistic. But I just love this band.

March 4th 2012


Album Rating: 4.0

The intro is half the review... way too long

You should talk more about the sound of tha album than everything going on around it if you see what I mean

March 6th 2012


@Rastapunk: I see what you mean. I'll have to avoid that in later reviews.

May 3rd 2014


Album Rating: 4.0

Good review. Some people complain about the production, but I think the dryness enhances the

instruments instead of stupid studio overdubs (cough cough A7X's Nightmare).

April 28th 2015


Album Rating: 4.0


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