Eyes Like Diamonds



by AtomicShane USER (11 Reviews)
March 3rd, 2012 | 3 replies

Release Date: 2011 | Tracklist

Review Summary: A cool post-hardcore album.

Fisrt off, you might be asking who are these guys are" Well, they are basically another post-hardcore band with catchy cleans and breakdowns. If that thought turns you off, then you won't like these guys, easy as that. If you like that however, then you'll love these guys. One thing they have going for them that makes them stand out, is that they have a lot of songs that are just catchy and I guess "radio friendly" you could say, but thats not all. I found a lot of subtle nods to more hardcore songs.

The vocals are kinda hit or miss. The cleans sound really good, but the screams go from awesome, to kinda lame. You will notice this if you just listen to proably one song. Besides the not so great screams, it sounds like another good post-hardcore singer. The lyrics are interesting, and have a decient amount of passion in them. The guitars arnt anything special, but they dont just play chugga chugga every song, which is a positive. They also have a decent amount of keybord in their songs too, which provides a cool sound for the background for alot of their songs. The drums are good, and get the job done.

Songs like "Satellites" and "Left for Dead" show off some of their more hardcore influences. These songs also happen to be my personal favorite. Other songs like "Waves" show how they have a softer tone to their band, which adds a layer of diversity to the band. Something that I dont like is the "Intro" (which is a stupid song title) is just a breakdown, and their is another some on the cd called "Law of Attraction" which is just sound filler for the cd. Other then those two songs, the rest of the cd flows together well.

In all, this cd is cool to listen too, and is something that I listen to all the time when I just want to listen to something a little softer after a long whitechapel session. I think if your fan of this genere, then you will add these guys to your collection.

-Good Cleans
-Catchy Songs
-Easy listening with a mix of more hardcore music
-The slower parts in the songs sound really good

-Screams sound a little off some times
-Song structure is close to the same in all the songs
-Some songs sound like they are tring to hard to be a post-hardcore band

Best Songs:
This Sinful City
Left For Dead
Its Not Easy Being King


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March 3rd 2012


Every comma in this review is unnecessary. It will read better if you just delete them all. Also the review is quite short and you don't talk about any songs in particular. Make is so the reader knows what to expect beyond "catchy cleans and breakdowns" because that is far too general.

March 3rd 2012


Thanks for the tips dude, I tried to fix it up a little. I mostly just wanted to write a short review just to give the band a review of some sort lol.

March 4th 2012


I will check this out hmmmmm

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