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January 14th, 2005 | 14 replies

Release Date: 2000 | Tracklist

Band: Alkaline Trio
Album: Maybe I'll Catch Fire
Released on March 14, 2000

This is the second full length release from one of the biggest pop punk bands around today. Their mix of over-the-top lyrics and great riffs have made a name for themselves over the past few years, but this album wasn't as recognized as I think it should be. Hence, the reason I am reviewing it.

Keep Em Coming - 8/10 - [url="what=sng&d=1894]Lyrics[/url]
This song jumps straight into the trademark sound of the Trio. The song is quick and full of energy and the vocals match the quality of the music. This is a great song to introduce the album.

Madame Me - 8/10 - [url="what=sng&d=1895]Lyrics[/url]
Another amazing song. This has a catchy intro like most of the newer ALK3 songs, and jumps into a slower song. But the feeling is still there, it's lack of music in the verses make the lyrics more emotional I think. Another birlliant song.

You've Got So Far To Go - 7/10 - [url="what=sng&d=1896]Lyrics[/url]
The intro sounds like Box Car Racer - Cat Like Thief, and carries on the slowness of the song. I never thought that smoking and drinking would be so romantic...

Fuck You Aurora - 8/10 - [url="what=sng&d=1897]Lyrics[/url]
This actually inspired me to write a song. It's semi-catchy, and it's lyrics are quite deep. It's about losing someone in a car crash, and Dan expresses the song amazingly.

Sleepyhead - 7/10 - [url="what=sng&d=1898]Lyrics[/url]
This is very different from the previous songs. It's got a different style of music and the vocals are almost screamed. But it works well. The screaming describes the lyrics very well.

Maybe I'll Catch Fire - 8/10 - [url="what=sng&d=1899]Lyrics[/url]
Another solid track. This follows the same kind of recipe Madame Me did. A catchy intro, slow verses and speeds up in the choruses. But it works. And the lyrics make the song another one to listen and not skip.

Tuck Me In - 7/10 - [url="what=sng&d=1900]Lyrics[/url]
The intro is kinda weird, but then it speeds up. The lyrics in this song are fairly darker than the previous songs, as you can see above. The music really goes well with the dark lyrics as well. Another great track.

She Took Him To The Lake - 8/10 - [url="what=sng&d=1901]Lyrics[/url]
Another Madame Me sounding song, but it's slightly faster. The lyrics are again a bit darker, but that doesn't bother me. That is the Trio's trademark. And it works well again.

5-3-10-4 - 9/10 - [url="what=sng&d=1902]Lyrics[/url]
Round about now albums usually trail off, but MICF keeps it's energy up, which shows in this song. It's hastiness and vocals makes the track one of my favourites and one of the best on the album.

Radio - 10/10 - [url="what=sng&d=1903]Lyrics[/url]
Now we come to this. Radio has some of the strangest lyrics as you can see above, but the slow tune lets the lyrics develop. This is one of my favourite ALK3 songs ever, and it deserves all the appreciation it gets.

In the end, this album has no bad songs. In some places, where the music isn't as fast as it could be, it goes down slightly, but then it picks up again. I can honestly say I didn't skip any tracks on this records, a rarity nowadays. Alkaline Trio's mix of dark and dirty lyrics with their pop punk and slightly hardcore sound make this album a general hit.

If you have never heard Alkaline Trio before, I suggest buying From Here To Infirmary before this one, it has a poppier sound and might suit your taste better. But this album is certainly one any pop punk and/or dark emo fans might wanna pick up. I give it 4.5 smiley faces out of 5


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April 7th 2004


I always though this was the worst Alkaline CD..I don't know it is extremely poppy in my opinion unlike you said..all of the songs have very sing a long choruses..

My favorite song is probably Tuck Me In


April 11th 2004


Hmmm this album doesnt get any recognition, but i think its fantastic its when the band found there feet after the shaky first album god****it. Matt Skiba is probably my favourite lyricist to this day.


April 11th 2004


you think go****it! was shaky?


that was their most lyrically brillant album

Cringe, Trouble Breathing, and Clavicle plus all the other songs are classic examples of what pop punk should be like..

June 16th 2004


just one comment, **** You Aurora is sung by Matt, not Dan, so im not sure if it's the same song.

June 16th 2004


Good Review:thumb:

Im not really into ALK3 but this is defintley one of their better albums.

October 5th 2004


Just got the cd :thumb:

October 6th 2004


mep,radio is good. I love the intro.

March 31st 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

My favourite off the album is the title song, and i remember Madam Me to be pretty lush aswell.

June 29th 2005


Album Rating: 5.0

This is my favorite Alk3 cd. This Message Edited On 11.26.05

July 1st 2005


Album Rating: 5.0

whoops. This Message Edited On 11.26.05

November 26th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

great album, overall a little weaker than goddamnit, but radio brings it back up to equal!

fuck you aurora and radio are the best, but all the songs are great.

November 26th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

great album, overall a little weaker than goddamnit, but radio brings it back up to equal!

fuck you aurora and radio are the best, but all the songs are great.

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