Jack Johnson
In Between Dreams



by tearsofthesoul USER (3 Reviews)
January 17th, 2006 | 56 replies

Release Date: 2005 | Tracklist

I remember when I first heard a Jack Johnson song, I was playing Kelly Slater Pro Surfing and his song Middle Man from Brushfire Fairytales. I really liked it and was into his music from then on, although I couldn't find any of his albums i had my friends send me some songs like, Talor which i loved.

I must admit Jack Johnson isn't like most of the music i listen to, I am very into heavy music and metal like Kilswitch Engage and Slayer. Although, I can't listen to those kind of bands all the time i feel that Jack Johnsons album, In Between dreams, is a great album when i need to relax, it's very mellow and fun to listen to. I find that i can easily go through the whole album without getting bored.

Better Together 4.5/5
Better Together is a great opening to the album, it's very catchy and I find that the lyrics are nice and gentle which makes it very good if your trying to relax, especially if you get a bit stressed out. Although, as with most things in life it isn't perfect, it has a nice chord progression and a nice outro lick but I thought that it could do with a bit more depth in the guitar so that you don't have to have the volume quite high to hear it all. What my problem may be is my speakers are bollocks and it may be different with other people. On the whole though I must say i don't think any other song could quite start the album like 'Better Together' does, it's an excellent choice and really gives a good expectation of what is to come on the rest of the album.

Never Know 5/5
I thought this track was much more upbeat i think it's the fact i could hear the drums in the background with a very sharp guitar in the foreground with the same nice gentle lyrics that wrap it all up in a neat package. I listen to this song on a day to day basis, I think it is an exceptional song that you could imagin seranading (sorry if it is spelt wrong) someone to. I have given it a 5/5 on the basis that i could listen to this song on repeat for a while (I'm not going to lie and say forever). I do listen to it a lot though and it does make me smile and cheers me up especially if i'm a little bit depressed. Overall I think that 'Never Know' is a cheerful song that I don't think has any particularly annoying problems that make it aggrovate you really quick.

Bannana Pankakes 5/5
Another song that i absolutly love to listen to, especialy in the mornings when i have to wake up and go to school, it really does portray how most people feel about waking up and having to go to work/school which personally i feel is interprated through the rainy weather. Although he does mention how the song is aimed at making you do the opposite of what your meant to I find it helps me wake up and get through the day. It gives me the same effects at the weekend, waking up late and eating whatever you want and not rushing, another thing Jack Johnson has perfected almost in this album is making sure that it doesn't rush your day. (That's my personnal opinion, yours may differ)

Good People 5/5
I must say that I am not exagerating when i am giving these 5/5's these songs reali are that good, It has a nice riff as an intro to the song and has a very upbeat tune to it which really makes you feel like you want to get up and dance. This song really does show a different side to the others, I found that the others seemed to have a much slower beat to them, but 'Good People' seems to me like a song you want to listen to when you are at a happy point in your life and when everything is going right. Overall I find that 'Good People' is a beautifully written song that shows true musical talent in all aspects.

No Other Way 4.5/5
This song wasn't my favorite at first but once i got round to listening to the whole song it grew on me as I realised that it is a catchy tune and does sound very good when you're room is silent and you're in "chillout mode." It's a good song to relax to and very nicely written but i don't think i could give it 5/5 just yet because i can still see bits that aren't amazing but it is an excelent song and i thought a 4.5 profected what I thought of this song.

Sitting, Wishing, Waiting 5/5
I can't say much about this song except 'excellent' it was a true inspiration to me i thought how he played the guitar wasn't aggresive but gave the song a uniquity that the others didn't have and to me that was an excellent thing for Jack Johnson to manage. Also, I thought the lyrics were amzingly written and fit the tune and the way it sounds as he plays it beautifully. I've listened to this songs many times since i've had this album and i'm still not bored of it, it's a catchy tune and a well written piece of 'artwork' I think i can say. (Again you may not agree with me here)

Staple It Together 5/5
One of the most interesting intros it's got a very interesting rythm to it and i find on this song the bass, drums and the guiatar stand out much more than any others and it works a treat. The lyrics are very well written and i think that once i've listened to it once, it's in my head for the rest of my day and really does keep a smile on my face. I can't give any hidden meanings to this song although I am sure there there i can't make them out when i'm typing at the same time all i can think about is the chorus is about putin a brave face on things(correct me if I am wrong). This song is amazing and if you are listening to Jack Johnson for the first time i think this song could really get you interested into his music. Overall i think that 'Staple It Together' is a song that anyone could really be into all day.

Situations 4.5/5
I really love this song and i can't say that i would like it any more if it were any longer i geuss all i can think of is that he didn't milk the idea of the song dry making it go on for 3 minuites, I think he let it end just at the point where most people would start finding it to repetitive after anoth say 1 minute (i'll never know for sure though). Overall I only gave it 4.5 because I felt that if someone was listening to his music for the first time I don't feel it would give the same idea of what the rest of the album represents musically.

Crying Shame 5/5
This song is amazingly written, you can hear what resembles drums, bass, and extra instruments. It starts off quite quietly and slow and as it hits the chorus it really hits you with the power he puts across in the guitar work. Also, I feel that this song resembles a solo but the length wasn't to long which i felt was perfect for a. The song and b. How the song is written, i just think it gasve a nice litle focus point in the middle of the song. Overall i feel this song deserves another 5 as it really is quite an enjoyable listenand great fun.

If I Could 5/5
This song is a great track it's a real 'slow down and dance with someone' song and through the song you can hear a gentle tune from an instrument i can't quite name as i can't tell (i'm not good with that sort of thing). It's a really good listen to calm you down or if you need to chill. Overall I gave it a 5 because it really was a good song in my mind and put across something that calms down what you feel inside, be it anger, jelousy or maybe even hate, it just makes you feel good.

Breakdown 5/5
LOVE IT. Is what comes to mind, it really does have a catchy tune, lyrics, guitar. I feel that it is quite calm as he sings through the verses and as he hits the chorus he puts the emphasis into the words and I really do think this song is one that you should play to a first time listener as it does give a really good view of his music and his personality behind the music. When I listen to this song it really relaxes me and the lyrics are so cleverly written that I find i think about them as I listen to the song, which is good in any case. I gave it a 5 because I feel it's an excellent song and portrays his music beautifully and cleverly. I wish i could write a song as good as that.

Belle 4/5
In a way this song dissapointed me at first as i geuss i wasn't ready for it and how different it is, but over time it grew on me and i began to like it more and more. The guitar in this song is very cleverly played and what i think is a trumpet (again i think) that accompanies it in the intro and throughout the song. The way he uses different languages throughout the song is great but still i can't say it's in my favorites. I must say though the way it is quite short made me like it a bit more because he doesn't go on to long about it and does show some intelect through the song which I like. Overall i think if i keep listening to this album as much as I do soon they'll all grow on me and all be 5's but this is a 4 because I have to say i just didn't think much of it at first but it is growing on me.

Do You Remember 5/5
I think this song is an excellent one I am geussing in thinking he's talking about maybe his first love/wife because he goes through from when they met and then how they moved in and so on. The guitaring is very good even though it sounds easy I havn.t tried to learn it yet so i'm not going to say much more. I think the lyrics in this song are excellent and the way he ends with 'Do You Remember' really does fit well and makes the song end on a high note. I give it a 5 because of how it does have that catchy tune and well written lyrics, Personnally, I don't think there is anything wrong with this song.

Constellations 5/5
This was an excellent way to end the album as just him singing. A very calm Outro song for the album which does work when you think about it, starts on a upbeat song and ends on a calmer song. I think these lyrics are much more spiritual in a way, like the name 'Constellations' makes you feel like spending you're evening with someone you love watch a sunset and look at the stars and just have fun. The outro to this song has an excellent finger picking routine to it and makes me want to learn it. I gave it a 5 in the end (I wasn't sure between 4.5 or 5, but in my mind I feel I made the right choice). The 5 is based on the fact that the way it fits into the album is amazing and really is relaxing and could be a song that you could listen to on a starry night with your girlfriend/wife.

Mudfootball (bonus Track) 5/5
This song featuring Donavon Frankenrieter, Jack Johnson, G Love E. This is a live song that i have at the end of my album i'm not sure if every one does, but this song really is different. It's very upbeat and exciting also, I feel that overall this song is a great song to listen to, if you did get it on the album I am sure you will enjoy it.

Also I gave this album a 5/5 even though i didn't think all the songs were perfect, I rated it on a whoole and feel that this album is an amazing piece of musical talent and deserves recognition. I hope to be listening to this album for years to come and gettin his two previous albums and any new ones that come out.

This is also my first review and constructive critisism wil be greatly appreciated on how my reviews could be better. If you get the opertunity I really would buy this album it really is awsome!

Finally Sorry if grammer/spelling isn't great I am to used to msn at the moment.


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January 17th 2006


Album Rating: 4.5

i think you need to take your own personal opions out of reviewing because this album is not an easy 5 even if it tried 4.5 at most

January 17th 2006


Hey man...I know you personally but I thought you did a good job on this review. I liked it but I can't get into Jack Johnson. Anyways keep reviewing.

Two-Headed Boy
January 17th 2006


Album Rating: 2.0

if you like jack johnson try City and Colour. it surpasses Jack Johnson by a great deal. Nice review, by the way.

January 17th 2006


would fans of john mayer be interested in this?

January 17th 2006


Your t-b-t descriptions were decent but try to refrain from using words such as "awesome" and "great."
I really dislike this album and I just don't seem to get how so many people think that this is a 5/5 album. While the first half is decent I think things start going rapidly downhill after 'Crying Shame.'

January 17th 2006


Album Rating: 4.5

yeah stay away from awesome and great i've learned that through my 5 reviews........*looks around and sniffs*

who just farted?

January 18th 2006


Wouldn't it be cool if Jack Johnson and Dallas played a show together

January 18th 2006


is this worth buying?or downloading?

January 18th 2006


It's worth the buy but if you're not to sure about whether you would like it or not I would download it. I got to borrow the album of my brothers girlfriend so i knew i would like it. If you like his old stuff it's worth the buy I reckon.

January 18th 2006


Or you could download a few songs and see if you like it (forgot to put that)

January 22nd 2006


i bought it yesterday man, im glad i did too.

January 23rd 2006


jack johnson is great. great album. good review too. :thumb:

January 23rd 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

This is a great album... it has really grown on me. 'Never Know' is at the top of my playlist right now

January 26th 2006


yeah you could have been a little more brief but you were really thourough.
this album is wicked for just relaxing all the tracks are solid except for maby stiuations

January 27th 2006


Yer i knew you would like the album.
Also, I think when i read it now it's a bit long but i was looking to make a really good review so that people could get a better idea of whether they liked it or not. o well it was my 1st review i tried my hardest lol!!

January 29th 2006


Hi all, I'd never really heard much Jack but my brother lent me this CD because he figured I'm a surfer so would like it. Anyway, I been listening to it since and am not disappointed.
Review was good, but we must have slightly different taste in music as my favourites are No Other Way, Sitting Waiting Wishing and Breakdown (in that order) and least favourite was Staple It Together.

February 2nd 2006


Album Rating: 4.5

Good review. I bought this album basically because I had heard good things about Jack Johnson from a friend of mine and I'm very glad I did. This is the perfect music to chill out to. I'm also a big fan of his guitar work.

Peace out.

February 14th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

Agh, don't use Limewire, buy the album. It's worth it.

February 16th 2006


hells yeah. such a good album. best gift from a girlfriend i ever had. ill listen to this cd for hours on end. such good techniques with an acoustic. i love the slapping sound. when you can do some percussion with a guitar, its not very impressive, but its new

Storm In A Teacup
February 20th 2006


I like the new single for that Curious George s/t.

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