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One Hot Minute



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January 14th, 2005 | 67 replies

Release Date: 1995 | Tracklist

One Hot Minute - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Band Members

Anthony Keidis - Vocals
Flea - Bass
Dave Navarro - Guitar
Chad Smith - Drums


Here we are at the Red Hot Chili Peppers 6th Studio album, and to many, this is there worst. Of course, I love the Chili Peppers, and I actually quite like the album, but get this straight from the beginning, this is different from both the extremely funk influenced earlier music, and the later softer rock of Californication and By the Way.

First, let’s see where the Chili Peppers were during there carers during the making of this album. First of all, guitarist John Frusicante had left half way through their tour of Japan, in 1992. Frusicante, had left, to focus on his love affair with drugs, and the Chili Peppers found themselves with no guitarist, yet again. After trying out Arik Marshall and Jesse Tobias, both who didn’t stay for too long, the band finally asked Dave Navarro, from the band Jane’s Addiction, to join their band. As I gather, the recording sessions with Dave were sometimes very stressful, trying to write songs and such, and he eventually quit the band in 1997, making way for the return of a now clean, Frusicante. Now, on to the review of the actual album it’s self.

Track By Track

Warped – The intro is quite unlike anything the Chili Peppers have done before, haunting vocals with quite bass. The song soon explodes into a punk influenced rocker, keeping with the weird vocal effects. A great way to open the album.

Aeroplane – One of the singles from the album, but still one of my favourite songs too. A great song, with Flea’s slap bass, this song somewhat reminds me of the older Chili Peppers. A great guitar solo by Navarro, also.

Deep Kick – Starts of with a spoken word intro by Keidis, with calming music played by the band in the background, before exploding into a full out rocker, much like the opening track. Great guitar work by Navarro again, another favourite of the album.

My Friends – A mostly acoustic song and I think another single of the album. Has a similar appeal as that of ‘Under the Bridge’, in fact I would argue this is the better song. Another highlight of the album.

Coffee Shop – A straight up rock song, again. More weird vocals, and ‘psychedelic’ guitar work from Navarro. Wait, did I say this was a straight rock song"! The song also has funk interludes in it, with Flea showing of his bass skills.

Pea – A solo piece from Flea (I think he sings it). Dead simple, an anthem for all the wussy kids that get beaten up at school :lol: j/k. apparently, it’s about some guys that beat him because he had a pink Mohawk.

One Big Mob – Strong, chanting opening, and great chorus. Features somewhat ‘traditional’ Keidis, which he used often in their older albums, the song soon ‘breaks down’ (not in a bad sense) into a mellow song, with Navarro’s artsy guitar work. The song finishes much like it started, strong, and rocking.

Walkabout – A funk ‘ballad’, with great bass work by Flea. A laid back track , and one of my favourites on the album.

Tearjerker – A romantic song, with beautiful lyrics, and an all round beautiful song. I think it’s a love song, but apparently, some read it as a tribute to Kurt Cobain.

One Hot Minute – A dark song, with Keidis calling ‘Am I All Alone’ during the song. Maybe a summary of the times the Chili Peppers were going through, dark and depressed, but this song is still a great track, and slower, but no less rocking one at that.

Falling Into Grace – Another funk song sounds a bit like something of Freaky Styley, if the song seemed a little happier. Weird guitar effects and a great chorus make this song a highlight.

Shallow Be Thy Game – Heavy funk, if that makes any sense. A bit like a funk metal song I guess (see Incubus), with more awesome guitar playing from Dave. A huge melting pot of a lot of the Chili Peppers influences, such as Metal, Rock, Funk and Punk. A great song, very energetic :)

Transcending – A cool bass intro from Flea leads into a quite relaxed song, I think this is a tribute to one of Flea’s friends. Sounds a lot like something of Morning View by Incubus, even though this was released before. As I said, very relaxed, and an ok way to finish the album.

Overall, I think that most Chili Peppers fans would enjoy this album. However, this isn’t their most accessible album, nor does it represent their style very well. I recommend listening to both Blood Sugar Sex Magik and Californication before listening to this, if you are new to the Chili Peppers, for afore mentioned reasons. I think this was their least successful Warner Bros album, but don’t let that put you of. Also, this is probably their most rock influenced album, and therefore one of their heaviest.


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April 7th 2004


As a huge frusciante fan, to me this isnt the peppers. Its my second least favourite chilis album.

Good review, but dont agree with some things

April 7th 2004


A tad biest as you obviously enjoy the album but it's a good review :thumb: Nice background info and a good song by song overview. Pea is a song I really enjoy and their are quite a few good songs here. But for me it's just not the RHCP though I rate this above By The Way as I really don't like that album.

April 8th 2004


Geat one Ganondorf im obsessed with the Chilis.

April 8th 2004


This album is okay, although, it does lack the "Frusciante flavor". I agree with some things on your review. In a way, it's like taking a break from the Chili Peppers, but not.

April 8th 2004


i like its energy. more psychodelic and spacey than the others. the vocals on songs like "One Hot Minute" and "Coffeeshop", and "Warped" are very topsy-turvey sounding and stretched out, and i like it.

April 8th 2004


[FONT=Georgia]One Hot Minute is a different step for the band. When I first heard this CD, I thought it was crap. But after listening to each track, I realized it wasn't as bad as I thought. I'm glad that the Chili Peppers went away from this style of music after this CD, but it is an important part of their career. My favorite track is "My Friends". And Dave Navarro isn't that bad. Buy this is your a Chili Peppers fan or just looking to buy a softer, lighter, more 80-ish CD.[/FONT]

April 9th 2004


Tearjerker is defo a track about Kurt Cobain, Ant said it himself

April 28th 2004


Album Rating: 5.0

Basically, without this album, the Chilis wouldn't have released any material for 7-8 years, that's long time to live without Chilis. I would never say that Navarro is abetter guitarist, he can't read music and he obviously didn't try to adapt his playing for the funkier sounds of the Chilis (which was good in the end, as it added some more variety to the album). Plus, Frusciante plays literally all day every day and had replaced his drug addiction for a guitar addiction.

April 28th 2004


Album Rating: 5.0

I do like this album, it's different and is a terrific rock album if not a very good chilis album. I do think that some songs go on a little too long and change pace too much and it means that alot of them sound the same. For instance, One Big Mob starts off andf it's like 'Whoa!' and then it calms down, loses all it's momentum and then makes an attempt to recapture it, failing. There are 4-5 songs on this album that last over five minutes, One Big Mob being one of them. I think that some of them could have been cut and pasted together, like the middle of One Big Mob could be stuck into a mellow song as everything on the album is good, but sometimes bits of songs don't gel with the rest.

May 26th 2004


Album Rating: 5.0

Forget what I just said. One Hot Minute is my favourite Chilis album, yes more so than BSSM. I brought it recently after being disappointed by the over-rated Freaky Styley. I had only listened to it once, what a dumbass I was. This album is incredible, I love every song on it. Changes in pace? True, but not a bad thing at all. Warped? Immense song. Possibly the best five track run I've ever heard, Warped-Coffe Shop, not really counting Pea as a proper Chilis song (it's grea tho). I just love all the lyrics, guitar parts, it's all so different to the Chilis I'm used to and I love both! Although I would argue that John is the more skilled guitarrist, Navarro is fantastic on this album, especially warped, shop, plane, shallow etc.

I honestly can't name a favourite track on this, I just think it's brilliant and although it doesn't really stand out, as all the other albums are perfect, this one just clinches it for me.

Rant over, any thoughts.

May 26th 2004


[QUOTE=Ganondorf]K, I see what you mean. Frusicante is probably a better guitarist for the Chili Peppers, but I reckon Navarro is the better guitarist overall. BTW, what's your worst Chilli Pepeprs album?[/QUOTE]

I agee with what you said regarding Navarro and Frusciante.

I don't care for By the Way or s/t

June 5th 2004


Nice review, do you want to write for an upcoming music site? if so email me: [email][/email]

The Ashtray Girl
June 6th 2004


Hmm, still not convinced about this album. I've heard a few tracks off it, and it doesn't really seem like the Chilis at their best. Still, I am a devoted fan, so I suppose I should give it more of a chance, really.

June 10th 2004


Album Rating: 5.0

Definately, buy it! Now! The only bas song is Transcending, and I only don't like it because of the screamy bit in the middle. Every other song kicks ***.

They made some class videos for this album, Warped is hilariously weird, Aeroplane is just plane (get it?) odd and My Friends is just sheer lunacy, definate Navarro influence on those. Navarro and kiedis kiss at the end of the Warped video, much to Flea's delight if anyone wants to check that out.

June 12th 2004


[QUOTE=hybridofsound]A tad biest as you obviously enjoy the album but it's a good review :thumb: Nice background info and a good song by song overview. Pea is a song I really enjoy and their are quite a few good songs here. But for me it's just not the RHCP though I rate this above By The Way as I really don't like that album.[/QUOTE]

there's nothing bias about liking the album you review. isn't that the whole point of writing a review - listening to an album and then sharing your opion?

June 12th 2004


I really like One Hot Minute, despite my love for Frusciante. I think that the songs are definately NOT genaric, and i love the tone of the album. It sounds more like a jam session and as if the songs weren't re-worked to perfection like on Californiation and Blood Sugar. I mean, I have nothing against perfection (don't get me started on how great Californication and Blood sugar are) BUT I love how each of the Chili's albums have a bit of a different sound from the others, and this is definately one of the DIFFERENT-EST.
It wish that i could hear songs from one hot minute at their concerts.

so, don't say that One Hot Minute is crap, not on my watch!! (sorry, ppl are entitled to their opinions......i just wanted an excuse to say "not on my watch!")

wow that kinda turned into one big ramble, but anyways, i think i got my point across.


June 12th 2004



i love that song........the bass is so.............mesmerising. i could listen to it over, and over, and over, and over...................

listen to it just concentrating on the bass...........
wow, that's what i'm gonna do right now.

June 12th 2004


i think its a fantastic album all the songs r gr8, esp. shallow be thy game, coffee shop and tanscending, i cant belive anykone wudnt like it, 4.5/5

June 12th 2004


do tehy never play one hot mintue songs at concerts as well?
(except pea)

June 12th 2004


they didn't play ANYTHING from one hot minute at the concert that i went to last beacause of that i kinda got the feeling they never do any more.
it's a shame for them to disown that phase of the band.........if thats what they r doing. i dunno. i dunno anything anymore........

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