Skaldic Curse
World Suicide Machine



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February 21st, 2012 | 4 replies

Release Date: 2009 | Tracklist

Review Summary: World Suicide Machine is angst, on seven tracks.

Floating around in UK’s underground black metal scene since 2001, Skaldic Curse is:

Woundz - Vocals
Astynax - Guitars
Monolith - Bass
Vermin - Drums
Paul "Scapula" Scanlan - Guitars (ex-Akercocke)

Obviously the rather immature names are not going to give too much hope to the metal community looking for some new material, but behind the ridiculous names and semi grotesque song titles is a black metal album that with repeated listens becomes a little more than a passable affair. Keeping this in mind there are a couple of flaws that will arise from time to time; namely in the song length and the lack of musical diversity.

Whilst some of the key negatives have been pointed out nice and early, the album itself is not a complete loss. Behind the simplistic black metal stereotypes lies dissonant weaving melodies lines, dropping in and out of droning patterns into smooth progressive (and incredibly tasteful) webs of clean notes that are at a deep contrast with the distorted guitar riffs and one, two pattern blast beating. Add the rather odd whammy dive bombs that sound like creaking doors and intelligently written guitar solos it’s hard to imagine why Skaldic Curse hasn’t hit the worlds already crowded black metal stage. World Suicide Machine roughly relies on its dissonant melody pattens and contrasting clean tones to promote an atmosphere of angst, despair and aggression. The only problem with this may be that some of those musical ideas are either gone too quickly or are overdone filling the listener with a sense of annoyance as these tones clash into their inner thoughts. Skaldic Curse need to develop a greater sense of balance to achieve a sound that builds atmosphere, promoting the tracks themselves and in turn bring the album together under one fluid theme.

While all the tracks on World Suicide Machine average around the seven minute mark, Skaldic Curse lack the overall interest that merits this rather hefty song length. There is little in the way of climaxes, crescendos or any fade out de-crescendos; which would all add an interesting effect to the tracks. The closest being the introductory phrases of ‘Carcinogen’ which is the albums shortest track (but not by much) clocking in at just over six minutes. Due to the tracks introduction and some cool riffage ‘Carcinogen’ is the one and only highlight to be found on World Suicide Machine. The track itself shows the best features of Skaldic Curse’s instrumentation. One moment a melodic minor guitar solo, the next blistering fast blast beating typical of the best of the genre.

World Suicide Machine is by no means the best of the business, but with experience Skaldic Curse may just find themselves common talk of underground black metal circles. There is not much to do other than to sit and wait until they achieve a greater potential, launching them onto the world stage. Whilst many comparisons to many other better acts ill ensue, World Suicide Machine is worthy of a casual listen if nothing else. Maybe one day they will be black metal’s household name, but they are more likely to be forgotten forever.

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February 20th 2012


dissonant weaving melodies lines

Digging: CZARFACE - Every Hero Needs a Villain

February 20th 2012


Thanks Capitan!, it's alright for one listen but i don't really see a reason to revisit this often.

Will fix Balls, thanks for the point out.

February 20th 2012


Yeah i keep getting told that for some reason

February 22nd 2012


i didn't think it as quite that bad, i just wouldn't really rec it to someone.

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