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Release Date: 1992 | Tracklist

Santa Barbaraís pride, Lagwagon, have been belting Ďem out sinds 1990. Before they existed Joey, Chris and Derrick were members of the punk/metal band called Section 8. Almost all of the guys that played on Duh were into heavy metal. I canít really hear the metal influence on the album as a lot of people do. Iíd say itís fast melodical punk. Also a lot of people compared Lagwagon to Nofx and said they sounded the same. What a shame, everyone that gives a good listen to Duh can say thatís false.

Lagwagons debut album Duh was released on 28 October 1992 and with that the first record to be released on Fat Wreck Chords. According to Joey long before this record came out Lagwagon had a stockpile of songs together for the first and even for their second record, Trashed. As opposed to their new albums the lyrics were wrote to the music.

Joeyís voice is unique in every way. In comparing to their newer albums his voice is not that clean. Itīs more raw which i prefer because of his voice sounding more colourful and emotional.
The bass is good, but itís a pity that itís more on the background. The guitarriffs are very strong in like every song. Itís not just four chords they play. Technically the guitars and the whole album are top notch.
The drums are amazing, some of the best punk drumming of all time. This album is a pearl for all drummers who are into punk. Why? Because of itís fast, rolling and thight drumming and because of itís diversity. The drums fit exactly in each song. Credits to Derrick who unfortunatly committed suiced last year (30 march 2005).

The album kicks of with a fast driven song called Tragic Vision. The songís about the children who grow up in this faltering nation, how they are on drugs and how they are ignoring. Only if he knew, The consequence of greed, A conscious state of mind, TV is not reality. Thatís how the chorus goes. The song returns to the cover. When you look at the cover art of the album, you immediately understand what itís about: a kid staring at the tv with a coke in his hands. The atmosphere is set for the album with this very good song, lyrically and musically.

A lot of songs on the album lyrically tackle personal politics, like the song Bury the Hatchet which is about losing friends. This song has the most catchy chorus of the album and has a lot of tempo swifts. Another example is the upcoming song Angry Days which was released on vynil as their single. This is the slowest song but still a very strong song about a punk that is older now and still is sad and still hates everyone. You built those walls of hate, Donít tell me itís too late.

A Lagwagon album canít do without some humor. The song Beer Goggles is about playing in front of an almost empty flock and how they like it to get drunk. Iím not saying I have to be drunk but tequila shots make it more fun, Iím having fun. Oh, Beer Goggles, I love to put them on... And one size fits all!!! This really is a sing-a-long song with mindless lyrics but the melody is awesome. Lagwagon donít like this song anymore because of itís lyrics.
Mr Coffee is another humorous song, the fastest song on the album. Itīs about how they deal with their coffee addiction. The music fits perfectly with the funny lyrics.

There is a short (0:24) instrumental song, the theme of the Inspector Gadget cartoon. It never gets annoying, but the album couldíve done without it.
Lagwagon putted their sound to the song Bad Moon Rising (written by John Fogerty). The song is kept in itīs worth; itīs even better than itīs original. The verse is slow and like the original song, but the chorus goes wild. They did a good job on the cover.

The last song is called after their band name and is about lazyness as what Lagwagon letterly stands for. The album will leave you begging for more, but do not bother. If you like Duh, you will like Trashed, their second full length which also is a classic.

Be sure to check Lagwagon live, nothing can beat the band on stage.

All Aboard the Lagwagon!!!


Vocals - Joey Cape
Bass Ė Jesse Buglione
Guitar Ė Chris Flippin
Guitar and vocals Ė Shawn Dewey
Drums Ė Derrick Plourde Ü


P.S. This is my first review.

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March 25th 2006


Album Rating: 3.5

Nowhere near Lagwagon's best, and while it's influential, not a classic. The songwriting is just a little too uneven, and while humorous, the vocal harmonies are sooooo overdone and butt-metal cheesy. It's a fun album though. Lag got it together a bit more on Trashed and Hoss, but this album has Derrick's craziest drumming, and the guitar riffs/solos show off the more metal side of Lagwagon that has become a staple for countless punk bands everywhere. Good album but if you're just getting into them, get Trashed, Hoss, Resolve, or Double Plaidinum first.

Red Cap Brain
April 12th 2006


Album Rating: 3.0

Really good review to a very good record. I think Angry Days and Beer Goggles are the best songs on this one.

June 11th 2006


I heard child inside from this album, and it is good. Good review, as well.

October 3rd 2007


Album Rating: 4.0

I just listened to this album today for the first time in years... I forgot how good it was!

October 3rd 2007


Album Rating: 4.0

Yeah this is a great album. I cant believe its got so few comments.

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