Swan Dive
Swan Dive



by undertakerpt USER (28 Reviews)
February 12th, 2012 | 3 replies

Release Date: 2001 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Play this to a goth, and watch him melt into a pool of rainbow goo!

*Ring ring, ring ring*

*Click* Hello"

Heeeeeeeeey Johnny!

Johnny" What's wrong"


Have you tried using viagra"

That's bad, I used to have the same problem myself, was quite embarrassing I must say.

So she dumped you!"!" Oh, that's why you sounded so down.

NOOOOOO! Take that gun out of your mouth right now! I know just the thing that will cheer you up!

It's an album called Swan Dive, by a band called Swan Dive.

It's pretty good actually. It's a man and a woman, Yankees I think, and I'm not sure if their bumping each other or not, but I could easily get it up for her, and if the guy isn't doing anything with her then he must be one of those Gok Wan type people yknow"

Well he plays the guitar and does background vocals, takes the lead vocal on some tracks. Sounds like he's smiling with every word he says. Disney to the max! She, on the other hand plays the clarinet or oboe, not sure which, just sounds like shes blowing something. Could be a hollowed out squirrel for all I know. But she sings as well, and you have to hear her voice. She's an absolute angel!

Haha. Yeah I've knocked out a few to her singing. Thanks for reminding me actually, I need to pick up some more tissue cos i'm probably gona listen to it again later.

Tell you more" Well there is no wrist slitting on this album at all. Just unicorns, rainbows and the occasional meadow on a summers day with a rabbit taking a dump in it. In fact, I genuinely think that if you got all the world leaders together and played this to them, they'd stop all this war, join hands and skip off to make daisy chains!

Yeah there is a full band playing, not just those two, but you know, they did all the song writing and stuff so it counts as them two.

Yeah session musicians. Loads of them in fact. There is a massive use of instruments on this album, woodwind, brass, string, cool stuff like vibes! There's even a guest appearance by Jellyfish singer, Andy Sturmer!

Who's he" You've never heard of Jellyfish" You'll have to check out my review on sputnikmusic.com!

Yeah so they're a really decent american pop group. I really recommend you listen to it to lift your mood up! There may be one or two slightly minor songs on there, but cmon, she's a woman, mood swings and all that bleeding shibang! Very clever song writing though. Quirky genres are flirted with as well, like bossa nova! There's even a cover of Blondie's heart of glass!

Well if I had to give it a score out of 5 It would probably be a 4.

No don't get me wrong. It's great, but can be a bit cheesy in places. But it gets points for the arrangements, use of instruments and the way the bloke comes in at the right time with his lines. He's gotta be under the thumb Haha! Was quite hard to find over here mind, I had to get mine of ebay in the end. You're lucky to have me as a mate Johnny! Johnny""

.......***, bastard owed me a mars bar!

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November 10th 2012


"just sounds like shes blowing something. Could be a hollowed out squirrel for all I know"

worth a pos

November 10th 2012


Album Rating: 4.0

You've done a really kind thing today yknow? You've taken the time to go through some of my reviews not knowing who I am, but giving your support and up-voting. You'll not know the delight this has given me. It's very sincere of you. Thank you.

November 10th 2012


heh np, review made me laugh wasnt a chore

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