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Oblivion Era



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February 8th, 2012 | 8 replies

Release Date: 2011 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Strong album performed by great musicians in a genre which makes it hard to stay original.

My Autumn is a Russian Deathcore band.

Despite the track list being in English, the lyrics are NOT. As on the previous two albums, all lyrics are in Russian.

Now, the band has made a change in their line-up: their previous vocalist (Andrey Averchenkov) has made place for Pavel Gorbatov. I'm not as familiar with the albums with Andrey as I am with this one, for the simple reason that after listening to the three albums, I just really liked this last one a lot more. The sound quality is a lot better, which made all the instruments and vocals 'come to life'. Also, I think Pavel's grunting/screaming is deeper and of better quality than Andrey's. I think Pavel does an awesome job. So, besides this album, I didn't really listen to this band. I am not saying the previous albums are bad, but they just didn't appeal to me as much as this last one (on every level).

As I am a drummer, I couldn't help but notice the awesome style of the band's drummer, Mark Mironov. I consider him one of the better drummers. His drum set is so limited in capacity (he only uses two toms; he has a bit more cymbals than a standard kit, though) but he gets so much energy out of it. There's no overuse of blast beats, rolls, etc. He uses a lot of variation when playing the drums and combines these techniques throughout the songs, which results in a fair amount of these different techniques in the songs. Just don't expect this band to be a(nother) blast beat "fest" band.

Not only the drums, but also the guitars (and vocals, like I said earlier) are really something else. It's hard, these days, to create good, original music (definitely in the genre of Deathcore). My Autumn again does a great job executing this. The lead guitarist produces devilish (melodic) riffs throughout several songs. This combined with the aggressive rhythm guitar riffs makes a solid number of good (original) songs.

I can't comment on the lyrics, though, since I don't speak Russian (besides a few words that a lot of people know). That's the only thing that I miss when listening to this band: lyrics that I can understand and perhaps relate to.

Nevertheless, this album is one of the greatest Deathcore albums I've heard so far. I respect these musicians a lot! Not only because of their music, but also because all they do is basically DIY. They still haven't been signed by a label!

I wish this band a lot of success in the future.

Audio: 9/10
Songs: 8/10

Recommended songs:

- Desire
- Time Here
- Oblivion Era

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February 8th 2012


read two:

February 8th 2012


Album Rating: 4.0

okay, harsh guide but thnx

February 8th 2012


'Okay, this is my first review, so keep that in mind when commenting on my review, please. Constructive criticism is much appreciated!'

put something like this in your first comment, not in the review

February 9th 2012


Do more to describe the music next time. You know distinct aspects to the music or particular songs; standouts or aspects that set them apart. But i guess it is deathcore so i should know exactly what it sounds like. They execute their sound well but i found it to be pretty bland.

Digging: Organectomy - Domain of the Wretched

February 9th 2012


Album Rating: 3.5

Pretty cool album. Included this in my 2011 Deathcore list.

February 9th 2012


Album Rating: 4.0

aight, thnx everyone! I edited the review a little bit, I hope it's somewhat better now.

February 9th 2012


not a bad review. I'll give this a try

August 19th 2013


Album Rating: 3.5

How about the English version of this album? :3

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